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What to eat with Mediterranean food?

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Featuring a blend of citrus lemon, apricot , parsley, and mint with touch of savory flavors like garlic and black pepper, Mediterranean food has lots of fruit, vegetables, legumes, grains, olive oil, and aromatic herbs to enhance its flavor profile.

There are numerous sides to pair with Mediterranean food, including bread and pastries, like pizza and falafel which are similar Greek cuisine. Due to fresh herbs and spices in the dishes, it may be tricky to pair foods to eat with Mediterranean cuisine.

What to eat with Mediterranean food? Mediterranean food consists of lean protein including seafood, poultry and eggs with a side of leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and legumes.

Typical Mediterranean cuisine pair with pita, moussaka, greek salad, baklava, dolmas, borek, mezze, and fattoush salad.

In general, chicken or beef is roasted or baked, and works wonderfully with grilled broccolini, stuffed eggplant, and halloumi salad.

To make this cuisine a complete meal, consider sparkling wine, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot Grigio, Merlot, Riesling and light lagers.

From couscous to hummus, there are a wide variety of dishes. The most common dishes in this culture include the salads accompanying the local dishes, such as Greek salad or classic shawarma salad with lean meat such as beef and fish like sea bass.

Most Mediterranean dishes tend to avoid fatty foods. Therefore, the limited ingredients used in recipes are olive oil, rice, pasta, lentils, legumes, and garlic. This article shares the different flavors and dishes to pair with Mediterranean food so you are not left guessing.

What goes well with Mediterranean food?

Spices and herbs are the main important ingredient in Mediterranean dishes that gives vegetable, poultry, and seafood a more enjoyable flavor.

In addition, sauces are a part of Mediterranean-style cooking. Tahini, chermoula, harrisa, tzatziki can be found in this region with yogurt and cheese.

Here are widely used ingredients in most Mediterranean food to add as a side dish:

What is a typical Mediterranean food?

Typical Mediterranean cuisine includes haloumi, shawarma, and baklava. Haloumi is a dish made with unsalted, unseasoned curd cheese, pureed and mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, and garlic, then cooked until the mixture becomes a dough-like consistency.

Another typical Mediterranean food is shawarma, which is a dish made by cooking either chicken or beef on a spit. When serving, it accompanies tahini or hummus, which is a thick paste made from cooked and pureed chickpeas.

For dessert, baklava works best. It is a rich, sweet pastry made with phyllo dough sheets and topped with pistachios or walnuts. 

Another food commonly found in Mediterranean cuisine is the condiment yogurt. Many people eat yoghurt with lettuce, cucumbers, and pita bread.

Other incredibly popular and delicious Mediterranean foods are:

What flavor goes well with Mediterranean food?

In general, vegetables go well with Mediterranean-style main dish such as tomatoes, carrots, and greens. Raw ingredients also go well with Mediterranean-style recipes, including onions, cucumbers, and lettuce to make a fresh salad.

Another flavor that does well with Mediterranean food is both hard and soft cheeses. 

Try cream cheese and cheddar cheese on any Mediterranean dish for the maximum flavor burst. Goat cheese works really well with vegetables such as artichokes or spinach. 

Various spices in Mediterranean foods complement well with butter when cooking using herbs and seasoned pastes enhance the foods. For example, tahini paste goes well with many of the Mediterranean dishes.

Here are classic flavor combination favorites that go well in Mediterranean cuisine:

  • cod + lemon + garlic + herbs
  • quinoa + roasted bell pepper + garbanzo beans + feta cheese
  • pita bread + feta cheese + red bell peppers + cherry tomatoes + olive
  • eggplant + chickpeas + tomatoes + oregano + paprika + olive oil
  • ground chickpeas + garlic + parsley + cilantro + dill
What to eat with Mediterranean food

Eat with Mediterranean Cuisine: Conclusion

Mediterranean food is very diverse in its content. Most dishes in this style of cuisine include vegetables, grains and low fat meats or seafood.

From fish to eggs, there are plenty of protein dishes to pair with roasted greens, salad, hearty grain and legume side dishes. These foods also contain lots of fresh herbs, spices and condiments such as yogurt, tahini, and vinegar.

However, for chicken and beef, pairing with broccolini, stuffed eggplant, and halloumi salad is a tasty option to try.

Mediterranean cuisine includes gyros, kebab, falafel, pita, moussaka, and dolmas. These meals are delicious and nutritious, leading the t often be served for lunch, dinner, or even quick snack.

Based on the ingredients and meat, select sparkling wine or light lagers to complement the Mediterranean food at anytime.

Mediterranean cuisine is known for a wide range of flavor and texture that marry well with herbs, spices and fresh ingredients. When it comes to pairing the right food items, use these recommendation to try the Mediterranean foods you dream of.

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