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What to eat with dinner roll?

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Soft and fluffy with a golden brown outside edges, dinner roll have a delicate balance between buttery, sweetness and saltiness. Because of their mild and universal taste, theses small breads are a must-have at the dinner table. 

By itself, dinner rolls are not fulfilling for breakfast, lunch, and dinnertime meal. However, they are easy to make and complement well with many dishes. 

What to eat with a dinner roll? Dinner rolls are perfect addition to classic comfort food such as stews, soups, meatballs, pasta, and salad. Simply, spread with butter or jam to enjoy the delight of a warm baked dinner roll.

With leftover dinner rolls, you can add spices and cheese to transform into garlic bread or sweet monkey bread. Additionally, turn them into croutons to toss in a fresh green salad. 

The simple ingredients of dinner roll include yeast, water, sugar, butter, milk, flour, and salt, which creates the sweet and fluffy dough that melts in your mouth when properly proofed and baked. They are also pretty versatile and marry perfectly with most foods. 

In this article, we detail the flavors and main dishes to pair with dinner rolls. Answered below are frequently asked question about what to eat with dinner rolls for the perfect combination every time.

What pairs well with dinner roll?

Pillowy dinner rolls can be paired with pasta, meatballs, soup, or they can just be consumed with jam and butter together with a cup of coffee or tea. 

Most vegetarians prefer pairing dinner rolls with cabbage soup spiced appropriately with herbs. Dinner rolls are good with almost everything. 

Feel free to try the ingredient pairings listed below for more ideas that come to mind:

What main dishes to serve with dinner roll?

Soft homemade dinner rolls are an excellent addition to a meal on any occasion. They are full of flavor, easy to make, and are preferred over store-bought dinner rolls, although they do the trick as well. 

Desire to complement dinner rolls with the appropriate dishes? Here are some options to consider: 

  • meatballs with marinara sauce
  • stew
  • soup
  • salad
  • pasta 

What flavor goes with dinner roll?

Adding flavor variations to dinner rolls will lift them from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Fresh herbs paired with dinner rolls give them an earthy, savory flavor. Simply toss them into the dough when kneading or coat the top with butter to provide a burst of flavor in every bite. 

For a subtle and bitter flavor combo, try cheddar and black pepper, while poppy or sesame seeds add crunch and nutty flavor to dinner rolls. Garlic or ginger powder gives the dinner rolls a unique taste, and salt eliminates the typical taste of bland dinner rolls. 

Here are classic flavor combination to try with dinner roll:

  • dinner roll + garlic + parmesan cheese
  • dinner roll + brown sugar + cinnamon + egg
  • dinner roll + honey + butter
  • dinner roll + tomato sauce + mozzarella cheese + garlic
  • dinner roll + maple syrup + heavy cream + sea salt
Eat with dinner rolls

Eat With Dinner Rolls: Conclusion

Dinner rolls that are fluffy and perfectly baked are best served with a salad or main entrée. It can be difficult stopping at only one dinner roll. 

Fresh baked dinner rolls are irresistible and make a perfect addition to the dinner table. They can be eaten with meatballs in marinara sauce, creamy stew, hearty soup, or fresh green salad. 

Additionally, they can be served before dinner with unsalted butter or jam to get the tastebud excited. Try adding herbs and spices to the dough or garnish on top before baking, this will give flavor to the plain roll and can also be used to complement the main entree.

Make the dinner rolls enjoyable and memorable by choosing the right food pairing ingredients and main dishes to serve with. The fluffy sweetness of these rolls will blend well together no matter what you serve along side.

From fruits to vegetables, nuts, and meat, follow these guidelines to enjoy your meal at any time from breakfast to dinner. These food pairings help you understand what to serve with a dinner roll so that you have the right combinations every time.

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