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What to eat with Dijon mustard?

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Tangy, sharp, strong flavor with a note of spice, Dijon mustard has a unique and savory taste due to the addition of vinegar. Made from white wine vinegar, ground black pepper, shallots, and dried mustard seeds, it is an excellent condiment for meat and sandwiches

It has a very intense and forceful taste, similar to wasabi or horseradish. As a result of the robust profile, a person must be careful when pairing it with other flavors. 

What to eat with Dijon mustard? Dijon mustard goes well with egg or potato dishes such as deviled eggs, egg salad, mashed potato, and potato salad. 

In addition, it blends wonderfully with coleslaw dressing, top with hot dog, and dipping sauce with mayonnaise or honey. Dijon mustard goes well with the preparation of sandwiches because it is a perfect match with eggs, potatoes, or grilled cheese. 

In addition, it goes perfectly with flavors such as garlic, butter, caraway seed, sugar, or salt to enhance soup, salad dressing, marinating meat, and mac and cheese. 

This article expands creativity levels for perfect combinations to serve with Dijon mustard. Answered below are frequently asked questions about sandwich and other food accompaniments to eat with Dijon.

What food is good with Dijon mustard?

With Dijon mustard, you can never be disappointed in preparing a favorite meal because you know exactly what to expect from the condiment. 

It is an important ingredient to have in the pantry, and excellent with an egg and potato combination. Furthermore, it provides the perfect finishing touch for many cheese dishes. 

Some foods that go excellently with Dijon mustard include:

Can you put Dijon mustard on a sandwich?

Yes, you can put Dijon mustard on a sandwich. In fact, this type of mustard is a vital condiment in just about any sandwich combination. 

Furthermore, it is an excellent match with deviled eggs, egg salad, mashed potato, or potato salad when incorporated in a sandwich. It even provides a finishing note for the most straightforward match of a grilled cheese sandwich. 

The best sandwiches that can be prepared with Dijon mustard include:

  • egg salad
  • chicken salad
  • classic Monte Cristo
  • cuban
  • hot grinder
  • ham and cheese
  • grilled cheese
  • turkey
  • roast beef

What flavor goes with Dijon mustard?

Due to its distinct flavor profile, always be careful when pairing it with other flavors to avoid ending up with something inedible. Dijon mustard pairs wonderfully with black pepper, garlic powder, chives, lemon zest, thyme, and salt.

In depth, these excellent flavors to pair with Dijon mustard include: 

  • Black pepper: The woody and sharp taste enhances the spicy mustard yielding an even tastier culinary experience. 
  • Garlic powder: This powder has a salty and spicy taste that compliments the distinct flavor of Dijon. Be sure to use it in moderation as it can easily overpower the taste of the mustard. 
  • Chives: The subtle notes of the onion heat in chives accentuates Dijon mustard heat to bring out the ultimate flavor burst. 
  • Lemon zest: The citrusy notes in lemon zest infuses an incredible flavor into any food, and adding Dijon mustard lightens the overall taste.
  • Thyme: The minty notes and earthiness helps tone down Dijon spiciness. 
  • Salt: To bring out the acidity and saltiness of Dijon mustard, be sure to season with regular table salt or sea salt. 

Dijon mustard flavor goes well with these classic spices and ingredients:

  • dijon mustard + white wine + chicken breast + heavy cream + pasta
  • dijon mustard + balsamic vinegar + honey + olive oil
  • dijon mustard + white wine vinegar + pepper flakes + asparagus
  • dijon mustard + sweet potato + buttermilk + avocado
  • dijon mustard + caramelized onion + tomato + cream cheese + egg + dill
What to eat with dijon mustard?

Eat with Dijon Mustard: Conclusion 

Dijon mustard will always remain a bold and perfect flavor choice for any sandwich, egg or potato dishes. It also goes well when incorporated into salad dressing and served on top of hot dogs

Flavors that go excellently when combined with this type of mustard include garlic, thyme, lemon, lime, salt, garlic, and black pepper

When dijon mustard is added in sandwich, it gives a tangy and sweet flavor to the dish. The best sandwiches to spread with dijon are cuban, chicken, Monte Carlo, ham and cheese, grilled cheese, turkey, and roast beef.

Use these ingredients and flavor combination to smear Dijon mustard on your dish. Your creativity in the combination is what makes the meal delicious and memorable.

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