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What to eat with turkey slices?

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Are you making a deli sandwich with turkey slices? When smoked with a simple black pepper rub, sliced turkey deli meat is a perfect main ingredient to make into a delicious fulfilling turkey sandwich

Turkey slices are more than just something someone would love placed in-between bread. Turkey is a versatile item that can be paired with a variety of dishes. 

What to eat with turkey slices? Turkey slices, especially for sandwiches, go well with variety of cheeses, brioche bun or french bread, fresh slices of lettuce and tomato, and garnish with condiments like mustard to harmonize all the flavors together. 

Other than sandwiches, turkey slices also can transform a quesadilla, salad, omelet, and wrap when served cold or hot. 

This type of deli meat is much healthier than ham, salami, or bologna since it contains less sodium. Therefore, making a sandwich or dishes with turkey slices or chicken breast is the ultimate choice.

Slices of turkey meat blend perfectly well with savory and sweet flavors, but it’s also sumptuous on its own. Answered below are frequently used questions about what to combine with turkey slices for a delicious and balanced meal. 

What goes well with turkey slices?

Deli turkey slices have a slight salty and meaty taste that blends well with a variety of ingredients. Whether you are making a wrap, salad, quesadilla, or sandwich, consider these food pairing ideas using ingredients that taste good with turkey.

What cheese goes best with turkey slices?

Depend on the recipe and what you are making with turkey slices, the cheese selection may vary widely. Adding slice of cheese on turkey sandwich can add sweet, nutty, acidic, smoky and spicy flavors to it. 

Based on how the turkey is prepared, a mild cheese pairs well with smoky turkey and aged cheese with plain roast turkey.

The best cheeses that go well with turkey slices are:

Always measure the quantity of cheese before including it in a sandwich with turkey slices, this will hep prevent the cheese from overpowering the other ingredients. If toasting, cheese needs to melt quickly, so select the cheese accordingly. 

What condiments do you put on a turkey slice?

For turkey slices and sandwiches, cranberry sauce is an excellent condiment, especially when it comes to dealing with Thanksgiving leftover.

Other than unsalted butter, regular mustard, and honey, here are other condiments that pairs well with turkey slices:

  • barbecue sauce
  • chutneys
  • horseradish 
  • mustard, especially deli, dijon, or yellow
  • honey
  • soy sauce
  • mayonnaise
  • cream cheese
  • romesco sauce
  • hummus
  • bacon onion jam
  • pesto
  • sun-dried tomato

What bread goes well with turkey slices?

Making sandwich with turkey slices is a popular food that you can make at anytime. But selecting the wrong kind of bread can make every bite unpleasant and unappealing. 

Generally, the most common bread to serve with turkey slices is white bread. This type of bread has minimal taste and fluffy texture that blends well with sliced deli turkey.

Here is other types of bread that are preferred to pair with turkey slices:

What vegetables to pair with turkey slices?

For turkey sandwich, a layer of fresh lettuce and tomato is the best option when it comes to vegetables to serve with turkey. They garnishes taste good and go well with it.

However, if you are serving turkey slices in salads, omelets or with sautéed veggies, the vegetables options are endless.

  • carrots
  • celery
  • leeks
  • paprika
  • parsnips
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • green beans
  • sweet potatoes

What to eat with turkey slices?

If you are looking to make a quick snack on the go or packing for lunch, turkey slices are convenient to get the job done. There are many sides that serve well with turkey slices. 

Here are simple and fulfilling sides to eat with turkey slices:

  • baked, roasted or mashed potatoes
  • garlic bread
  • green salad
  • fried rice
  • sautéed carrots
  • grilled roasted vegetables
  • potato chips
  • fruit salad
Turkey slices sides

Serve With Sliced Turkey: Conclusion

Turkey slices include additional moisture and flavor that most people like, but the taste is usually very far from a whole roasted turkey. 

The sliced deli meat is cut from a form roasted turkey and suitable for a healthy diet because of its lean meat and low-fat protein source. 

In order to transform turkey slices into sandwiches, adding cheese, brioche bun, fresh vegetables and personalize with condiments will do the job and taste great. 

When it comes to making a wholesome meal, we recommend adding potato chips, fruits salad, or mashed potatoes, potato salad, pasta salad or roasted vegetables to balance the nutrients.

Whether turkey slices are add-on to sandwich or salad, consider implementing spices, herbs, oil, nuts, cheese, condiments, and bread selection to make the most out o the experience. 

As long as the weekly food intake is filled with vegetables, fruits, healthy fats and protein, occasionally consuming turkey slices is a perfect addition to a balanced diet.

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