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What to serve with coffee after dinner?

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Are you looking for a delicious dessert to serve with coffee after dinner? Coffee is not only a great beverage to consume in the morning, for breakfast or with fruit

When it comes to dinner time, a slice of cake and hot coffee is a combo you can’t go wrong with. Drinking coffee after a meal is a tradition that can speed up the digestive tract. 

What to serve with coffee after dinner? After dinner, plain black coffee is served with cognac, brandy, Kahlúa or rum to make sweet coffee flavored with a liquor. Combining coffee with an alcoholic beverage after the meal is called pousse-café, which helps digestion. 

Other than sweet alcohol, you can serve coffee with chocolate truffles, almond biscotti, cheesecake, tarts, macarons, mousse and many more. 

In general, morning coffee is supposed to keep a person alert and wide awake. And coffee after dinner helps with digestion and works as an appetite suppressant to help reduce the chance of snacking after a meal.

This article provides information on what to serve with coffee after dinner. Answered below are frequently asked questions about whether coffee after dinner can keep a person awake, whether coffee is good after dinner, and the best foods to pair well with coffee after dinner. 

Is black coffee good after dinner?

Yes, black coffee is good after dinner. In fact, the chlorogenic acid in the caffeine helps to slow down the production of glucose in the body and activates digestion.

However, most people acknowledge that the consumption of black coffee too close to bedtime can lead to sleeping problems due to caffeine sensitivity. 

To avoid the disruptive effects on sleep, the intake of caffeine needs to be avoided. It is recommended that coffee should be avoided for a minimum of six hours before resuming sleep, otherwise drink decaf coffee instead. 

In addition, caffeine in coffee can lead to anxiety challenges in some people. 

People drink coffee after dinner because it helps with digestion because the caffeine makes muscles in the intestines contract more frequently so the waste and food move quickly.

Does coffee after dinner keep you awake?

Yes, coffee after dinner does keep you awake. In fact, caffeine disrupts the circadian rhythm and ultimately affects sleep. 

According to the FDA, caffeine keeps you awake for four to six hours after drinking. When coffee is consumed after dinner, it will most likely keep you alert and awake. 

A small preliminary study indicates that caffeine serves as a perfect eye-opener when consumed a few hours before bed. This is the most consumed psychoactive drug around the globe and seems to naturally disrupt the body’s internal clock. 

What is good after-dinner coffee?

After enjoying dinner, a cup of black coffee is best served with cognac. Coffee might also be served with a beverage identified as Café Granit, a very intensive but sweet coffee flavored with mocha liqueur. 

In general, serving decaffeinated coffee after dinner is recommended to alleviate caffeine sensitivity that may affect sleep patterns.

Here are after-dinner coffee drinks that many people enjoy:

  • peppermint mocha
  • coconut iced coffee with mini chocolate glazed coffee doughnuts
  • anise cream coffee with rye
  • Irish coffee shooters
  • espresso martini
  • affogato with vanilla ice cream
  • black coffee with molten lava cake
  • cheese or fruit plate
  • cigars and cognac – Not for the Faint of Heart

What treats go well with coffee?

Plain coffee with or without sugar and cream goes well with all sorts of snacks including fruit, nuts, and spices.

From the maple muffins to the raspberry jam bars, these bake treats serve perfectly with coffee, especially after dinner to avoid any further snacking later on.

  • Fruits: bananas, cherries, figs, lemon, lime, orange, pears, persimmons, prunes, raisins
  • Nuts: almonds, pecans, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts
  • Spices: cardamom, chicory, cloves, nutmeg
  • Baked goods: chocolate muffins, sour cream chocolate chip coffee cake, butterscotch pecan scones, double chocolate biscotti, sour cream coffee cake with a cinnamon walnut swirl, Nutella tart, oatmeal cookies, chai-spiced banana bread
  • Hard alcohol: bourbon, brandy, cognac, Irish whiskey, liquors, rum
  • Chocolate: dark, milk and white
  • Ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, mint chocolate chip
Serve with coffee after dinner

Serve With Coffee After Dinner: Conclusion

The best time to enjoy coffee is mid-to late-morning when the levels of cortisol are still lower. For most people who wake up at 6:30 am, the best time to grab a coffee is actually between 9:30 and 11:30 am. 

The consumption of coffee should be avoided from around 2 pm or at least seven hours before bed because of the negative impacts affecting sleep.

However, drinking coffee after dinner does offer two options: adding alcohol to the coffee or serving with sweet baked goods.

For a simple beverage, add cognac, brandy, Kahlúa or rum to give an alcohol kick to every sip of coffee. This is simple and not too filling of dessert that can easily be served as an after-dinner beverage that does not affect your sleep pattern. 

Other than alcohol, coffee can be paired with healthy treats such as cheese, nuts and fruits or baked goods such as cake, tarts, macarons, scones, and cookies. 

Be aware that over consuming coffee after dinner can keep you awake, so make a conscious choice. Use these pairing option to enjoy a fresh cup of coffee after dinner to help you digest and combine classic flavors on your palate. 

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