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What to eat with quinoa?

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Sweet and nutty flavor with distinct seedy texture, quinoa is perfect substitute for starchy pasta and rice dishes. Therefore, quinoa is a superfood grain that blends perfectly with almost everything.

So, be sure to eat it with a pairing that won’t overpower the grain. The key here is to complement quinoa’s natural taste, and that’s what should be going through your mind as you select pairings.

What to eat with quinoa? Quinoa is wonderful ingredient to toss in a salad, buddha bowl, pancake, porridge, burger patties, stews and soups. The whole grain is a valuable source of plant based protein that can be used in vegan and vegetarian meals.

In addition, quinoa can be turned into flour to add in baked goods like muffins, cakes, and cookies. Use raw uncooked quinoa and grind into a fine powder to substitute in many recipes.

Quinoa is well-known gluten-free grain that contains high fiber and protein content. Be aware that too much consumption can result in digestive difficulty such as stomach ache, diarrhea, and bloating since the body cannot handle too much fiber.

So, if you are curious about what eat with quinoa to avoid these scenarios, continue to read this article. Answered below are frequently asked questions that will provide the best know-how and tips to pair a variety of foods with quinoa.

What flavor goes well with quinoa?

The nutty flavor of quinoa is subtle and milky, which is why it can go with many dishes. A cooked clove of garlic, drizzle of olive oil and sprinkle of sea salt are the best flavors to go with quinoa, this spices up grain base a great deal. 

Try drizzling in some lemon, add chili flakes, crushed red pepper, vinegar, or ground ginger to add some tangy flavors to the dish.

Here are flavor combination that pair well with quinoa:

  • quinoa + feta cheese + beans + olive
  • quinoa + maple syrup + apricots + cinnamon
  • quinoa + pine nuts + parsley + dijon mustard 
  • quinoa + spinach + parmesan cheese + butter
  • quinoa + walnut + kale + lemon + goat cheese

What meat goes with quinoa?

With hint of sweet and earthy taste, quinoa is great addition to a main dish as it mingles well with meat based protein sources. In terms of classic flavor combination, beef will make quinoa tasty. 

To be more specific, the best will be ground beef. The juicy meat and grain texture combined the beef fat with the nutty taste and fluffy texture of quinoa. 

On the other hand, these are some other meat options that go well with quinoa:

  • Beef: skirt steak, New York strip, hanger or flank steak
  • Chicken: chicken breast, thigh, wings,
  • Pork: tenderloin, pork chops, pork fillet
  • Lamb: lamb chops, ground lamb, lamb leg

What food goes with quinoa?

Meat and vegetables are among the best foods to go with quinoa. The subtle texture and flavor of the whole grain harmonize well, along with providing a wholesome, nutritious and complete meal.

When used in the right combination of ingredients, quinoa can be served in chicken soup or with grilled scallops, roasted eggplant, apple salad with cumin vinaigrette, chicken and lentils, garlic, mixed with pine nuts and raisins, along side roast turkey, and inside vegetable stuffed roasted peppers.

What should I serve with quinoa?

Quinoa can be served with various dishes, but the pairings are always based on the ultimate focus of the meal. The greatest way to serve quinoa is with additional proteins including chicken, turkey, beef, and shrimp.

Other methods of serving quinoa include:

  • Chili: This is a super delicious dish of quinoa served with piping hot chili on top. It has a sweet-savory flavor and a unique texture that is accompanied by a hint of spice.
  • Black bean burgers: This is extremely delicious when combined with fresh raw spinach, caramelized onions, and sliced tomato. Add a slice of cheese for extra flavor and creaminess to the burger.
  • Pilaf with shredded chicken: This is tasty, and a lot of people enjoy it much.
  • Jambalaya: It is a simple recipe that makes the recipe a keeper due to its delicious nature.
  • Turkey and quinoa meatloaf: It has a great texture accompanied by a surprisingly good flavor.
  • Chicken with quinoa and vegetables: This is a winner because an individual can adjust the meal to include vegetables of one’s choice.
  • One skillet Mexican quinoa: This is a suitable dish to prepare for a large family and still be tasty.
Eat with quinoa

Eat With Quinoa: Conclusion

When adding cooked quinoa to a dish, it’s not always about the presentation or color because taste and nutrition matters too. That being said, be careful when selecting dishes to pair with quinoa since they’ll make all the difference. 

Play around with the various pairings listed above to see what works for you. Make every spoon count by choosing the best quinoa accompaniments featuring vegetables, fruits, nuts, cheese, and meats.

From salads to breakfast pancakes, there are many dishes that use quinoa. The whole grain can also be mixed into baked goods, ground into flour or served as a whole grain side dish. 

If adding more protein to the dish is necessary, consider beef, especially grounds meat to get nutty and juicy taste when mixed into the grain. However, grilled or roasted fish, meats and seafood can be served with a quinoa side dish to make a well-rounded meal.

Whether quinoa is added to a main entree or served as a side dish, these ingredients taste great with the whole grain. Find flavors that blend well with the main focus so that composition of the meal harmonizes together.

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