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What to eat with croissants?

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Just like puff pastry, the rich buttery flavor with layered flaky and airy texture, croissant are fun to eat. Generally speaking, croissants are considered a sweet baked good that is often paired with tea or coffee for breakfast.

However, when served as sandwich, it becomes a more filling meal. Whether savory or sweet, filled or plain, croissants are always delicious when paired with the right ingredients.

What to eat with croissant? Croissants pair wonderfully with fresh fruits, warm butter, jam, yogurt, egg dishes, cheese, and cured meat. Spreading with salted butter can complement the rich flavor even deeper.

Plain croissants have a lot more versatility when it comes to make a sweet or savory sandwich. For croissants with fillings or spreads, simply serve with a cup of coffee or cappuccino to dip in.

Croissants are only accepted as breakfast food since they are fairly versatile and allow various sides to pair with. From fillings to vegetables and flavorings, almost everything tastes good with croissants. 

If you are looking for fun ways to enjoy croissants at anytime from breakfast to dessert, this article tells you how to take this buttery, flaky French pastry to a whole new level. 

What goes well with croissant?

Croissants pair best with fruit, vegetables, cheese and more. Whether the croissant is plain or has filling, it can be made into delicious sandwich or breakfast serving for sweet and savory dishes of your choice.

These classic ingredients go well with croissants to maximize their flavor:

  • Vegetables: spinach, kale, cabbage, zucchini, mushroom, lettuce, tomato, zucchini, onion
  • Fruits: strawberry, banana, raspberry, blueberry, pineapple, apples, peaches, figs
  • Cured meat: bacon, ham
  • Meat: eggs, roast beef, ground beef
  • Spices: cinnamon, taco seasoning
  • Herb: sage, rosemary, oregano, basil, dill
  • Cheese: feta, cheddar, blue, brie, cream cheese, swiss, mozzarella, parmesan
  • Chocolate: dark, milk
  • Condiments: jam, Nutella, ice cream, nut butter, mustard, honey, maple syrup, butter, caramel 

What to serve with croissants for breakfast?

When it comes to breakfast, thanks to their versatility and subtle flavor, croissants pair perfectly with most dishes. To start the morning with a fresh baked croissant, use these ideas to learn what to pair with it.

Here are some perfect food pairings to try with croissants for breakfast:

  • Mixed fruit: Pair croissants with sweet or acidic fruits to enhance their flavor and cut through the buttery fattiness. Any fruit will do, but bananas, peaches, and strawberries are the best.
  • Cheese: Almost any cheese goes perfect with croissants. Soft cheese such as brie and cheddar cheese are an excellent place to start. Be sure to drizzle some honey on it to create a delicious savory and sweet croissant.
  • Cured meat: If there’s something that makes things taste better in this world, it’s bacon and ham. When creating a breakfast sandwich on a croissant, place crispy bacon strips or ham slices inside with a sunny side up egg.
  • Eggs: A croissant egg sandwich is must have for breakfast, but not all egg styles go well with this pastry. Simply stuff the croissant with scrambled or fried eggs, cheese and herbs to make the magic happen.
  • Nut butter: peanut or almond butter pairs wonderfully with buttery croissants. Finish off by adding sliced banana, drizzle with honey, and sprinkle toasted almonds. 

What flavor goes well with croissant?

Sweet, earthy, bitter, and savory flavors are perfect with croissants. Smear high-quality, salted butter on the croissants to give a sweet and salty taste sensation. 

A large cup of coffee is another thing that croissants can’t do without. Whereas butter adds some luxurious creaminess to croissants, coffee, on the other hand, adds an earthy kick. 

The complimentary bitter contrast will intensify the sweetness of the croissants giving you a mouthwatering culinary experience.

To achieve these different flavor combinations, here are classic ways to serve croissants:

  • croissant + ham + cheddar cheese + egg + butter
  • croissant + brie + bacon + honey
  • croissant + chicken salad + parmesan cheese + dill
  • croissant + maple syrup + whipped cream + butter + cinnamon
  • croissant + apple + pecan + caramel
  • croissant + chocolate + ice cream + vanilla bean
What to eat with croissants

Eat with Croissant: Conclusion 

Croissants taste good on their own, but even better when paired with the right side dishes that enhance the flavor without overpowering it. The flakey and crispy outside with a doughy, soft inside is all you need to fill empty stomaches at any time of day from breakfast to quick midday snack.

Plain classic croissants taste good with fresh fruit assortments, warm unsalted or salted butter spread, jam, yogurt, eggs, cheese, ham, and bacon.

The croissant filling is generally sweet flavored, but it may include chocolate, almond paste, Nutella, pastry cream, applesauce, feta and spinach. These sweet and savory fillings complement well with a cup of black coffee or cappuccino. 

This type of puff pastry are typically served for breakfast, and make a great breakfast sandwich with cheese, cured meat, and eggs. To fulfill your sweet tooth for brunch, consider adding fresh fruit or marmalade with nut butter and honey. 

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