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What to eat with sourdough bread?

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Sour and tangy flavor, sourdough bread can be prepared as an appetizer, sandwich, served with soup, toasted for breakfast and many more. In fact, the combinations are endless. 

The natural fermentation process makes the bread taste sour and have a tangy taste, thus making it a favorite for many avid consumers and the staple bread for cities like San Francisco. The longer the sourdough starter is kept, the more developed the funky flavors become.

What to eat with sourdough? Sourdough can be eaten with soup, sandwiches, toast, and bruschetta. On the other hand, this type of bread pairs well with main dish such as steamed fish, pasta, white rice, roasted chicken, or steak. 

Quick and easy dishes can be made for a light lunch or snack: 

The best thing about sourdough is that it is straightforward to digest for some people compared to white bread, thus being the most preferred dish for meals throughout the day.

The sour taste comes from extended dough fermentation using the naturally occurring yeast and lactobacillus. This unique taste and texture complements well with certain ingredient.

This article will give in-depth information about what to pair with sourdough to make it even more delicious. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with sourdough bread so that you make flavor combinations the keep your palate excited.

What flavors go well with sourdough bread?

The flavors that go well with sourdough bread include sage, oregano, rosemary, and thyme. One flavor can be added, or the four of them can be mixed. 

For sourdough bread, basil along with marjoram, tarragon, or dill are fantastic together. Herbs pair perfectly well with garlic and cheese.

Here are chef’s approved flavors that go well with sourdough bread:

  • sourdough + yogurt + almond butter + pears
  • sourdough + tomato + chives + sesame seeds
  • sourdough + egg + tzatziki
  • sourdough + fennel + walnuts
  • sourdough + bean + garlic + chilis
  • sourdough + clams + lime + tomatoes
  • sourdough + fig + cream cheese + maple syrup

What soup goes well with sourdough bread?

Whether the soup is spicy, hearty, or meaty, it always goes well with slice of bread to dip. It makes the dish more filling and taste better with slight sour taste of the bread. 

Soups and carbs, in particular, go together excellently. The crunchiness in the bread greatly complements the liquid dish. 

  • creamy and cheesy soup 
  • bone broth soup 
  • mushroom soup 
  • curried sweet potato soup
  • roasted tomato soup
  • onion soup
  • cauliflower cheese soup

What cheese goes well with sourdough bread?

When it comes to making sandwich or grilled cheese, not all types of cheese taste good with sourdough. There are six kinds of cheese that are actually perfect when paired with sourdough bread.

The sour taste of sourdough even out the saltiness of the cheese in the combination. So, if you are pairing soup or stew with this bread, consider to melt cheese on top for maximum satisfaction.

What spread goes well with sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread is also great for simple toast or sandwich. It can be sweet or savory depending on the mood and craving of each individual. 

The best spreads that go well with sourdough bread are:

What dinner goes well with sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread goes well with a dinner combination of white rice, toast, pasta, a steak, steamed fish, or roasted chicken. Also, sourdough bread is good with any form of sandwich and gives a unique and delicious taste.  

  • french onion soup
  • sourdough skillet dinner
  • roasted chicken
  • stuffing for holiday side dish
  • bread crumbs for salad or top on soups
  • savory bread pudding to add artichokes, cheese, milk, and egg

What meat goes well with sourdough bread?

Sourdough bread goes well with lunch meats, also identified as the cold cuts, luncheon meats, sliced meats, cooked meats, deli meats, and cold meats. 

Cured or precooked meats sliced and served when hot or cold are a perfect combination with any breads, in particular sourdough. They can be included in a sandwich or served deliciously on a tray to layer and eat as you please. 

What dip goes well with sourdough bread?

For a classic pairing, freshly baked sourdough bread can be dipped into olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar, red pepper flakes and Italian herbs. 

If you are serving sourdough bread with soup, consider preparing homemade dip on a side to enhance the flavor even deeper.

Other ingredients to add to olive oil mixture are:

Eat with sourdough

Eat With Sourdough Bread: Conclusion

Baking sourdough bread is common all year round. It never seems to go to waste as it can be made into sandwich, soup bowl, croutons, bread pudding, and french toast.

It pairs well with sweet and savory dishes by adding ingredient like nuts, cheese, fruit, meat, and vegetables

Generally, creamy and cheesy soup taste better with sourdough bread due to balancing its creamy and sour flavor. However, most soups taste good and help to soak the liquid with every dip. 

When it comes to cheese, there are only cheddar, swiss, monterey jack, manchego, brie, and gruyere to melt on the slice of bread. 

For lighter options, unsalted or salted butter can’t go wrong. Depend on the sweet side of the dish, fruit jams and honey can satisfy your craving.

From deli meats to eggs, bacon and tomato, sourdough can be served for dinner, breakfast, and lunch. When dipped into a flavorful olive oil and balsamic vinegar, any fresh baked bread taste even better. 

Try these options to enjoy with sourdough bread and the loaf will never go to waste.

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