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What to serve with salmon patties for breakfast?

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Rich flavor, moist inside and crispy outside, salmon patties are a healthy alternatives to sausage or bacon for breakfast. Blended with Greek yogurt, fresh dill, lemon zest, and garlic helps to eliminate the fishy taste of salmon patties to enjoy during a breakfast meal. 

People that are fans of burgers and seafood easily fall in love with salmon patties. They combine the classic patty shape with the savory flavor of salmon, which is a true match made in heaven. 

After making salmon patties, the next thing is figuring how to serve them in the morning.

What to serve with salmon patties for breakfast? Whether salmon patties are prepared ahead or freshly made, they can be served as breakfast sandwich with English muffins, bagel, and eggs Benedict, or even on top of roast potatoes or grits with a side of toast and jam.

Each breakfast idea with salmon cake is delicious and nutritious, and the same combinations can also be enjoyed for brunch, lunch, and even dinner.

Salmon patties are delicious when topped with sauce and served in a bun, brioche is one of our favorite choices. When adding side dishes, consider breakfast friendly options that are not too heavy to start off the day.

This article discusses the best sides to serve with salmon patties for breakfast. Carefully read through the article for answers to frequently asked questions about what to eat with salmon patties for breakfast.

What are salmon patties?

Salmon patties are made with shredded bread such as saltines or breadcrumbs, a base of canned or leftover cooked salmon, and an egg to bind the mixture together into patties. 

These patties are quickly panfried and served hot. Salmon cakes or patties are a lovely combination of flavor that i extremely easy to make.

Depend on the recipe, you my use parsley, dill or tarragon for flavor, and sour cream to make it smooth and buttery tasting. 

What is a good side dish to serve with salmon patties for breakfast?

When preparing a full-flavored dish like salmon patties, it would be best to consider pairing it with bright and refreshing ingredients. Mouthwatering salmon patties pair well with salty, sweet, and savory side dishes. 

For breakfast, salmon patties can be served with simple side dishes to fuel the day with a cup of coffee. Serve salmon patties for breakfast with:

What sauce goes with salmon patties for breakfast?

In general, a tangy, creamy mustard sauce is the best sauce that goes well with salmon patties. It bursts with a refreshing flavor that perfectly complements the salmon patties. 

Salmon patties can also be served with creamy garlic sauce made with sour cream and fresh herbs like dill or tarragon, making it the perfect starter or simple main breakfast dish. 

A lot of dipping sauces go with salmon patties, such as sriracha. Lemon dill sauce also pairs with salmon patties for a healthy breakfast meal. 

The choice of a sauce depends on the preferred taste that you are going for. Here are classic sauce flavor combinations that go with salmon patties for breakfast:

  • sour cream + dill + garlic powder + salt
  • mayonnaise + sour cream + dijon mustard + chives + dill + hot sauce
  • horseradish + pickle juice + mayonnaise + lemon + paprika
  • greek yogurt + capers + lemon + black pepper
  • ketchup + horseradish + hot sauce + mayonnaise + sweet relish

Best sides to serve with salmon patties for breakfast?

Salmon patties can be served with any light breakfast side dishes or some grilled vegetables making it a healthy meal to start the day. Choosing the right sides makes the salmon patties even more delicious, and leaves your tastebuds with a well rounded experience. 

Breakfast salmon patties sides

Eat With Salmon Patties for Breakfast: Conclusion

Salmon patties are very easy and budget-friendly to prepare. The basic recipe comprises only five ingredients, but it successfully makes up a very delicious treat. 

The salmon patties are made with cooked salmon, bread crumbs, and an egg to ensure everything holds together. Lemon, garlic, and Greek yogurt are often used to lessen the fishy taste, especially when served in the morning.

The patties offer a chance to taste salmon with an interesting texture on the palate. The subtle taste of the basic salmon patties makes them the ideal meal for either breakfast, lunch, or dinner. 

These salmon cakes can be easily transformed into eggs Benedict, breakfast sandwich or even a burger. Because they already taste amazing, anything you serve on the side only makes the patty more delicious and complete. 

When it comes to breakfast-friendly side dishes to pair with salmon patties, consider, creamy cheese-based grits, fried, scrambled, or poached eggs, hash brown or lightly roasted potatoes or vegetables. And of course, freshly made biscuits, bagels, or english muffins are highly suggested as a bread option. 

Salmon patties can be served as appetizer or dinner menu item as well. But with the light and filling side dishes, they can be a healthy alternative to serve instead of bacon or ham for breakfast.

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Friday 24th of March 2023

Great article Bruck!

I’m using my leftover salmon croquettes for breakfast and my first thought was to pair with grits and eggs, but I wondered what others suggested.

I was happy to see that my plans were listed along with other delicious options.

I really appreciate the sauce combinations you listed and look forward to trying them all out.