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What to eat with muffins?

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Moist crumb, chewy texture, and filled with a variety of tasty mix-ins including dried fruits, nuts, or chocolate chips. This individually portioned baked goods is perfect for dessert or even a side for lunch or dinner depending on the main dish.

Muffins are enjoyed by many, but many people consider them a glorified cupcakes, especially when eaten during breakfast. Muffins have become a breakfast staple, but there are a lot of ways to make muffins a special treat. 

What to eat with muffin? The freshly baked plain muffins are generally sliced and served with soft butter, cream cheese or peanut butter. 

If the muffins are made with blueberries or other dried fruits, consider serving for breakfast or quick power snack with a cup of coffee. However, for savory muffins, serve with soup, stew, salad, or veggies. 

Whether muffins are sweet or savory, serve with a buttery or glaze tomato sauce for extra moisture and flavor. Each individual muffin is easy to pack, take to-go, and serve at any time of the day to quickly refuel. 

Not only for breakfast or dinner meal, a scoop of ice cream can make a super-fast dessert. Add indulgent flavors such as banana chocolate chip for a special treat. 

If you have been only enjoying blueberry chocolate chip muffins, this article will help you to be creative in serving muffin anytime from breakfast to dessert. So, what flavors should the baked good be paired with? Well, read through to find out!

Are muffins dessert or breakfast?

Muffins are known better as a breakfast food instead of dessert. In fact, it is a complete alternative for other breakfast dishes such as pancakes, scones, biscuits and more. 

Eating muffins as a breakfast food can definitely be considered a healthy and wholesome food depending on the preparation and mix-in ingredients. Nuts, seeds, fruit flavors, oatmeal and bran can make it an ideal breakfast staple. 

Individually baked muffins are easy to serve, clean up and offer a fulfilling breakfast. As a result, it is recognized as a hearty breakfast food whereas cupcakes are categorized as dessert. 

What is the proper way to eat a muffin?

Muffins are a quick and easy breakfast for a morning commute, but there are plenty of ways to eat muffins. 

  • Serve muffins with a slice of cheese layered on the bottom and a layer of eggs or meat. Opt for scrambled eggs for a tasty treat. 
  • It is also good to eat muffins cold or hot from the oven for breakfast. Some muffins, such as blueberry muffins, taste delicious when toasted with butter or cream cheese spread. 
  • Cut the muffin vertically or horizontally to butter the halves one at a time. 
  • Toast a leftover muffin to revive the freshness and flavor by putting the cut-side down in the broiler.
  • If the muffin is covered with wrapper, unwrap the wrapping on one side and eat like a burger. 

What goes well with muffin?

If you would like to add a unique twist to muffin for breakfast or quick snack, serve with fruits, nuts, cheese, condiments, and more. Whether you are serving sweet or savory muffins, review these ingredients that match perfectly with muffins: 

What flavor goes well with muffin?

Muffins can be paired with anything sweet, savory, or earthy. Here are the classic flavor combinations that goes well with muffins:

  • muffins + banana + nut + cinnamon + vanilla 
  • muffins + blueberries + banana + buttermilk
  • muffins + pumpkin puree + cocoa + zucchini + milk
  • muffins + eggs + ham + spinach
  • muffins + oats + raisin + walnuts
What to eat with muffins

Eat with Muffins: Conclusion

A perfect breakfast has the potential to prepare someone for the day ahead by providing the energy needed for daily routines. One of the exciting things about muffins is that they are sweet, easy to make and packed with wholesome goodness.

Any freshly baked plain, sweet, or savory muffins can be served with simple unsalted butter, cream cheese or peanut butter of your choice.

Dipping into a buttery or glazed sauce can enhance the flavor of muffin, and adding a scoop of vanilla ice cream can transform the muffin into a wonderful dessert.

Muffins are best known for breakfast instead of dessert. From fruit based to savory egg and ham dishes, there are many ways to enjoy the baked good in combination with other foods.

Simply toast leftover muffins by cutting them in half and spread with butter of your choice to enjoy cold or hot. If the muffin has a liner wrapped around it, open one side to start eating just like a burger. 

From dried fruits to cured meat and nutritional protein like egg, serve with sides as part of a wholesome meal, and see if one of the above ideas can become a favorite for you to eat with muffin.

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