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What to eat with oat milk?

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Nutty taste that is uniquely sweet, oat milk is surprisingly very delicious and palatable. Its cream-like color plays a significant role in its milky nature as an alternative beverage. 

Oat milk has a slightly sweeter aftertaste, but is thicker than cow’s milk without any sign of sour taste. 

What to eat with oat milk? From hot beverages to baked goods, oat milk can be widely used as a replacement for dairy milk. Also, it has similar consistency to cow’s milk, which can add a touch of creaminess to coffee, soups or sauces.

The best pairing ingredients for oat milk are apples, unsalted butter, cinnamon, maple syrup and brown or white sugar for subtle sweetness.

Oat milk can either be made at home or bought in a carton from the supermarket. 

In this article, we are going to discuss what to eat with oat milk and what pairs well with the dairy free beverage. Answered below are frequently asked questions about foods that pair well wit oat milk and what flavors combine best together.

What flavors go well with oat milk?

Flavors that go well with oat milk are coffee, cinnamon, cocoa powder and vanilla. These flavors are sweet and magnificent, which makes it ideal for coffee because of its rich and creamy. 

In most cases, the oat taste should be maintained, although a sweet touch definitely doesn’t hurt.

Here are the best flavor combinations that pair well with oat milk:

  • oat milk + currants + maple syrup
  • oat milk + pears + vanilla + yogurt

What goes well with oat milk?

Baked goods form the perfect duo with oat milk. Although one can opt to sip oat milk just like other beverages, baked recipes will blend well with oat milk. 

For breakfast, a touch of oat milk can be added to scrambled eggs, and cereals with oat milk give a creamy boost.

Furthermore, smoothies compliment oat milk due to its creamy consistency and its frothy nature thus will pair well. The resultant combination elements in more or less uniform whole will have a mouthwatering taste that is delicious, healthy and tastes sweet too.

Whether you are using oat milk for baking, creaming coffee or making fresh batch of blended smoothie, here are foods that pairs well with oat milk.

What is oat milk best used for?

Oat milk is majorly used in beverages such as milkshake or smoothies, cereal or baked goods because it is a non-dairy drink. 

However, if oat milk is unsweetened, it’s a perfect match for savory recipes including beef or chicken curry. It is also used in the thickening of soup stews because of its creaminess. 

For a side dish, it can be mixed in mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes giving it a dairy-free creaminess. Foods prepared using oat milk are generally sweet and appealing to the eyes.

Other than drinks or making into savory dishes, other options to use oat milk are:

  • Oatmeal or overnight oats
  • Use as a creamer for soups or curries
  • Breakfast cereal or granola
  • Substitute as dairy-free thickener as creamy pasta dish like alfredo sauce

Drinks that go well with oat milk?

Oat milk can be consumed straight and has a very nice taste that is very delicious on its own.

Drinks that go well with oat milk are coffee and tea, and it is quite delicious too because they have a great blending ability when accompanied together.

It is the perfect coffee creamer when mixed with either hot or iced coffee. Chocolate and hot tea can also well do in this case.

Drinks that go well with oat milk include:

Eat with oat milk

Eat With Oat Milk: Conclusion

Oat milk does indeed taste great on its own, however pairing it with other dishes takes it to a whole new level. From sweet to savory recipes, oat milk is great alternative solution to avoid dairy based beverages.

It is slightly less sweet than regular cow milk, but has a pretty similar consistency. As a result, it can be used in soup, smoothies, and cereals in wide range of dishes.

Due to its mild and not overpowering taste, it works well with natural sweetness such as maple syrup, fruits, or sugar. 

In addition, this plant based milk goes well in hot or cold beverages. And works magic in coffee and tea to make it creamy and nutty taste, just make sure to temper the oat milk before combining it with a hot beverage. 

Whether you are making sweet filling breakfast or heavy curries, soup  or stew, use the suggested ingredients to make the perfect pairing dish to enjoy with oat milk.

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