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What to eat with provolone cheese?

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Sharp, sweet, and mild taste with semi-hard texture, provolone cheese does not have the same sharp or pungent taste as other cheeses. Depending on its age, the color, texture, firmness, and sharpness may vary slightly. 

As this cheese ripens, it turns yellow, and its flavor is more enhanced to offer a depth of diverse tastes. As a result, it can be a great addition to a dish or recipe without completely overpowering the flavor.

What to eat with provolone cheese? Provolone cheese is mostly found in Italian cuisine such as lasagna, pasta, and pizza. Additionally, this type of cheese pairs wonderfully with fruits including figs, grapes, lime, and pears.

When serving a cheese platter, consider adding prosciutto and olives to complement with slices of provolone cheese. 

Depending on the age of the cheese, for mild provolone, select Dolcetto or Barbera, and go with Chianti or Primitivo to enjoy the taste for aged provolone cheese. 

Provolone can be used in cooking, incorporated into desserts, and even grated to sprinkle salads. In addition, it can be grilled and baked to make pasta, grilled cheese sandwich, and many more.

Whether you have leftover or don’t know what to serve with provolone cheese, this article focuses on the flavors, meat, and cheese that form the perfect duo. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with provolone cheese so that you get amazing food pairings for every meal.

What pairs well with provolone cheese?

Provolone cheese has a tangy taste that makes it suitable to pair with many dishes. It’s slightly more intense in flavor when melted, just like the rest of pulled curd cheeses. 

It does superb work in standing out in various dishes with ingredients including:

What meat does provolone cheese go with?

Provolone cheese is the best cheese to pair with various meat varieties, more so in beef dishes. It offers a complex flavor that provides an unending appetite, one of the best combinations you’ll ever come across. 

Meats that go well with provolone include:

What cheese goes well with provolone cheese?

Combining other cheeses with provolone cheese not only makes a dish creamy, but it also adds complexity in taste, flavor, and texture to the meal. However, not all cheeses blend perfectly together. 

Some cheese that pair well with provolone cheese include:

What flavor goes well with provolone cheese?

Spicy and salty flavors are best with provolone. Roasted red peppers, chutneys, chargrilled artichokes, spicy chili jams, and olives blend perfectly with provolone cheese. 

They all work well with the mild, tangy flavor of provolone to give you a taste of Italy. This is because the spicy flavor of provolone isn’t that strong; thus compensates with these flavors.

Here are flavor combinations that goes well with provolone cheese:

  • provolone cheese + tomato + balsamic vinegar + garlic
  • provolone cheese + pasta + ricotta cheese + pesto
  • provolone cheese + red grapes + oregano + walnut
  • provolone cheese + broccoli + lemon + red pepper
  • provolone cheese + white wine + chicken + heavy cream 
Provolone cheese food pairing

Eat With Provolone Cheese: Conclusion

The smoked version of provolone has a robust and distinct aroma. It melts very well, suitable for grilled sandwiches, baked pasta dishes, and casseroles. 

Provolone cheese is great substitute for mozzarella in pizza making, making it a flavorful addition. It can be added in savory pies or melted on chicken for an easy and tasty dinner.

Other than pizza, you will find this cheese in pasta, especially in lasagna, to give gooeyness that blends well with many different kinds of cheese. 

For a quick fancy cheese platter, serve it with figs, grapes, and pears to give a hint of fruitiness and refreshing taste in every bite. 

This type of cheese is versatile to bake with and melts well to create delicious grilled cheese and dipping sauces. Enjoy provolone with a glass of wine, however the varietal will depend on age of the cheese.

When paired appropriately, provolone cheese goes well with many foods and drinks. Explore the many options to find your favorite flavor combinations.

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