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What to eat with truffle oil?

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Earthy, pungent, mushroomy with slight hint of sweetness, truffle oil has an intricate and complex flavor that adds character to a wide variety of dishes. It is high-quality olive oil infused with black or white truffles depending on the finished product.

From pasta to pizza, drop of truffle oil is a great way to liven up a meal in various ways. While it’s tempting to put truffle oil on everything, some foods don’t go well together, therefore it require specific pairing to maximize the experience.

What to eat with truffle oil? Not only in pasta and pizza, truffle oil is served with popcorn, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, and in many dipping sauce. 

Truffle oil tastes exceptional with cheese, eggs, fish, mushrooms, risotto, salads and in salad dressings. 

It is used raw and not used for cooking to maintain the truffle flavor, which is why it is advised not to expose to high heat.

Whether it is black or white truffle oil, they can be used interchangeably based on personal taste, preference and recipe. This type of oil is exclusively used for finishing a dish to enhance the flavor of fresh truffles, not for cooking.

Even though there are endless ways to use truffle oil, it does not go well on every dish. So, what is the best way to use it? Here are some suggestions for how and when to use truffle oil.

White or black truffle oil for pasta?

White truffle oil works best on pasta because it’s milder than black in flavor, and gives pasta an earthy taste. Thanks to its milder flavor that won’t overpower a meal, it is usually the better choice with pasta. 

Furthermore, it’s light enough to work with various toppings such as meat, fish, and cheese while creating an aromatic foundation. 

White truffle oil goes well in virtually every pasta dish, it especially shines when paired with rich cream-based Alfredo and pesto or sauces that have a mushroom base. It’s also an excellent match for lighter fare such as macaroni and cheese, garlic spaghetti, or tuna noodle casserole.

Black truffle oil has a stronger flavor, is a bit more subtle than white and is only an excellent complement for cream-based sauces. Black truffle oil can be added directly to a finished sauce or sprinkled over a finished dish for a bit of extra color and texture. 

In addition, it works well with tomato sauces or sautéed mushrooms as the base of a dish. Either way, try not to overdo it—a little bit goes a long way!

What food goes well with truffle oil?

Most people use truffle oil as a finishing touch to their meals, meaning that it’s added at the end of the cooking process or even just before serving. It’s great on top of risotto, pasta, soups, sauces and it also goes well with meats like steak and fried foods like french fries.

It isn’t recommended to cook truffle oil because it has a low smoking point (meaning that it doesn’t take much heat to start burning), which can ruin the flavor. 

Note that truffle oil is not used in baking recipes because its flavor doesn’t hold up when exposed to high temperatures in an oven or on a stovetop burner.

So rather than using truffle oil during the preparation process, use below ingredient list to serve as a raw garnishment:

What flavor goes well with truffle oil?

Truffle oil is an excellent complement to many ingredients. Its flavor pairs well with a variety of other flavors including vegetables, herbs, as well as sweets such as chocolate, fresh and dry fruits.

Light drizzle of truffle oil can be added to almost any dish for a unique taste and aroma from risotto to roasted vegetables. 

If you are uncertain how to pair truffle oil with, here are classic flavor combination to try:

  • truffle oil + sweet potatoes + garlic powder + rosemary
  • truffle oil + mushroom + white wine + arborio rice
  • truffle oil + baby portabella + spinach + butter
  • truffle oil + potatoes + parmesan cheese + garlic
  • truffle oil + balsamic vinegar + olive oil + basil + steak
What to eat with truffle oil

Eat with Truffle Oil: Conclusion

Truffle oil is a high-end ingredient that can be used to transform different foods into something worthy of being considered gourmet, as long as it’s used in moderation. 

One of the biggest mistakes when cooking with this flavor enhancer is overdoing it. A little bit goes a long way, and using small amounts allows the flavors of each dish to shine through.

Because truffle oil is different than any other oil, especially in taste and price, it is only used to finish the recipe and not used for cooking in high heat.

Drizzle a spoonful of truffle oil over the top of pizza or pasta, or even while preparing french fries or roasted vegetables like brussels sprouts. The options are endless.

To maximize the flavor, consider pairing with cheese, eggs, fish, mushrooms, risotto, and use in salads. The usage is not only limited to these ingredients, but also try on popcorn, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs and in dipping sauce. 

Depending on the recipe and ingredients, any pasta allows both white and black truffle. Use this guide for flavor combinations and ingredients to enjoy truffle oil in your favorite dishes.

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