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What to eat with Moroccan food?

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Layered with sweet, spicy, earthy, and bright flavors, Moroccan food is loaded with spices, whole grains and fresh vegetables in every dish.

From saffron to cumin and cinnamon, a tagine has unique taste and texture that can be served with cucumber salad, cured olives, cheese briouats, and harira. But what about other Moroccan food such as couscous, bastille,, fish chermoula, and zalouk?

What to eat with Moroccan food? The main dishes in Moroccan cuisine feature fish, chicken, or meat served with a dip and crusty bread, side of couscous, eggplant salad, potato cakes, pita bread, and fava bean dip or soup.

Most Moroccan food is served with green tea and mint or fresh squeezed orange juice. 

The meal is often finished with desserts and sweets such as deep fried donut called sfenj.

Moroccan dishes rank high in the world’s list of the best cuisines, and it’s worth giving a try. There are a bunch of flavorful seasonings, food varieties and ingredient combinations awaiting you. 

With complex spices and herbs, food pairing can become challenging. In this article, we detail the flavors and side dishes to pair with Moroccan foods such as chicken tagine. Read through to learn more!

What is commonly served with the Moroccan tagine?

In Morocco, tagine is the main dish that everyone sits around the table to share. 

When preparing Moroccan food tagine, be sure to include bread, especially crusty bread such as the French baguette or warm pita. Aside from fresh baked goods, it can also be served with fresh cucumber and tomato salad.

Simple green salad with some dressing or olives pairs perfectly with Moroccan tagine. 

To add some texture and crunch to the dish, pair it with roasted carrots. A butter squash soup or harira is a perfect side for the dish.

Other side dishes to serve with Moroccan tagine are: 

  • zaalouk
  • maaqouda
  • couscous
  • white or brown rice
  • saffron rice
  • greek yogurt
  • cheese briouats
  • carrot salad

What to serve with Moroccan chicken tagine?

Tagines are generally prepared with chicken, beef, and lamb as common meats with some spices and vegetables. As a results, this dish flavor-dense without being spicy or hot.

Addition of apricots or dates and almonds are common, and a hint of honey gives a slight sweetness to the savory dish.

Due to its light lean meat for chicken tagine, consider a subtle side dishes to serve with the Moroccan cuisine.

  • white rice
  • pearl couscous
  • saffron rice
  • couscous
  • roasted vegetables, especially cauliflower, zucchini, sweet potatoes, broccoli
  • salad
  • flatbread, especially pita bread

List of Moroccan food

Influenced by Arabic, France and Andalusian Spain, Moroccan cuisine features a delicious combo of distinct, mouthwatering flavors that makes it unique in flavor and texture. 

Here are the top 10 Moroccan foods you must-try other than tagine:

  • harira
  • b’ssara
  • couscous
  • tagine
  • maaqouda
  • b’stilla
  • fish chermoula
  • bastille chicken
  • rfissa
  • zaalouk

What flavor goes well with Moroccan food?

The complexity of flavors used in Moroccan cuisines reflects the many cultures in the region. The most common spices that add an exquisite depth to Moroccan cuisine are cinnamon, paprika, ginger, cumin, black pepper and saffron.

Dried or fresh fruits and honey are added to meat dishes for a sweet and savory combo. Aromatic, spicy and tangy flavors also round out Moroccan cuisines. 

Sesame seeds add a little crunch and nutty flavor that tastes good when eaten raw, but they will taste even better if toasted.

Here are classic Moroccan food flavor combination for you to try:

  • couscous + pine nuts + coconut oil + chicken broth
  • chicken thighs + green olives + lemon + honey + garlic
  • chickpeas + noodles + pasta
  • semolina + milk + water + olive oil + spices
  • lamb + almonds + prunes
What to eat with moroccan food

Eat with Moroccan Cuisine: Conclusion

Moroccan cuisine is primarily influenced by regional exchanges and cultural interactions with other communities and nations over time. It’s usually a mixture of Mediterranean cuisines with a hint of Spanish and French flavors.

This cuisine offers a wide range of Mediterranean vegetables, fruits and other tropical foods like snails. Common meats include chicken, mutton, lamb, goat, seafood and beef. 

Tagine with chicken, beef, or lamb, pair with a crusty bread, couscous, eggplant salad, potato cakes, pita bread, and fava bean or soup. 

Make an authentic Moroccan beverage with hot green tea and mint or serve fresh orange juice. Complete the meal with desserts and sweets including deep fried donuts.

The flavorings include olive oil, lemon, preserved butter, and dried fruits. If you are looking forward to trying the Moroccan cuisines, be sure to check out the top ten dishes listed above.

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