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What to eat with guacamole?

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Creamy, nutty, spicy, and hint of sour from lime juice, guacamole is great dish to simply serve as an appetizer or atop a main entree. The combo of sweet tomatoes, buttery avocados, and sharp onions is irresistible.

Transform any Mexican dish from tacos and chips to burritos and nachos with this flavorful dip. Even though it has mild and subtle flavor, it does require specific ingredient pairing to enjoy.

What to eat with guacamole? Guacamole is typically served with chips and salsa before the main entree is brought to the table. It is known as a classic pairing and great starter to enjoy a creamy and crunchy taste.

However, it can be placed on top of toast, tacos, french fries, burgers, salad, and many more. 

Accompany with pita chips, crackers, rice cake, pretzels, or potato chips if you are looking for something other than tortilla chips. This side dish is also great dip to enjoy with vegetable sticks, fruits, bread, and meats for alternative healthy snack ideas.

There are many ways to enjoy a hearty guacamole, it doesn’t always have to be with traditional Mexican food. It adds color and combines diced tomatoes and onions to give a crunchy texture. 

This article reveals some classic and new ways to eat guacamole other than serving chips all the time. If you are looking for unique ways to enjoy this condiment, here are some creative ways to serve guacamole.

What to dip in guacamole?

Mashed avocados create creamy and nutty flavor that makes a wonderful dipping sauce or spread. Guacamole is creamy, nutty and rich, lending itself to loads of flavor to anything immersed in it.

Some excellent pairings with guacamole include:

  • Vegetables: bell peppers, celery, jicama, asparagus, cucumber, carrots
  • Fruits: pears, apples, honeydew, pineapple
  • Chips: corn, flour, plantain, potato
  • Crackers: water biscuits, pretzels, saltines, pita crackers, pretzel sticks
  • Bread: French bread, pita, crostini, breadsticks
  • Meat & seafood: shrimp, bacon, deli meat, eggs

What to eat with guacamole besides chips?

Guacamole might be a favorite, but it’s not a dish to eat by the spoonful; it needs a side dish, main entree or something to dip with. All is not lost for those bored with serving guac with tortilla chips. 

There are several chip alternatives to pair with guacamole:

What flavor goes well with guacamole?

We all want to experience the tang, creaminess, delicate texture, and balance between savory and sweet in guacamole. To achieve this, add some lime to give tang and intensify its taste.

Mixing black pepper, garlic, or spices including chili powder, paprika, and cayenne pepper are excellent additions. Tabasco sauce, and sour cream or Greek yogurt will also transform the flavor in a positive manner.

Here are classic flavor combinations that goes well with guacamole:

  • guacamole + corn tortillas + lemon + olive oil + garlic powder
  • guacamole + toast + egg + bacon
  • guacamole + brioche bun + burger patty + cheddar cheese + red onion + lettuce + tomato
  • guacamole + chips + salsa
  • guacamole + baguette + butter + garlic
What to eat with guacamole

Eat with Guacamole: Conclusion

Guacamole is extremely versatile and pairs perfectly with a variety of dishes including sweet, savory, earthy, and umami flavors. 

Furthermore, this traditional Mexican side dish can also be served with fruits, vegetables, and meats. 

Other than these classic ingredients, a scoop of guacamole can be used to top toast, tacos, french fries, burgers, and salads. Not only adds flavor, but also beautiful green color and wholesome nutrition.

Besides tortilla chips and salsa, try with pita chips, crackers, pretzels, plantain chips, or rice cakes to give a nice face lift to this classic appetizer. Additionally, celery, jicama, carrot sticks are great alternative healthy option to dip in guacamole. 

Guacamole is a standard go-to for many people. Play around with the foods suggested in this guide and you might land a new favorite! 

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