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What to eat with multigrain bread?

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Earthy in flavor with a hint of sweetness, multigrain bread is a healthier option compared to white bread or potato bread. Generally, made with multiple grains such as barley, oats, wheat, and rye. 

It is a great slice of bread to make any sandwich, however white bread is oftentimes softer than multigrain bread, but its grains add flavor, texture and wholesome goodness. The grain proportion gives this bread a unique texture and taste that pairs well with many foods.

What to eat with multigrain bread? Multigrain bread is best known for making into sandwich with meat, cheese, condiment spreads, peanut butter and jelly. From savory to sweet, multigrain bread can handle a variety of flavor. 

Not only sandwiches, multigrain bread can transform into french toast, casserole, bread pudding, and can be paired with soup, salad, and egg dishes.

Multigrain bread is quite versatile and can be integrated into several dishes. This article answers frequently asked questions about what to eat with multigrain bread so that you pair the proper foods every time.

What goes well with multigrain bread?

Multigrain bread has a unique piquant, flavor and crispy texture due to the diversity of grains used in the dough. The bread is well-suited for tender leafy or roasted vegetables, fruits, nuts, deli meat, butter and jam, and many more. 

Whether served as sandwich or sweet breakfast, it makes a light meal more satisfying, or served along side dishes instead of other starch options.

From salad to spaghetti, here are ingredients that go well with multigrain bread: 

What spreads go well with multigrain bread?

Spreads transform multigrain bread in an instant. They not only improve the bread texture, but also enhance its flavors. 

Some spreads to use on multigrain bread include:

  • Butter: The universal spread of choice, butter is a staple in many households and soft butter is oftentimes a primary layer before a sweet jam or jelly.
  • Honey: Great way to enhance the natural sweetness of multigrain bread to the next level. With fruit or nut butter, honey is great spread to add on for a naturally sweet flavor. 
  • Mayonnaise: If you are looking to make sandwich with ham and cheese, consider covering each side of toast with creamy mayonnaise. This will help to bond the deli meat, lettuce, cheese, and tomato together in every bite.
  • Mustard: To give a punchy flavor to your sandwich, add mustard for more a bit of acidity. Mustard pairs well with most sandwich ingredients. 
  • Avocado: Add rich creaminess to multigrain bread by smashing or slicing avocado. This will provide plant based protein and healthy fatty acids.
  • Pesto: Pesto is packed with spice that complements well with multigrain bread. The basil flavor in it is everything to die for. The cheesy goodness in parmesan is unmatched, and the nuts add a rough texture. Garlic lends a bit of spiciness, while the olive oil rounds everything together on this spread.
  • Cream cheese: Combine cream cheese with chives for a mild, fresh bite with the rich, tangy cream cheese. Adding sliced cucumber makes it even more sumptuous and forms a classic addition for multigrain bread.
  • Hummus: When making vegetable based sandwich, hummus is a healthy spread and great option to add protein to sliced bread. It blends well with cheese, sprouts, and vegetables to make a smooth and delicious flavor. 

What cheese goes well with multigrain bread?

Multigrain bread is a healthy sandwich bread that balances wholegrain with carb consumption. In fact, it can be paired with almost any cheese type due to its sweetness and earthy taste. 

If you are looking to make a sandwich with multigrain bread, review this cheese list to pair together:

What flavor goes well with multigrain bread?

Pair multigrain bread with sweet or savory flavors. This can be done by adding maple syrups, sweet spreads and fruits. 

On the other side, savory flavors cut through the nutty flavor of the whole grain bread, making it more sumptuous and tasty. Try adding sriracha, pepper or chili for more acidity and spice.

Here are classic flavors that go well with multigrain bread:

  • multigrain bread + deli turkey breast + provolone cheese + lettuce + mayonnaise
  • multigrain bread + peanut butter + cinnamon + banana
  • multigrain bread + sour cream + bacon + eggs
  • multigrain bread + milk + maple syrup + brown sugar + eggs + lemon zest
  • multigrain bread + avocado + olive oil + lemon juice + red pepper flakes
Eat with multigrain bread

Eat With Multigrain Bread: Conclusion

The next time your hungry, and you’ve got no groceries or food in the house, don’t be so quick to call the nearest takeout joint. 

Simply, transform multigrain bread into a meal that the family will like in minutes. It’s pretty versatile to create sweet or savory combinations

In addition, slices of multigrain bread pair perfectly with almost anything from meat to cheese, spread and condiments. 

Typically, this type of bread is served as sandwich with deli meat, vegetarian, or simply sweet flavor with the classic peanut butter and jelly. 

However, it can be transformed into french toast, oven baked casserole, bread pudding or open faced chili dynamites. With toasted multigrain bread, you can serve with soup, salad, or any breakfast egg dishes.

Whether it is sweet or savory sandwich, adding spread to mix with other ingredients is key. Honey, mayonnaise, mustard, avocado, pesto, cream cheese, and hummus, there are variety of condiments that will improve the taste of a multigrain sandwich. 

Depending on the type of sandwich, don’t forget to add cheeses like brie, parmesan, blue cheese, camembert, gouda, manchego, gruyere, cheddar, and mozzarella. These cheese are mild and easy to melt when heated. 

There are many ways to enjoy multigrain bread. It’s delicious, wholesome and has a fantastic texture with slight crunch that will leave you wanting more!

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