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What to eat with hummus?

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Rich and creamy texture that is full of umami flavor, hummus is a creamy spread or dip. Made from pureed chickpeas, this nutty and earthy dip is hard to resist.

When hummus is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is pita bread or chips. But that isn’t the only thing that can be slathered with this Middle East based creamy spread or paste. 

What do you eat with hummus? Other than pita chips, hummus goes well with crackers, crudités, tortilla chips, in sandwiches instead of mayo or butter, as salad dressing, in tacos, pizza  or wraps. Mix with mashed potatoes, soups, scrambled egg or tofu, and deviled eggs instead of mayo and dijon mustard. 

Instead of quick snack, hummus also can help to marinate a piece of chicken or fish to enhance flavor of the meat when baked. Consider replacing dairy ingredients such as in risotto or creamy pasta dish.

For dessert, replace fat or vegetable shortening from brownie recipes with hummus, it will give great texture, help to maintain moisture and add extra fiber. 

The main ingredient used when making hummus is chickpeas. This dip has been traditionally served with pita bread and other side dishes such as grilled meat. 

Due to its creamy, subtle flavor, and texture, other pairings have cropped up. Answered below are frequently asked questions about super creative ways to pair hummus with other foods. 

What to dip in hummus?

Hummus is an amazing dipping sauce for pita chips and veggies. It is a healthy option that is filling for a midday snack or post-workout.

If you are looking alternative nibbles to dip in hummus, here are creative ways to serve hummus as a dip:

  • Pretzels: Regular pretzels are the go-to. Go for thin varieties or pretzel sticks. Contingent to the hummus type, feel free to experiment with flavored pretzels. 
  • Chips: Potato chips are delicious with hummus, but think something substantial like black bean chips. Consider selecting plain or simple sea salt flavor that does not overpower the hummus flavor. 
  • Stone fruit: I’m sure you never tried freshly chopped fruit dipped in hummus, but it’s extremely delicious. Slices of green or red apples taste the best.
  • Crackers: Whole wheat grain crackers with sesame seeds on top brings the earthy and nutty flavor that makes a great replacement for pita chips.
  • Cheese: Dip a hard cheese straight into the hummus or stack on crackers, then dip the two in hummus together. Cheddar cheese is an excellent choice, trust us and go for it.
  • Rice cakes: Crunchy and airy, rice cakes are an excellent light snack idea to add hummus on instead of pita bread. Select plain flavor and smaller bite size rice cakes, and explore hummus flavor options that you like.
  • Bread: When it comes to curry flavor spiced hummus, pair with warmed up naan bread.
  • Tortilla chips: Tortilla chips are not only for guacamole and salsa. They make a healthy crunchy snack to dip in hummus instead of pita chips. 

Vegetables to dip in hummus?

Veggies and hummus are a match made in heaven. Always cut the veggies in individual servings, then serve for dipping. 

Some veggie favorites with hummus include:

  • broccoli
  • carrots
  • celery
  • cucumbers
  • grape tomatoes
  • bell peppers
  • cauliflower
  • radish
  • snap peas
  • endive

What to eat with hummus besides pita?

Crispy and scoop able size pita chips are an excellent snack to pair with hummus. They tend to be healthier than other chips, and are easily prepared with leftover pita bread. 

If you are looking for a crunchy snack alternative that can resemble pita chips, here are other snack ideas you can eat with hummus besides pita:

What flavors go well with hummus?

A pinch of salt goes a long way in pulling the flavors in hummus together, while a squeeze of fresh lemon adds tang and brightens everything up. 

For a distinctive nutty flavor, be sure to add some tahini, pepper and mint for that extra heat and minty flavor. 

Don’t forget to garnish with a dash of paprika and cumin for some sweet flavor, then finish everything off with Greek yogurt for that extra tang and creaminess. 

Here are classic flavor combination that goes well with hummus:

  • hummus + avocado + cumin + coriander
  • hummus + sweet potato + adobo sauce + coriander 
  • hummus + black beans + garlic + cayenne + lime juice
  • hummus + roasted red pepper + smoked paprika + salt
  • hummus + jalapeño + cilantro
What to eat with hummus

Eat With Hummus: Conclusion 

Hummus is, without a doubt, the king of all dips. It’s delicious, creamy, hearty, and pretty versatile to serve as snack and meal. 

From sandwiches to vegetables and soups, hummus isn’t only for pita chips. Vegans especially enjoy hummus as a substitute for dairy products to make their dishes creamy and still be protein-rich on sandwiches, wraps, risottos and pasta dishes.

Typically served as a dip with pita chips and fresh veggie platters, but hummus can also be served with crackers, tortilla chips, pretzels, potato chips, cheese, rice cakes, naan bread, and apple slices.

Adding a spoonful of hummus into sandwich, salad dressing, tacos, pizza, wraps, toast, brownies, egg dish, brownies, and mashed potatoes imparts wonderful flavor and creaminess to the dish. Along with the added fiber and nutritional value.

If you are looking for healthy ways to dip hummus instead of pita chips, try a crudités with slices of celery, baby carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, radish, and snap peas to enjoy the fresh taste. 

There is not just one way to serve hummus. Grab the spread and use it in all the ways mentioned above to find your favorite foods to pair with hummus!

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