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What to eat with hemp seeds?

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Similar to sunflower seeds and pine nuts, hemp seeds have a nutty yet subtle flavor with soft texture that it is enjoyed both raw or cooked. They are packed with loads of nutrients, making them a popular seed to add-on in sweet and savory dishes.

What to eat with hemp seeds? Hemp seeds can be served with cereal, yogurt, smoothies, salad, oatmeal, pancakes, pudding, and pasta sauce. Furthermore, it can be mixd with granola, added to soups and stews, and used in bread recipes to give nutty taste and complement with other seeds. 

Slightly toast hemp seeds in a frying pan or in the oven to offer a toasty flavor and give a crunchy texture to toss in salads, mixed in vinaigrettes or use in baking and cooking. 

Hemp seeds are full of protein, B vitamins, fiber, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which is why it is considered a superfood. They are commonly served in breakfast style foods, but that does not always have to be the case.

This article will provide important information with regards to what to eat with hemp seeds. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what ingredients go with hemp seeds to make perfect flavor combinations every time.

What flavors go well with hemp seeds?

Whether you are adding hemp seeds in cooking or baking recipes, there are specific formulas that pair well with hemp seeds.

Here are flavor pairings that go well with hemp seeds: 

What goes well with hemp seeds?

Hemp seeds go well with vegetable salads, mixed with granola or cereal, added to stews or soups, and when mixed into cakes and baked goods. In addition, they are the perfect garnish for pasta, delicious bread, made into plant based milk as a substitute for dairy milk.

The hulled seeds of a hemp plant goes well in smoothies and shakes, can be added to porridge or cereal as a well rounded mid-morning snack.

No matter what type of meal, these ingredients go well with hemp seeds:

What food goes well with hemp seeds?

From breakfast to dinner, hemp seeds add a rich nutritional value that cannot be replaced with other seeds. Hemp seeds are considered a superfood that packs a slightly nutty flavor and wholesome nutrient source.

Adding two tablespoons of hemp seeds per serving gives a desirable boost.

The foods that go well with hemp seeds other than breakfast include:

  • Salads: chickpeas salad, kale salad, caesar salad, quinoa
  • Toast: avocado, egg, hummus, almond butter and banana
  • Meat: hemp seed crusted chicken or salmon, meatballs, veggie burger, meatloaf
  • Soup: broccoli soup, carrot ginger bisque, creamy tomato basil soup
  • Pasta: avocado pesto, tomato sauce, Alfredo pasta, marinara

What to eat with hemp seeds for breakfast?

Breakfast is great starting meal to add hemp seeds. Simple addition can work well in dishes that are either sweet or savory based on personal preference. 

If you are considering to sprinkle or toss raw, hulled hemp seeds, here are breakfast ideas that pairs well with hemp seeds:

Eat with hemp seeds

Eat With hemp Seeds: Conclusion

When eaten in moderation, hemp seeds can be of importance in meeting the required consumption of essential vitamins and minerals with a balance of fatty acids. 

Hemp seeds have pleasantly surprising nutty taste that makes a delicious addition to sweet and savory foods like cereal, yogurt, smoothies, salad, oatmeal, pancakes, pudding, and pasta sauce.

Depending on the personal preference, it can be toasted or served raw in baked goods and cooking recipes. The seeds have mild to little flavor with a softer texture that is packed full of nutrients that serve as a healthy source of fat and protein. 

Consider adding spices, herbs, fruits, nut milk, and other seeds to improve the meal with beneficial complements. From breakfast to dinner, hemp seeds are widely used without overpowering the taste nor destroying the main dish. 

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