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What to eat with salmon en croute?

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Buttery and flaky pie crust with a tender salmon fillet. Similar to salmon Wellington, it is savory dish of seasoned salmon layered with cheese and sautéed spinach that’ll make every bite worthwhile.

Depending on the recipe, an en croute filled with cream cheese, mushroom, smoked paprika, and broccoli makes the dish more flavorful while roasting in the oven. As a result, every recipe tastes different and the side dish may vary.

What to eat with salmon en croute? Salmon en croute pairs wonderfully with side of vegetables. Whether is it fresh salad or cooked veggies, it offers color and results in a beautiful plate arrangement.

The most popular classic vegetables to eat with salmon en croute are potatoes, green beans, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, peas, and coleslaw. They can be roasted, sautéed, mashed, or even adding creamy sauce for  a touch of moisture and tenderness to the dish.

Additionally, there are various sauces to drizzle over or serve underneath slices of salmon en croute. A classic condiment is dill cream sauce, however there is dijon cream sauce, dill flavored hollandaise, white wine cream sauce, lemon beurre blanc, and many more.

Salmon en croute looks impressive when served for guests and friends for dinner. This article will provide intensive information on the meaning of salmon en croute, what can be eaten with salmon en croute, what sauce to be served with salmon en croute, and the accompaniments for salmon en croute. 

What is salmon en croute?

The“croute” is a French word for “crust,” so salmon en croute means salmon in a crust. Salmon en croute is salmon that has been carefully wrapped in a pastry dough and baked in the oven until done.

“En croute” is a French culinary term that means oven baked food that is wrapped in a pastry crust. 

When it is well done, it has beautiful golden crisp with flaky texture loaded with flavors. Generally, the pie dough contains salmon and creamed spinach for moisture that keeps the salmon tender throughout the cooking process. 

What sauce to serve with salmon en croute?

Salmon en croute can be an ideal dinner party dish to prepare in advance with dijon cream sauce in classical French cuisine. This standard sauce gives tangy and creamy flavor to buttery and crispy salmon en croute that pairs wonderfully. 

A rich, well-rounded sauce also helps to blend other roasted vegetables to harmonize the taste. 

If you are adventurous and looking for other sauce options, here are chef approved sauce ideas you can try:

  • dill sauce
  • white wine cream sauce
  • parsley sauce
  • hollandaise 
  • lemon sauce
  • beurre blanc

What do you eat with salmon en croute?

Salmon en croute can be eaten with delicious and colorful vegetables that are either fresh or cooked. The choice of what to eat with salmon en croute is dependent on the preference, en croute recipe and sauce selection. 

Here are some classic side dishes that are commonly eaten with salmon en croute:

  • creamed spinach
  • potatoes: roasted, sautéed, mashed
  • green beans
  • steamed broccoli
  • peas / sugar snap peas
  • coleslaw
  • asparagus
  • baby carrots
  • roasted cherry tomatoes

Accompaniments for salmon en croute

Salmon en croute can be successfully supported by lots of foods. Mostly, carbohydrates, vegetables, and additional sauce are the best accompaniments for salmon en croute. 

Other foods that can be used as accompaniments include:

  • creamed spinach
  • tender stem broccoli
  • mashed/crushed, roasted potatoes  
  • sautéed leeks 
  • roasted fennel 
  • gravlax sauce
  • dauphinoise potatoes
  • créme fraiche dressing
  • lemon wedges
Salmon en croute side dish

Eat with Salmon en Croute: Conclusion

Salmon en croute is a lovely dish that has an impressive look and a delicious taste. This dish has been around in different forms as a foundation in classic French cuisine. 

The modern version is made of two fillets of salmon sandwiching a paste of spinach and cream cheese wrapped in flaky pie dough. 

Buttery and flaky salmon en croute can be eaten with fresh or cooked vegetables, and sauce to make it healthier and tastier. It is best to serve with salad and other vegetables.

The classic vegetable side dishes that pair well with salmon en croute are potatoes, green beans, spinach, broccoli, asparagus, peas, and coleslaw. The potatoes can be served as wedges, roasted, mashed, and sautéed.

In addition, garnish or top with different sauces over the salmon en croute to balance savory taste from dill cream, dijon, hollandaise, white wine, and lemon sauce to enhance the flavor.

There are different recipes available to make it affordable and easy to prepare salmon en croute. No matter the salmon en croute recipe, consider adding a side dish to make the whole meal more enjoyable. 

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