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What to serve with beef brisket sandwich?

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Crispy, rich, smoky, and fragrant, every bite of a beef brisket sandwich is irresistible. Beef brisket is a delicious comfort food that many people make for their families and friends for special holiday meals or even during a summertime bbq. 

Whether it is pulled or marinated with BBQ sauce, adding brioche buns and coleslaw with pickles is the way to go. This sandwich is easy to make and endless flavor that also pairs well with other sides for a full meal.

What to serve with beef brisket sandwich? Beef brisket sandwich is fabulous with mashed potatoes, coleslaw, baked beans, scalloped potatoes, mac and cheese, roasted brussels sprouts, grilled potato skins, corn on the cob, or steamed asparagus, peas and carrots.

Another option to add simple sides are french fries, potato chips, fried okra or onion rings to dip on extra BBQ sauce, ranch, or ketchup. 

Beef brisket sandwiches are packed with sweet, spice, and meaty flavors. Therefore, adding sides can be huge benefit to balance the taste with other classic components to the meal.

In this article, we will explore the best dishes to pair with brisket. Answered below are frequently asked questions about serving beef brisket with sides to make the most delicious and memorable meal for friends and loved ones. Read through to find out more!

How do you serve sliced brisket?

Slicing beef brisket is the best way to make a presentable arrangement on a platter that looks very sophisticated. Additionally, it is the easiest way to place layers in-between a buns to make a sandwich. 

This is the most preferred method when the brisket is served with onion gravy or similar sauce. However, chopped briskets is always accepted and preferred when making a sandwich, while sliced brisket is selected for a formal dining arrangement.

Brisket slices are served grilled, slow-roasted, or smoked. Serving brisket along with other dishes helps to complete a well rounded meal with a classic presentation. 

Sliced brisket can be an exciting focal dish at a formal dinner or backyard barbecue. The leftovers allow opportunity to create endless meal preps. 

What goes well with brisket sandwich?

Brisket is considered an epitome of comfort food that simple, succulent and bursts with flavor. It is advisable to flavor a brisket with a brine, dry rub, barbecue sauce or mirepoix, and make sure that it is smoked or slowly-braised to perfection. 

If you are looking for classic sides to add-on to a brisket sandwich, here are the favorite sides that every chef recommends:

  • Coleslaw: Must-have dish to go with a brisket sandwich. This combination is delightful and filled with tangy flavors that neutralize meaty and sweet briskets.
  • Corn pudding: A comfort dish that can ideally make the brisket sandwich and side dish into a complete meal. 
  • Scalloped potatoes: Perfectly go with a brisket sandwich no matter how it is cooked. The creamy and subtle taste does not overpower the marinade or flavor from the meat.
  • Mac and cheese: Make filling sides to be very irresistible no matter the situation and occasion. Small side of mac and cheese complements well with the original BBQ brisket. 
  • Brussels sprout: Oven roasted vegetables, especially brussels sprouts go well with a brisket sandwich for a delicious and healthier side dish. Avoid overcooking them as they would give a very bitter taste and foul smell that can make them unappealing.  
  • Baked beans: Slightly sweet and tangy baked beans blend well with the smokiness of the meat. It is easy to make and tastes great with a brisket sandwich. 
  • Grilled potato skins: Tender potato skins make a great appetizer before serving the sandwich. You can add a scoop of sour cream, cheddar cheese, bacon pieces, onions and fresh herbs to make crispy and delicious pre-meal snack to enjoy. 
  • Corn on the cob: Whether corn on the cob is boiled, grilled, or steamed, adding chili powder and smear butter on the top can make a tasty side option to enjoy during the summer BBQ season. The natural sweetness of the corn pairs well with sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. 
  • Steamed vegetables: For alternative healthy option, we highly recommend steamed vegetables without any extra oils or salt. The meat is so rich and fatty that it is ok to pair the brisket with plain veggies. The best vegetables to steam are asparagus, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peas and green beans.

What is the best bread for a brisket sandwich?

Brioche buns or plain white bread are the best choices for a brisket sandwich.

The ultimate brisket sandwich packed with layers of flavor is completely irresistible and creates a lasting memory. The bun, bread, or roll is an important part in making the brisket sandwich. 

If the bread is too delicate, then it fall apart and can hold the sandwich together. However, there can’t be too much crumb in the bread because that it overwhelms the brisket and garnishes.

Some of the alternative bread option to make a brisket sandwich are:

The choice of quality white bread can be used in the making of the sandwich, and is traditional offered at old school BBQ joints across the country. Note that anything hard or crusty might not give the desired results as it can easily take away from the taste of the tender brisket. 

Serve with beef brisket sandwich

Eat With Brisket Sandwich: Conclusion

Beef brisket is a crowd-pleaser when cooked to perfection and served with accompanying sides. In the classic culinary cuisine, brisket sandwich is mainly served with root vegetables and potatoes, but classic BBQ sides also work really well. 

However, the dish’s popularity over time has made it one of the most common meals in homes over the years, especially for holiday feasts and backyard BBQs. 

Making a sandwich out of beef brisket will never disappoint and always leave a lasting impression. Sliced brisket is better for a plated presentation, but chopped beef brisket goes well with the sandwich preparation.  

There are countless side options to add-on beef brisket sandwiches from baked beans to roasted vegetables. Otherwise, simple fries, potato chips, fried okra, and onion rings make quick and fulfilling lunch. 

Generally, BBQ beef brisket is served in slices that are easy to lay flat on a plate with other sides. As well as make a beautiful arrangement inside the bun.

When making sandwich with the leftover beef brisket, consider a brioche bun or plain white bread. The fluffy bread can absorb the juiciness and meaty flavor from the meat to make every bite enjoyable. 

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