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What to eat with dragon fruit?

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Exotic look with a blended flavor of kiwi and pear, dragon fruit is a tropical fruit that is mildly sweet with a soft texture. When first impression matters, look no further than this tropical fruit.

Bright exterior colors, white flesh and black seeds, dragon fruit provides the taste you are craving to spice up things.

What to eat with dragon fruit? The subtle sweet flavor of dragon fruit pairs wonderfully with other tropical ingredients, berries, and citrus fruits such as kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberries, and oranges.

With the right pairing, dragon fruits can be served in smoothies, salads, salsa, ice cream or sorbet, tacos, cake, and desserts.

The beautiful bright and bold fuchsia color contrasts with white and black seeds inside for a visual appeal. It also offers vitamins and nutrients that add positives to your diet. 

This article shares brilliant flavor combinations with dragon fruit, and what to eat with to achieve the best taste. Answered below are frequently asked questions about these delicious and exciting combinations.

Can you put sugar on dragon fruit?

Yes, you can put sugar on dragon fruit. In fact, dragon fruit is relatively low in sugar which makes it easy to pair with white or brown sugar, and other sweetener options.

Adding sugar will enhance the sweetness of the occasionally bland fruit, making it a delightful way to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Other than sugar, try maple syrup, honey, or agave to make dragon fruit sweeter. 

What does dragon fruit taste good with?

Dragon fruit goes well with varies food including fruits, smoothies, avocados, cilantro, yogurt, and many more.

Typically, the tropical fruit is served raw and fresh instead of cooked to retain its fragile flavor and texture.

To maintain or improve the taste of dragon fruit, try pairing with these ingredients to enjoy with dragon fruit:

What can you cook with dragon fruit?

One of the fascinating things about dragon fruit is that they are versatile. Some folks scoop it out on its own, but the general rule for dragon fruit is to prepare and eat raw instead of cooked.

If you are looking to use dragon fruit in a meal, try these recipe ideas:

  • salads
  • smoothies
  • ice cream or sorbet
  • crepes
  • custards
  • curry
  • desserts
  • salsas
  • tacos
  • cakes
  • panna cotta
  • tarts
  • pudding

What flavor goes well with dragon fruit?

While there is a lot of debate about what to serve with dragon fruit, it is something sort of a shrinking violet when it comes to flavors. 

They are lightly sweet and mild in flavor, which can pair well with many bolder flavors like pineapple, strawberries, kiwi, bananas, and oranges. 

The fruit also pairs well with other flavors such as chili powder, green pepper, olive oil, cottage cheese, nuts, apples, pears, and honey.

Here are classic flavor combination that goes well with dragon fruit:

  • dragon fruit + banana + milk + vanilla
  • dragon fruit + Greek yogurt + lemon + honey + apple + lettuce
  • dragon fruit + brown sugar + lime + basil
  • dragon fruit + cream cheese + white chocolate + graham crackers
  • dragon fruit + coconut + almond milk + mango + banana
What to eat with dragon fruit

Eat with Dragon Fruit: Conclusion

Dragon fruit and other tropical, citrus, and berries are perfect match to complement its sweet, tart, and semi sour flavors. Complementary fruits include kiwi, pineapple, banana, strawberries, and oranges are great option to go with.

With the right ingredients mix, dragon fruit can be prepared into salad, smoothies, ice cream, sorbet, crepes, custard, curry, salsa, tacos, and various desserts.

Dragon fruit has mild sweetness, therefore sweeteners like brown or white sugar can be added. Alternatively, maple syrup, honey, agave or palm sugar are great natural sweetener options to mix in your favorite dishes.

Many people stick to what they know when it comes to dragon fruit. Since there is a wide range of pairing and flavor combination, so trying different types is the best way to realize a new favorite.

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