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What to eat with whole wheat bread?

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Complex and nutty taste, whole wheat bread has a bland and slightly bitter taste with a coarser crumb texture. Serving with specific ingredients and condiments are very important to complement the bread in the best way possible.

What to eat with whole wheat bread? Whole wheat bread can be transformed into bread pudding, french toast, bread crumbs for chicken and fish, or a simple sandwich.

What you smear or add-on the bread is the key to enjoyment.  Slices of whole wheat bread can be eaten with peanut butter or any nut butter, dijon mustard, sour cream, mayonnaise, or yogurt as a condiment.

For simple sandwich, sliced deli meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and cheese will load the bread with extra nutrients for a wholesome serving. 

The choice of foods to eat with whole wheat bread is dependent on favorites and personal preferences. The result can become sweet, savory, salty, buttery, or spicy.

This article will provide detailed information about flavors that go well with whole wheat bread. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with whole wheat bread, including condiments and cheeses that go well with whole wheat bread, and what to add to whole wheat bread.

What flavor goes well with whole wheat bread?

Condiments, spices, and herbs make whole wheat bread more welcoming. Depending on the preference, the individual ingredients can result in sweet or savory tastes.

Here is the classic flavor combination that goes well with whole wheat bread:

  • whole wheat bread + goat cheese + strawberry + honey
  • whole wheat bread + peanut butter + apples
  • whole wheat bread + mascarpone cheese + oranges + coconut + maple syrup
  • whole wheat bread + avocado + egg 
  • whole wheat bread + cream cheese + chives + cucumber

What condiments go with whole wheat bread?

If you are simply toasting whole wheat bread and looking for condiments to add on for a quick bite, there are variety of spreads to add on. These are mild and subtle flavors that go well with others to make a healthy toast or sandwich.

  • apple butter
  • peanut butter
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • dijon mustard
  • honey
  • maple syrup
  • almond butter
  • nutella
  • jam / jelly / marmalade

What cheese go with whole wheat bread?

Whether it is grilled cheese or making cold sandwiches with whole wheat bread, cheese is a must-have ingredient that can’t be skipped. And it helps to smooth out the coarse texture of the bread and give a soft, smooth and creamy richness.

Cheese selections that go well with whole wheat bread include:

Very soft cheese should be avoided when serving whole wheat bread because they are hard to spread on the slices and the bread may tear easily. Ensure that cheese is shredded off the block with the cheese grater for the best texture and taste. 

What to serve with whole wheat bread?

Whether you are serving whole wheat bread as a sandwich or simple toast with nut butter and jam, adding sides can be helpful to create balanced nutrient meal that fills your need for the day.

When preparing meals with whole wheat bread, consider these sides to make a complete meal:

  • fresh fruit salad
  • egg dishes
  • chips
  • green salad
  • potato or sweet potato fries
  • onion rings
  • baked beans
  • soup

What to add to whole wheat bread?

If you are making homemade whole wheat bread, it’s crucial to follow the recipe to create flavorful and fluffy bread. 

However, you can typically add these ingredients to whole wheat bread without altering the recipe very much. Additionally, dry milk powder adds more flavor to the bread and softens its texture. 

If these ingredients intrigue you, find a recipes that includes the additions you are looking for.

Here are additions to include in a homemade whole wheat bread recipe:

However, if you are using an existing bread that is store-bought, add toppings and condiments inside to create soft or crunchy texture and melting flavor.

Whole wheat bread food pairing

Eat With Whole Wheat Bread: Conclusion 

Whole wheat bread has a unique texture and flavor compared to regular white bread. As a result, it may require a bit more creativity to eliminate the bitter, nutty flavor and coarse texture with additional ingredients and toppings.

However, due to its subtle taste, it blends well with many different ingredients to create sweet and savory meal. Furthermore, it pairs wonderfully with side dishes including fresh green or fruit salad, fries, and soups.

Soft and mild cheese is preferred to make grilled cheese or sandwich with whole wheat bread. When making a sandwich, consider smearing with condiments to make the texture more pleasant. 

Whole wheat bread can be enhanced with more flavor, taste and texture by adding cracked wheat, bulgur, millet, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, or sunflower seeds without significant changes to the original recipe. 

There are many ways to transform whole wheat bread into bread pudding, french toast, bread crumbs, and hot or cold sandwiches. Consider these options and flavor combinations to make a wholesome and nutritious meal with whole wheat bread.

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