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What to eat with swiss cheese?

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Sweet, mild, and nutty, a slice of swiss cheese has a unique flavor and aroma that perfectly blends with sandwiches, sauces, and even on pasta. 

When a little aged, it can be a perfect addition to nuts, bread and fruits. The cheese can come in a block or even pre-sliced and can also be paired with different meats. 

What to eat with Swiss cheese? To maximize the flavor, swiss cheese pairs well with pumpernickel bread, asparagus, grapes, ham, and pears.

When it comes to fruit, Swiss cheese tastes good with raisins, figs, cherries and apricots.

Since swiss cheese is used in sandwiches quite often, ham, roast beef or turkey are the perfect proteins to consider. 

Swiss cheese is well-known for being a healthy cheese compared to others and is an excellent source for both protein and calcium. Additionally, it has lower sodium content and loaded with vitamin B-12.

This article answers the frequently asked questions with regards to swiss cheese and food pairings. In addition, this article discusses what fruits and meats to pair with and other ingredient that taste the best.

What flavor goes well with swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese blends perfectly with sour and salty, bitter and sweet and malty flavors. This depends on the quality and age of the Swiss and what else the cheese is being served with.

Let’s break down the details a bit further:

  • Sour and salty: Salty and sour flavors from pickled fruits and vegetables form a perfect match for Swiss cheese because it is naturally salty from the brine wash as it ages. Pickled fruits provide texture and crunchiness to the meal. There are plenty of pickled options that can be found on shop shelves and homemade in less than 20 minutes, such as raisins, cherries, figs and apricots.
  • Bitter: These include chocolate, broccoli and espresso, which have a persistently bitter flavor. Swiss has a naturally sweet and salty taste that coats bitterness and compliments the taste.
  • Sweet and malty: This flavor can be got from Belgian Ale. The taste of this beer is similar to that of Swiss types, thus pushing forward the fruity properties of the ale. Belgian Ale increases the natural flavor of the medium Swiss types to intense.

These are flavors that match well with swiss cheese, however if you are looking for flavor combination to prepare the meal, here are the recommended ingredients to try:

  • swiss cheese + cream cheese + tomato
  • swiss cheese + cayenne + prosciutto
  • swiss cheese + asparagus + lemon + olive 
  • swiss cheese + sour cream + bacon + potatoes
  • swiss cheese + sugar + honey + mustard

What fruit goes well with swiss cheese?

Whether the fruit is served fresh or pickled, fruits are outstanding ingredient to pair with swiss cheese. 

However, when pickled, they offer the flavor and taste-making them perfect for swiss cheese. Pickling gives a briny taste that makes the fruits taste similar to swiss cheese, making them pair quite easily.

Best fruits that go well with swiss cheese:

  • raisins
  • figs
  • cherries
  • apricots
  • grapes
  • pears
  • apples

What meats goes well with swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese is a primary ingredient to make any sandwich delicious and well balanced. But if you are looking to add more protein, here are meat options that go well with swiss cheese.

What food goes with Swiss cheese?

Swiss cheese can be paired with different foods to bring out its delicious taste. Theses foods may include:

  • Crackers: Crackers are the most common food or snack to pair with cheese because they offer texture and crunch to the meal. Whether plain or flavored, crackers are a perfect pair for bittersweet Swiss cheese.
  • Mac and cheese: Grated cheese offers an excellent finish to macaroni. The sweet-salty taste of Swiss cheese gives a perfectly contrasting taste to the cheesy sauce and macaroni. Adding bread crumbs to the combo gives the perfect finish to the dish.
  • Onion soup: A Swiss toast is a perfect topping for onion soup. Grated Swiss cheese is placed on a piece of bread then grilled to form a perfect topping over the bowl.
  • Beer: Octoberfest, Belgium ale
  • Wine: Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, Rhône red wine, Alsatian white wine
  • Bread: pumpernickel, rye, whole wheat
  • Fruit: grapes, pears
Eat with swiss cheese

Eat With Swiss Cheese: Conclusion

Swiss cheese may not be as common as other types of cheese, but it is still exciting and versatile to pair in sandwiches, sauces, and pasta. It can be paired with meats, fruits, vegetables and drinks

The sweet and sour taste makes it an easy cheese to combine with other flavors. It is also perfect for a meal, not only just a snack.

Generally, Swiss cheese tastes good with bread, asparagus, grapes, ham, and pears. Due to its mild and nutty flavor, this cheese is perfect addition in sandwiches and sweet or savory dishes.

To make into sweet recipe, consider adding fresh or dried fruits including figs, cherries, apricots, grapes, and apples. 

But to make a filling and savory dish, combining Swiss cheese with ham, roasted beef or shredded chicken is perfect option. 

Depending on what recipe you follow, this simple cheese tastes good with crackers as a snack, or mac and cheese or onion soup for a hearty and fulfilling meal. Also, adding a specific beer or wine can enhance the Swiss cheese flavor so you are guaranteed to enjoy every bite. 

If you are preparing a meal with Swiss cheese, use these flavor combination to help you save kitchen time and be able to enjoy each bite.

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