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What to eat with zucchini?

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Slightly sweet mild taste with a hint of grassy notes, zucchini generally does not have strong flavor at all. As a result, it is a perfect vegetable to add to many daily meal preparations. 

Known for being a spring and summer vegetable, it is often prepared by frying, grilling, pan roasting, roasting, and sautéing depend on the recipe. However, pairing with the right ingredients is important factor for improving tasteful results.

What to eat with zucchini? Zucchini tastes best with specific herbs, spices, condiments, vegetables and cheeses. Pair with herbs and spices such as basil, garlic, parsley, and thyme to enhance the flavor. 

Cook with butter, olive oil, and garnish with chili peppers or quality salt to add a savory flavor. Depending on the recipe, feta, goat, parmesan, pecorino, and ricotta cheese is good cheese options to give a briny effect.

This warm season vegetable is known for its sweet and astringent flavor that makes it easier to pair with other foods. Whether grilled to marinated, there are savory dishes for every tastebud.

With zucchini, your dining dreams will come true. The seasonal dish is tasty and cheesy. When determining what to eat with zucchini, the tips in this guide will give new insight that you may not have previously explored.

What does zucchini pair well with?

Zucchini pairs well with various ingredients such as eggs, bacon, and seafood. As well as herbs, spices, and condiments to cook with.

Whether preparing side dishes or main entrees with zucchini, try these ingredients to enhance the flavor:

What meat goes well with zucchini?

Adding protein to a vegetable dish helps to balance the nutrients and overall wholesomeness. In fact, meat and zucchini is fantastic combination.

However, not all type of meat taste good with zucchini.

  • Lamb: This meat contains mild flavors that complement a dish with basil and garlic flavors. The result is an aromatic meal that everyone will love.
  • Beef: The strong and tasteful flavors will make you think twice about eating zucchini and beef together. The dish is very hearty and will satisfy cravings.
  • Chicken: Especially chicken breast contains mild flavors that blend well with zucchini, making it even more delicious. The dish is enough to lighten up the rest of your day.
  • Shrimp: It is easy comfort food for lunch or dinner. Everyone will love the contrast between the mild fillings and strong flavors of shrimp.
  • Chorizo: Any pan roasted zucchini with chorizo is a great way to enhance traditional tacos. Don’t forget to add cotija cheese and cilantro for an extra bold Mexican flavor
  • Sausage: For a quick meal, zucchini and skillet sausage makes a filling meal. When selecting sausage options, go with smoked polish or Italian sausage for maximum flavor.

What main dish goes well with zucchini?

Zucchini and sausage. The combination is a real hit, especially when craving a cozy dinner that is easy to make and tastes yummy. 

The delectable side dish boasts delightful flavors with a pleasant aroma that is perfect to harmonize the taste of sausage together.

Ground beef skillet and zucchini is a suppertime meal to prepare in under one hour. A flavorful combination of beef and zucchini, blended with delectable ingredients like tomato sauce and cheddar cheese that will surely satisfy the entire family.

Other than sausage and beef skillet, here are more main dishes to pair with zucchini:

  • grilled salmon
  • barbecue chicken
  • salad
  • grilled sea bass
  • marinated pork
  • chicken skewers
  • lamb chops

What flavor goes well with zucchini?

Zucchini is a versatile summer squash that is easy to work with. It can pair well with sweet and savory flavors such as vinegar, shrimp, salmon, olive oil, eggs, quinoa, and chicken. 

But it can also go well with lemon, onion, tomatoes, eggplant, corn, mushroom, and sweet bell papers. Common herbs and spices include salt, garlic, basil, parsley, thyme, ginger, and cinnamon.

Here are classic flavor combination that goes well with zucchini:

  • zucchini + basil + garlic
  • zucchini + anchovy + red pepper flake
  • zucchini + cream + parmesan cheese
  • zucchini + eggplant + garlic + onions + tomatoes
  • zucchini + pecorino cheese + pecan oil + pecans
  • zucchini + Pernod + walnut oil
What to eat with zucchini

Eat with Zucchini: Conclusion

Zucchini is great with anything from chicken meat to an excellently seasoned steak. It can be whipped up on a plate for supper or even paired with a mayo-based casserole. 

Prepare zucchini dishes with different cooking techniques such as frying, grilling, pan roasting, and sautéing. In addition, adding herbs, spices, and condiments with the right cheese helps to enhance the maximum flavor. 

Whether adding side dish or cooking with zucchini, consider meat such as lamb, beef, chicken, shrimp, chorizo, and sausage. 

When serving zucchini as a side dish, try grilled salmon, barbecue chicken, salad, grilled sea bass, marinated pork, or chicken skewers as main dish to make a fulfilling meal.

Though most people have it as a side dish, it can serve as an appetizer as well. But what should be served with this summer squash? This post has got you covered.

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