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What to eat with fish?

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Whether it is baked or fried, fish has delicate, sweet, and buttery taste, especially white fish such as tilapia, halibut, grouper, and cod. These light white fish are considered mild in flavor, which allows to blend well with a variety of sides using herbs and spices.

Coming up with a good side dishes for fish can be overwhelming. It’s pretty easy to overpower the delicate taste with the slightest mismatch. 

What to eat with fish? Fish goes well with rice, roasted vegetables, baked, mashed, or fried potatoes, variety of sauces, coleslaw, and salad. 

A healthy side dish option to serve with any type of fish is vegetables. Veggies can be roasted, sautéed, or steamed including potatoes, kale, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, and cucumber.

From salmon to tilapia, fish is an incredibly versatile lean protein. It adds unique flavors to different dishes, but when going for a side dish, complementary flavors are a priority instead of offering contrast. 

Lucky for you, here are some incredible side dishes to comfortably serve with fish for that mouthwatering culinary experience without overpowering. Answered below are frequently asked questions about what to eat with fish so that ou never run out of ideas. 

What is a good side dish for fish?

Rice side dishes are the ultimate accompaniment for fish. Thanks to its mild seasoning, it lends its flavor perfectly without necessarily overpowering the palette. 

However, depending on the type of fish, rice dishes can vary due to flavor and matching the type of rice.

  • Halibut: white, brown rice
  • Cod: seasoned white, brown rice with garlic, coconut, turmeric, lemon spinach, cilantro lime
  • Ahi: soy vinaigrette, lemon, miso sesame, ginger peanut, or mango lemon white and brown rice
  • Salmon: wild, brown, white, arborio, basmati

Other than rice dishes, fish tends to fill up the tummy just like any other protein. A side like potatoes, some fresh salad or veggies, the fresh flavors make a perfect complement. 

For those who love a bit of an edge, pair fish with salad, cheesy pasta, and sauce.

What vegetables are good with fish?

If looking for a healthy side dish for fish, go for veggies. They add beautiful bright color to the plate with tons of fiber and nutrients to complete the meal.

Some incredible vegetable pairings include:

  • Kale: Sweet fish like salmon pairs perfectly with the bitterness of big, leafy greens like kale.
  • Peas: Go for green peas. Frozen peas will do, but fresh peas are the best. Add olive oil, onions, and mint for extra flavor. Don’t forget to add in some lemon juice and zest for that extra zing.
  • Broccoli: A quartet of pure sumptuousness. Broccoli makes everything vibrant and inviting. Don’t cook it too long otherwise it turns to mush. A little steaming, and the meal is ready to serve.
  • Coleslaw: This salad is an American classic to serve with fried fish. Ready to serve in minutes and marries perfectly with the fish flavor.
  • Cauliflower: A laid-back side is all that fish needs to be complete. Roasted, steamed or riced, what better way to complement the fish flavor than pairing with cooked cauliflower.
  • Cucumber: Looking for a crunchy, light, and delicious pairing with fish? Pair fish with some cucumber, it works best with grilled or baked fish and serve some diced carrots for a great addition.

What goes well with white fish?

White fish is generally mild and slightly sweet, therefore it can be interchangeable in many recipes. White fish includes pollock, bass, cod, grouper, haddock, and halibut.

In addition, white fish is great for pan frying, searing, in soups, chowders, and baking.

Classic sides to pair with white include:

What flavor goes with fish?

There are tons of ways to flavor bland fish. Fresh herbs such as tarragon and thyme lend the fish some earthy flavor. 

Adding the fish into a soy sauce marinade or adding some olive oil infused with tons of spices will impart a savory twist. Season freshwater white fish with lemon, garlic, and lemon, and then bake in the oven, Italian dressing makes a great marinade for lake fish.

Red snapper or striped bass is good marinated in garlic and sesame paste before cooking. Fresh oranges, cumin, grapefruit juice, or coriander also enhance fish flavor. 

And, don’t forget a pinch of black pepper for that extra kick.  

Here are classic flavors that go with fish:

  • fish + ginger + lemongrass
  • fish + herbs + white wine
  • fish + onions + tomatoes
  • fish + lemon + butter + garlic + olive oil
  • fish + white wine + capers + olive oil + black pepper + olive oil
What to eat with fish

Eat with Fish: Conclusion

When serving fish, a flavorful side dish is a must. Whether baked, pan-seared, or grilled, the above dishes will pair perfectly without necessarily overpowering the fish. 

Serve side of rice pilaf, roasted vegetables, baked, mashed, or fried potatoes, creamy or lemony herb sauce, refreshing coleslaw, and fresh salad to make filling meal.

Grilling or roasting vegetables makes an easy side to pair with fish, consider sautéed or steam kale, peas, broccoli, and cauliflower. 

White fish such as Alaskan pollock, bass, cod, grouper, haddock, and halibut always goes well with steamed or grilled vegetables, seasonings including fresh rosemary, oregano, dill, parsley, chives, and fresh lemon zest.

Other than sides of vegetables, it’s good to pair rice pilaf with fish. It can be plain or seasoned depending on the fish recipe.

Choose sides to serve with no matter if you have halibut, cod, ahi, or salmon. Try some of these pairings next time you cook for an unbeatable culinary experience.

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