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What to eat with potato soup?

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Creamy and rich flavor, potato soup is filled with veggies, garlic, potatoes, heavy cream and goodness. Known as a classic comfort food, this type of soup is easy to prepare and enjoy at anytime during the week. 

While it’s pretty sumptuous on its own, it desires a few complementary foods to make it a complete meal. The mild and subtle flavor allows it to blend well with various sides and toppings.

What to eat with potato soup? Potato soup typically served with chopped scallions, bacon bits, and shredded cheddar cheese. The creamy and mild taste pairs wonderfully with grill cheese sandwich, dinner roll, garlic bread, and roasted chicken, and fresh salad.

The classic way to eat potato soup is with fresh baked bread to dip in the hot soup. As a result, bread and soup pairing is the most preferred way to enjoy the potato soup.

From meats to sandwiches and bread, these dishes will elevate the soup from basic to unforgettable meal. 

Here are some incredible ways to transform your potato soup with irresistible food pairings. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with potato soup so that you serve complimentary foods every time.

What pairs well with potato soup?

Potato soup is satisfactory for lunch and dinner. The universal creamy and rich flavor offers endless pairing and topping options. 

Some classic ingredients for pairing with potato soup include:

What sandwich goes with potato soup?

For an unforgettable culinary experience, try potato soup served with hot sandwiches. 

Beef sandwiches bring out a feel-good taste that will warm up the soul, tummy, and heart. The flavors are complementary, but they are also a healthy option.

If you are looking for more sandwich options other than beef sandwich, try these delicious sandwich combos to pair with potato soup:

  • grilled cheese sandwich
  • ham and cheese sandwich
  • roast beef sandwich
  • reuben
  • turkey sandwich

Whether savory or sweet, ham sandwiches marry perfectly with potato soup. The potato soup could use the soft texture and the ham’s slightly sweet, smoky and salty flavor anyway! 

Be sure to add grated cheddar cheese to make the dish rich and flavorful.

What meat goes with potato soup?

Most potato soup recipes are meatless, making a meaty side appropriate. This makes it easy to garnish with ham or bacon on top, or add a main entrée as grilled or roasted protein of your choice on the side. 

For meat-eaters, the types of meat that go well with potato soup are:

  • Beef: ground beef, steak, stew meat
  • Turkey: thigh, stock, carcass, breast
  • Chicken: leg, wings
  • Pork: rib, tenderloin, belly, ground pork, chop,
  • Cured meat: ham, bacon

What bread goes with potato soup?

There’s no better way to serve potato soup than with fresh baked bread on the side. If it’s loaded with butter to make soft and fluffy inside and crispy along the edges, the combination is simply irresistible!

What flavor goes well with potato soup?

Potato soup is fairly bland on its own. However, umami, earthy, savory, or sweet flavors can brighten up your potato soup, which is why salty, flavorful, and smoky flavors like diced bacon bits are used as a topping. 

In addition, garnish with shredded cheddar cheese to give a earthy, sharp, and briny taste making it delicious and creamy. 

Consider mixing in spices such as basil, paprika and coriander for extra nuances. And for an extra heat, black pepper and jalapeño will do the trick. 

With these in mind, here are classic flavor combination that make potato soup taste extra delicious:

  • potato soup + bacon + sour cream + scallions
  • potato soup + oyster crackers + cheddar cheese + green onion
  • potato soup + parsley + paprika + lemon juice
  • potato soup + bread + butter + garlic
  • potato soup + ground beef + tomato sauce + hot pepper sauce + onion
Eat with potato soup

Eat With Potato Soup: Conclusion 

Potato soup is a creamy and rich dish served as an appetizer, side dish, or a whole meal. Thanks to its versatility, it is paired with almost everything. 

From bread and meat to sandwiches and vegetables, there’s no limit as to what to pair with potato soup. Try with grilled cheese, ham and cheese, roast beef, reuben, or turkey sandwich. 

Fresh baked bread on the side can also make a huge difference. Pairing with slightly seasoned bread such as garlic bread, sourdough, rosemary, pumpernickel, rye, or even plain dinner rolls will do its job to soak the soup. 

Don’t forget to garnish the bowl of potato soup with chopped green onion, bacon bits, and shredded cheddar cheese before serving with any meat including beef, turkey, chicken, and pork. 

Whether you are a vegan or meat lover, there’s something for everyone to serve with potato soup. So, use these ingredient suggestions to add on to your soup and enhance the taste even deeper. 

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