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What to eat with pancakes?

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Sweet, soft, and fluffy, pancakes are a flat cake that is panfried to perfection. There’s no better way to brighten a morning than with pancakes, especially since it’s an excellent excuse to have dessert in the morning. 

They can be made plain or have added chocolate chips, nuts or fruits inside, or even transform into savory pancakes with bacon and cheese. No matter how pancakes are prepared, they are typically served with a variety of ingredients, sides, and syrup options.

What to eat with pancakes? Pancakes pair wonderful with fruits, bacon, scrambled eggs, sausages, whipped cream, Greek yogurt, nuts, chocolate, and peanut butter. When it comes to beverages, pancakes go well with orange juice, coffee, and flavored lattes

In addition, pancakes are versatile where you can replace pancake syrup with jam, sugar, maple syrup, whipped cream, agave syrup, honey, dulce de leche. Furthermore, consider topping the pancakes with fresh berries and sliced bananas.

Most people love having pancakes for breakfast because they are a quick sweet or savory fix that are delicious and versatile in toppings. Adding sides to the meal improves the feeling of fullness and wholesome goodness.

Whether they are roll-and-fill or plated in a pile, what you serve with pancakes is vital. Including syrups, fruits and nuts, the list of possible pairings is endless. 

In this article, we go into detail about what to eat with pancakes. Answered below are frequently asked questions regarding things to serve with pancakes to provide the perfect match.

What can I serve with pancakes?

Nothing beats the taste of pancakes and toppings. Not only make it tasty, but also appealing. 

Add fresh fruit to the pancake batter or serve on top to maximize the experience. Drizzling maple syrup, honey, or pancake syrup would do the trick as well.

If you are looking for toppings or side dish ideas to serve with pancakes, here are list of ingredients that you can try yourself.

What can you eat pancakes with besides syrup?

Pancakes and syrup are a match made in heaven. Over the years, most people have been pairing pancakes only with pancake syrup, however there are more to pancakes than just syrup. 

Other substitute pairings besides syrup include:

  • Jam: Fruit flavored preserves or marmalade, jam is a delicious pancake syrup substitute. Simply add a splash of water and whisk over medium heat until the desired syrupy consistency.
  • Sugar: Replace pancake syrup with an equal amount of granulated white or brown sugar.
  • Maple syrup: Pancake syrup and maple syrup are not the same. Maple syrup comes in grading system based on color and flavor. Grade A golden equals delicate and grade A very dark equals strong or robust.
  • Whipped cream: this sweet and delicate cream makes pancakes airy, supper light, and heavenly. 
  • Fresh fruits: Berries or sliced bananas can be cooked to top on pancakes instead of syrup to give natural, yet not overpowering sweetness.
  • Agave syrup: It has thinner consistency and sweeter flavor compared to pancake syrup. Made with agave plants, it is also a great sugar alternative overall. 
  • Honey: Honey is slightly thicker and milder compared to syrup. Simply, garnish with butter, fruits, and nuts and drizzle with honey on top.
  • Sour cream or Greek yogurt: If you are serving savory pancakes, add a tangy sour cream or Greek yogurt to eliminate the sweetness in pancakes.
  • Dulce de leche: Made from sweetened condensed milk, dulce de leches is great addition that goes well with pancake. It has rich, creamy and caramel-color sauce that makes any flavor pancake even more luxurious.    

What flavor goes well with pancakes?

Sweet, bold, and savory flavors blend perfectly with pancakes. Adding some honey and rosemary to pancakes gives it tangy and sweet flavors. 

Go with some dark chocolate or double cream for those with a sweet tooth. 

Stuffing it with a bit of goat cheese, butternut squash, onions, pumpkin seeds is an excellent way to add some crunch and savory taste. 

Here are fool-proof flavor combinations that are approved to pair well with pancakes:

  • pancakes + chocolate + banana
  • pancakes + blueberry + compote + lemon + syrup
  • pancakes + cinnamon + pecans + maple syrup
  • pancakes + greek yogurt + blueberry + peach + pineapple juice
  • pancakes + sausage + cheese + eggs + scallions
  • pancakes + oats + cinnamon + raisins + walnuts
  • pancakes + ricotta + lemon + strawberry
Eat with pancakes

Eat With Pancakes: Conclusion

Sweet and fluffy pancakes are the ultimate treat for breakfast. However, they should be paired with other dishes to make a more complete meal. 

Pancakes can be paired with fruits, nuts, seeds, syrups, and meat. From savory to sweet pairings, there’s something for everybody with no excuse to have bland pancakes. 

For sweet pancake flavor, consider using different syrups to drizzle over the top including jam, marmalade, sugar, maple syrup, agave syrup, honey, dulce de leche and finish with whipped cream.

On the other side, to accomplish savory pancakes, add potatoes, cheese, scallions, bacons, sausages and dip in sour cream or Greek yogurt.

Pancakes are plain and subtle tasting where it can compliment all flavors. For healthier options, add seeds and nuts, or rolled oats to make a fulfilling pancake batter with cinnamon or spices to make the flavor more intense.

There’s no better way to improve the taste and texture of pancakes than pairing them with other dishes on the side. Use these flavor combination suggestions so you can enjoy stacks of pancakes with a cup of coffee for breakfast or orange juice.

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