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What to eat with hash browns?

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Crunchy and slightly salty potato flavor, hash browns are a golden brown essential breakfast item that tastes better than baked potatoes or french fries. The thin shredded potatoes cook quickly to get a nice brown colored with crispy texture.

Hash browns have a mild and subtle taste that allows to improve flavor by adding cheese, sour cream, garnishing with sliced green onions or sprinkle cayenne pepper or chili powder. No matter what additional seasonings you add, freshly made hash browns are versatile as a side dish. 

What do you eat with hash browns? Hash browns are typically served with eggs and bacon, sausage or ham, and classic condiments include ketchup or hot sauce to give a kick. Other than as a breakfast side dish, hash browns can be served in a breakfast sandwich, with smoked salmon or corned beef as lunch or dinner. 

Top hash brown with veggies and cheese, chorizo, and slice of toast. To make a fancy meal, prepare a croque madam or serve with hollandaise sauce to give creamy and rich flavor to the dish. 

There’s no better way to start the day than with a hearty breakfast. When it comes to traditional breakfast foods, hash browns top the list, and these deep-fried potatoes are not only delicious but fulfilling too when served with the right entree.

The tender inside and crunchy outside of hash browns are pure ecstasy. Whether topped with various ingredients or served as a side dish, hash browns never disappoint!

What should I serve with hash browns?

Hash browns can be served for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Whether adding sides or garnishing with sauce to pour over, there are various ways to serve hash browns.

If you are making skillet, casserole, or simply serving as a breakfast side, here are other ingredients that can be accompanied with hash browns. 

What condiment goes with hash browns?

Hash browns have a pretty bland flavor even though it is seasoned with salt and pepper. Therefore, adding spicy, sweet, tangy, and creamy condiments is a great addition.

The condiments listed below add a little bit of depth and a sweet, salty, tangy twist to hash brown. Drizzling your favorite condiments on the side helps to achieve sweet, smoky, bitter notes and some spicy smell.

  • ketchup
  • mustard
  • dijon mustard
  • ranch
  • sriracha
  • maple syrup
  • tabasco

What sauce to eat with hash browns?

If you are tired of using condiments straight from the bottle, sauces are a must-have when it comes to hash browns. These sauces are quick to blend and easy to serve with freshly made hash browns.

Some sauce combination to pair with hash browns include:

  • apple sauce + sour cream + chives
  • ricotta cheese + cinnamon
  • pear + honey
  • fish sauce + scallion + Thai green chili
  • maple + butter
  • mustard + mayonnaise + lemon juice + soy sauce
  • garlic + mushroom + swiss cheese

What flavor goes well with hash browns?

Savory, earthy, and sweet flavors are great with hash browns. To create a sweet taste to add on hash brown, blend cinnamon, ricotta cheese with a dash of honey or maple syrup for sweetness will do the job.

Go in with some garlic and black pepper to add earthy, savory depth to the hash browns. It also enhances other savory spice additions, giving the dish extra umami taste.

Here are classic flavors to try that goes well with hash browns:

  • hash brown + yogurt + red onion + black pepper 
  • hash brown + lemon + spinach + olive oil + chive
  • hash brown + cheddar cheese + sausage + bell pepper
  • hash brown + sour cream + taco seasoning
  • hash brown + fried egg + bacon + butter
What to eat with hash browns

Eat With Has Browns: Conclusion 

Hash browns are pretty versatile and delicious dish that make them quite favorable for breakfast. The crispy, crunchy potato pairs perfectly with sauces, vegetables, cheese, cured meats, egg dishes, sauces, and condiments

Serve on the side of grilled veggies, chorizo, ham, bacon, or sausages and toast for a traditionally wholesome breakfast. By adding smoked salmon or corned beef, it can make a more filling brunch, lunch or dinner to enjoy.

Depending on how hash browns are served, it goes well with sweet or savory pairings of your preference. Consider a splash or ketchup, mustard, ranch, sriracha, maple syrup, or tabasco to enhance the flavor. 

On the other hand,  simple homemade sauces like hollandaise sauce or apple and ricotta cheese with cinnamon, to garnish your favorite hash brown dish. 

Hash brown dishes lean towards heavier foods and can be served and prepared in different styles. The classic pairings are endless, so play around with these different condiments, flavors, sauces, and side dishes to find what hash brown combinations work well for you and your guests.

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