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What to eat with falafel?

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Crunchy on the outside and grainy inside, falafel has rich and savory flavor due to being mildly spiced with garlic, cumin, coriander, parsley, and mint. The fried ground chickpeas patties mixed with herbs are typically served in sandwiches or pita wraps.

Falafel are a versatile dish that cover casual, fancy, and appetizer dishes when paired with the right ingredients. Due to its intense flavor, falafels can be eaten fresh and hot on their own, but it tastes much better when served with the proper items.

What to eat with falafel? Falafel is typically served with tahini, tzatziki, or hummus to dip in and eliminate the dry grainy taste. A creamy yogurt based sauce with hint of lemon or garlic is the best option.

Even though falafel is vegetarian, it can be paired with grilled beef or even make falafel with lamb, chicken, and turkey to increase protein.

A side of fresh chopped salad is highly recommended to serve with falafel. Start with Greek salad and play around with different dressing option using lemon, garlic, cucumber, coconut yogurt, and citrus tahini.

This staple Middle Eastern dish is rolled chickpeas mixed with garlic, parsley, and other spices. It can be served in the middle of the table, but can become a street style dish or perfect picnic meal to make a boring meal plan much better. 

This article reveals what to eat with falafel in traditional and modern ways. Answered below are frequently asked questions about popular flavor combination with falafels and cheese, sauce, meat, salad, and many more.

Is falafel an appetizer?

Yes, falafel can be an appetizer. Other than sandwich filling or main dish, falafel makes a tasty appetizer for the right meal. 

When paired with a meal, homemade falafel is a one-bite appetizer for flavorful enjoyment. Served on salad or with hummus and tahini, the mashed chickpeas make a wonderful bit-size appetizer for everyone.

Serve with plain Greek yogurt, feta cheese, olives, and cherry tomatoes to create falafel platter with tzatziki. The ideal interplay of textures and flavors makes it a delicious appetizer.

What to eat with falafel?

Falafel is a playful pasta that soaks up just about any sauce added to it. Use to add protein in salads, Italian dinners, casseroles, and also an excellent addition to veggies and meats. 

Other dishes that pair well with falafel include roasted potatoes, grilled veggies, tabbouleh, pita, hummus, dolmas, and tzatziki.

What sauce to serve with falafel?

Tahini sauce and falafel is authentic with bright zingy flavors that go perfectly well together. Falafel with cucumber sauce is a refreshing accompaniment, and add some diced tomatoes to freshen the palate.

Creamy and nutty tahini sauce is not the only option, from tart, sweet, and spicy, there are various sauces to serve with falafel.

  • tzatziki
  • dill sauce
  • avocado dip
  • hot sauce
  • tomato
  • yogurt herb
  • garlic mayo aioli

What cheese goes with falafel?

Falafel often goes well with goat cheese and feta cheese. The textures are crumbly and very mild to no flavor, which complements falafel with a creamy richness.

Set a plate of chickpea patties and a bit of goat cheese. The hearty flavor and texture contained in the chickpeas complements well with the falafel spices, and add some yogurt sauce to make it extra fancy.

Prepare a bowl of chopped red onions, parsley leaves, olive oil, pepper, and salt into a bowl, then add feta cheese and mix everything together. Finish with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds for an extra burst of flavor just before serving.

Other cheese selections that go with falafel include:

What meat goes with falafel?

Grilled beef and falafel are a classic pair, especially if you want something filling and satisfying. Add some tahini yogurt and the mixture seems effortless. 

Whether serving side of grilled meat or mixing into falafel to make meat-lover falafel, here are meat options that taste good with the basic chickpea base.

  • ground beef
  • turkey
  • lamb
  • chicken
  • short ribs

What salad goes well with falafel?

Falafel can be served as a salad topping. Buttery greens with crunchy falafel and yummy dressing, it makes the salad a filling lunch or healthy snack option.

Start with basic Greek or Mediterranean salad with crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and red onion to interchange with fun dressing ideas. The result is refreshing and tasteful.

Dressings that can be drizzled over salad to serve with falafel:

  • tahini
  • tzatziki
  • charred lime 
  • cucumber feta
  • coconut yogurt
  • orange and lemon tahini
  • green harissa

What flavor goes well with falafel?

Falafel can be stuffed into a lot of flavors to make it tasty. Common flavors include fresh parsley, which gives the dish a floral taste, and garlic, onions and mayonnaise adds a dash of mild sweetness. 

Tahini sauce, shredded red cabbage, red pepper, olive oil, lemon juice, quinoa, and pepper all bring together a collection of complementary flavors that go well with falafel. The plate offers everything in terms of depth in savory, sharpness, and freshness.

Here are classic flavor combination that goes well with falafel:

  • falafel + rice pilaf + pine nuts + cucumber 
  • falafel + pita bread + tahini + chili paste + jalapeño
  • falafel + hummus + pickles + olives
  • falafel + tzatziki + cucumber + olive oil 
  • falafel + parsley + scallions + olive oil + bulgur wheat + lemon
What to eat with falafel

Eat with Falafel: Conclusion

The versatility falafel offers can be paired with just about anything. From sauces to fresh salads and vegetables, falafel can be transformed by just about anything. 

Traditionally, falafel goes well with tahini, tzatziki, and hummus as dipping sauce to make the dry and grainy flavor even more enjoyable. As a result, cream or yogurt based sauces are highly recommended.

A nice piece of grilled meat is good addition, however ground meat can be added as one of ingredients inside when making the falafel with chicken, lamb, or beef.

For a healthy alternative, serve falafel as a topping with salad. Be creative and use above salad dressing to give tang, sourness, and sweetness to parallel with earthy and nutty falafel taste.

Just think outside the box. Serve falafel with just about any combination that triggers your tastebuds with excitement.

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