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What to eat with vegetable soup?

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Hearty and delicious, a colorful vegetable soup makes every spoonful enjoyable. Known as a favorite comfort food for cold weather, dish by itself is not enough to be considered a complete meal.

Whether the vegetable soup is for lunch or dinner, it offers plenty of nutrition and flavor to complement well with other sides and accompanying dishes. Therefore, pairing it with a perfect option will make it the star of the day. 

What eat with vegetable soup? Vegetable soup is an healthy flavorful soup that can easily be paired with a plethora of side dishes including salads, bread, noodles, grilled cheese, crackers, cornbread, biscuits, dumplings, rice, and sandwich that can transform a bowl of soup into a complete meal.

Additionally, even though it is vegetable stock based soup, you may make the broth with chicken or beef stock as well as adding protein such as chicken and ground beef to bulk up the nutritional value.

Packed with healthy ingredients, this soup attracts all ages. This soup can be made without tomatoes and have a clear broth with chunky veggies. 

Here are flavors and foods to make your vegetable soup a complete meal. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with vegetable soup to make the meal wholesome and fulfilling.

What pairs with vegetable soup?

There are plenty of side options that pair well with a yummy bowl of vegetable soup. 

A grilled cheese sandwich is a classic example of a side dish to serve with vegetable soup. A toasted and buttered slice of bread with cheese is heavenly with every sip of vegetable soup. 

From roasted vegetables to herb and spices, here are chef approved ingredients to pair with vegetable soup:

What to serve with vegetable soup besides bread?

Vegetable soup is a light meal on its own, therefore serving it with other side dishes is worth consideration. 

If you are looking for alternative ways to make vegetable soup more fulfilling for a meal, here are some dishes to serve besides bread.

  • salads
  • roasted vegetables
  • baked potatoes
  • potato chips
  • quesadilla
  • fruit salad
  • french fries
  • rice

What flavor goes well with vegetable soup?

Making vegetable soup flavorful will now be more accessible than ever before. Adding earthy, bitter, and sour flavors takes the soup to a new level. 

Onions, garlic, and tomato paste are just a few ingredients to make the best vegetable soup. The classic tomato paste adds plenty of flavor to the soup. 

Here are flavor combinations that will transform vegetable soups:

  • vegetable soup + cannellini beans + tomato sauce + basil
  • vegetable soup + garlic + butter + bread
  • vegetable soup + fennel seeds + lemon juice + sour cream
  • vegetable soup + brown rice + red pepper flakes + parmesan cheese
  • vegetable soup + egg noodle + green beans + chicken broth
Bowls of vegetable soups

Eat With Vegetable Soup: Conclusion

If you love a delicious savory bowl of vegetable soup, understanding what flavors to add and how to pair with other ingredients is a good idea. Vegetable soup, especially a warming soup, can be ideal for cold days.

From color to flavors, whether the soup is based with vegetable to meat stock, it is fulfilling. As a result, it pairs wonderful with side of salad, fresh baked bread, grilled cheese, crackers, cornbread, biscuits, or any kind of sandwich.

In addition, you can add extra meat, noodles, rice, or even dumplings to the broth to enhance the flavor and make a wholesome meal. 

To make the soup spiced, either add dried herbs or spices and keep the tomato paste to lift the spice to the next notch. Traditionally serve the soup with garlic bread.

However, if you would like to opt in a different direction away from bread, consider salads, roasted vegetables sides, oven baked potatoes, potato chips, quesadilla, fruit salads, and french fries. 

Whether trying to cater to your kids or boost your daily veggie consumption, the humble vegetable soup can be a perfect lunch or supper. Garnish with shredded cheese and add rice or noodles to make the meal more filling.

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