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What to eat with garlic bread for breakfast?

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Is garlic bread your go-to bread for chicken dishes and soups? The buttery, garlicky, soft and crunchy, garlic bread has all the complements to add perfection to a dish. 

Not only for lunch and dinner, garlic bread also makes a great addition for breakfast. Slice of garlic bread offers savoriness to brunch or breakfast dishes that everyone is sure to love.

What to eat with garlic bread for breakfast? Garlic bread is an excellent serving to pair with egg dishes or omelets, as breakfast sandwich, or with mashed avocado toast to give extra flavor. With bacon, ham and cheese, garlic bread can easily transform into a savory breakfast in minutes. 

Additionally, you can accomplish savory French toast with this flavored bread. Simply coat with egg and drizzle with parsley and parmesan cheese. 

In reality, there’s nothing more pleasure-inducing than warm garlic bread used to fix a quick breakfast. Most people accompany garlic bread with pasta, but there’s more to it thanks to its versatility. 

From vegetables, salads, and meat, the list of classic pairings are endless. So, what should garlic bread be paired with during breakfast? Let’s find out more!

What breakfast goes with garlic bread?

Not only lunch and dinner, many people enjoy garlic bread for breakfast since it’s an easy fix. Again, these blank canvas pairs perfectly with almost everything. 

Some classic pairings with garlic bread for breakfast include:

  • Omelet: Insert omelet in garlic bread for a meal packed with protein and healthy fats. Simply scramble egg with bacon, ham, peppers, mushrooms, and plenty of cheese to create your favorite omelet and enjoy.
  • Scrambled egg: Scrambled eggs with cheese and herbs can be wonderful breakfast item for a quick solution. Drizzle mayonnaise or green chili on top to elevate the plain egg sandwich or on the side with garlicky toast.
  • Avocado toast: Instead of plain baguette or whole wheat bread, consider mashed avocado on garlic bread. It offers more depth of flavor due to the butter and garlic. 
  • Sandwich: From grilled cheese to BLT, garlic bread is an excellent source for making any type of sandwiches. The crispy edges with garlicky spread blends well with ingredients you love. 
  • French toast: French toast for breakfast does not necessarily have to only be sweet, instead use garlic bread to accomplish a savory French toast. Coat the toast with egg and drizzle over parmesan cheese or add tomatoes and garnish with chopped parsley.

What flavor goes well with garlic bread?

Bitter, umami, sweet, earthy, and tangy flavors are perfect with garlic bread. Add fresh chopped herbs such as rosemary and thyme to garlic spread for an earthy flavor with bitter undertones. 

Finish off with paprika for that extra heat. Adding some goat cheese gives a tangy flavor and creaminess to the bread, and don’t forget to a drizzle of honey for that extra sweetness.

Here are classic flavor combinations that go well with garlic bread when served for breakfast:

  • garlic bread + bacon + cheddar cheese + mushroom + basil
  • garlic bread + avocado + sunny side up eggs + lemon juice + pepper + salt
  • garlic bread + collard green + lemon + olive oil + egg + red pepper flakes
  • garlic bread + ham + cheese + eggs + heavy cream 
  • garlic bread + mint + egg + Greek yogurt + roasted red peppers + olive oil
Eat with garlic bread for breakfast

Garlic Bread and Breakfast: Conclusion

From appetizer to dinner, there are plenty of ways to eat garlic bread. It is quite versatile, therefore leaves a slim chance of getting it wrong with any accompaniments. 

Garlic bread is typically served with vegetables, meats, soups, stews, and salads for a classic pairing. However, by adding cheese, vegetables, bacon or ham, it makes a darling mouthwatering meal when garlic bread is next to an omelet or served with classic scrambled egg on top.

Furthermore, garlic bread can be served as breakfast sandwich, avocado toast, and savory French toast of your choice. Due to its versatility and subtle flavor, garlic bread offers earthy, herby, and salty flavors no matter how you serve it. 

Indeed, there is no limit to what can be done with garlic bread. So, next time, when you are craving a garlic bread meal upgrade, grab a hold of these breakfast ideas to lead the way. 

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