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What to eat with sunny side up eggs?

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When preparing sunny side up eggs, they are even more runny than over-easy eggs because the yolk is liquid and the whites are only set on one side but never flipped. It may have slightly crispy edges maintained with smooth and rich creamy flavor of the fluid egg yolk. 

With their scrumptiously liquified yolk and tender cooked whites, sunny side up eggs makes many meals better. However, not every dish complements well with the runny yolk of sunny side up eggs. 

What do you eat with sunny side up eggs? Sunny side up eggs are a healthy breakfast item to pair with avocado or tomato slices, bacon, hash browns, roasted potatoes, toast and fresh fruit. 

The golden yolk and tender whites of a classic sunny side egg are perfect ingredient to add on sandwiches, pizza, burger, corned beef hash, casserole, biscuits or English muffins. 

Eggs are super-duper simple to prepare, very healthy, easy on the wallet, and they are considered a powerhouse of nutrients. As a result, the egg basic is considered an optimal source of protein.

Make sunny-side up eggs a full meal by pairing with variety of dishes to serve as a wholesome breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snack. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to serve with sunny side up eggs to make a complete meal.

Is eating sunny side up eggs healthy?

Yes, eating sunny side up eggs are healthy and contain many essential daily nutrients that the body requires. However, some people have concern about the yolk not being cooked and increased potential for food-borne illness.

Eggs are packed with iron, fat, and other essential vitamins, including B12, D, and B6. They also have antioxidants that lower the risk of muscular degeneration. 

Sunny side up eggs are high in protein and a great source of calcium and phosphorus. The presence of choline in them makes them great for brain health as well. 

As a result, this means that consuming egg may increase your concentration and nourish the brain cells. The low calorie amounts also make them ideal for weight loss journeys, and cancer, diabetic and hypertensive patients.

What food to eat with sunny side up eggs?

Pair sunny side up eggs with veggies, bread, cheese, condiments, spices, herbs, and variety of cured meats. Moreover, add sautéed or roasted hearty greens to the open face of sunny side up eggs for added nutritional value. 

Listed below are ingredients that can be enjoyed with sunny side up eggs at any time of the day:

What flavor goes well with sunny side eggs?

Sunny side up eggs blend perfectly with sweet, savory, and tangy flavors. A generous sprinkle of chives, salt, and pepper gives the sunny side up egg a light, oniony kick without overpowering it. 

For southern flair, go with some olive oil and herbs such as parsley, and consider replacing the regular tablespoon of oil with coconut oil or ghee for an alternative flavoring. By so doing, the egg gets a zing and some rich, nuttiness in a snap.

Here are chef’s favorite flavor combination to pair with sunny side eggs:

  • sunny side eggs + toast + olive oil + black pepper + sea salt
  • sunny side eggs + wheat bread + cheese + avocado + tomato + butter
  • sunny side eggs + cilantro + red pepper flakes + olive oil 
  • sunny side eggs + sweet potato + smoked paprika + turmeric + olive oil
  • sunny side eggs + refried beans + tortilla + vegetable oil
What to eat with sunny side up eggs

Eat With Sunny Side Up Egg: Conclusion

Sunny side up eggs can easily become a meal when combined with other ingredients. When preparing the sunny side up eggs, you will never go wrong with basic spices and herbs. 

Make sunny side up eggs a favorite meal for your family by ensuring that you choose the right side dishes. A touch of herbs and spices make the eggs extra sweet and savory, enhancing their presence and making them more susceptible to other ingredient combos.

This type of egg dish is regarded as a healthy and fulfilling breakfast item to add sides of avocado slices, bacon pieces, toast and assorted fruit platters

The crispy edges with runny egg yolk complement well on sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, top of corned beef hash, casseroles, biscuits, and English muffins.

Regardless of how you serve sunny side egg with, it is healthy to consume since eggs dishes are loaded with vitamins, minerals, fat and protein that are required on a daily basis. 

Simple salt and pepper can create classic flavor layer to sunny side up eggs. However, adding herbs and spices with vegetables and meat will enhance the dish to the next level.

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