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What to eat with cornbread for breakfast?

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Sweet flavor with crumbly texture, cornbread is a classic Southern side dish that can be sweet or savory depend on the recipes. Moist inside with slight crunch along the edges, this sweet bread is easy to make and goes well with a variety of dishes. 

Although cornbread is reserved as a side dish at barbecues and cookouts, it shines brightly at breakfast as well. This bundle of sweet and savory flavors is a blank canvas that can be served with almost anything. 

What to eat with cornbread for breakfast? When it comes to breakfast time, cornbread can be served as a savory casserole with eggs, bacon, sausage, and cheese, or it can transform into a sweet French toast to serve with maple syrup with sliced strawberries. 

Additionally, this plain sweet bread pairs wonderfully with a glass of milk, butter, honey, jam, and apples to give a punch of extra buttery and sweetness to every bite.

From soups and vegetables to meat and cheese, the list of delightful pairings are endless. If you are expanding your culinary experience regarding cornbread for breakfast, then this article is for you!

Are eggs necessary for cornbread?

Yes, eggs are necessary for cornbread. In fact, they are an integral part of making and also serving cornbread for breakfast. 

They are rich in lecithin, which binds the miscible and immiscible components in cornbread, water, and oil to create a homogenized and uniform sweet bread. 

The protein present in the egg yolk traps air when whipped, and this helps the batter rise when baking. Besides that, eggs add color and flavor to cornbread.

What dishes pair well with cornbread?

Cornbread is widely served from appetizer to dinner all year round. The natural sweet and crumbly bread complements well with sweet and savory flavors. 

In general, cornbread is paired with BBQ and chili, which are savory, spicy, and salty dishes. 

Other than classic BBQ and chili, here are dishes that pair well with cornbread include:

  • Honey butter: Blended with honey and butter, this is great spread to serve with plain cornbread. Always use unsalted butter and ensure the butter is soften and not melted in order to achieve smooth texture. 
  • Soups: Cornbread pairs wonderfully with soups including tomato, taco, onion, chili bean soup, and cheddar soup. Whether it is creamy or consists of hearty vegetables, cornbread helps to soak up the flavor. 
  • Stew: From beef to lentils, stews also taste good with cornbread. Stews have both broth and vegetable or meat ingredients that make it fun to eat with cornbread. 
  • Fried chicken: Southern cuisine embodies fried chicken and cornbread. Whether serving chicken wings or thighs, cornbread offers buttery sweetness to pair alongside. 
  • Baked beans: There are many flavor when it comes to baked beans. From sweet maple syrup to savory barbecue sauced beans, the choices are endless. Serve on the side or bake as a casserole.
  • Pork: When two dishes that blend perfectly with everything are combined, they form a culinary delight. Try crispy bacon or succulent ham and cornbread pairing for a mouthwatering experience.

What goes well with cornbread for breakfast?

Generally served as lunch or dinner, cornbread is a delicious baked good for any breakfast meal. In fact, it goes well with vegetables, soups, stews, spreads, meat, eggs, and cheese. 

Some classy pairings with cornbread for breakfast include:

  • Fruits: dried cranberries, apricots, apple, cherries, prunes, blueberries, raspberries, lemon
  • Vegetables: red pepper, okra, corn, broccoli, cauliflower, avocado, onions, celery
  • Nuts: pecans, walnuts, pine nuts
  • Cheese: cheddar, parmesan, swiss
  • Condiments: maple syrup, buttermilk, butter, honey, olive oil
  • Meat: breakfast sausages, ham, bacon
  • Dairy: milk, sour cream, buttermilk

What flavor goes well with cornbread for breakfast?

Sweet, bitter, and savory flavors pair perfectly with cornbread. The spicy and acidic taste of chili marries well with the sweet flavor of cornbread. 

To add extra sweetness to cornbread, serve with jam, syrup, honey or butter. However, you can opt for less sweet varieties such as apricot, raspberry, or fig jam.

  • cornbread + scrambled eggs + pork sausage + bell pepper
  • cornbread + eggs + milk + cinnamon + brown sugar + maple syrup + berries
  • cornbread + cheddar cheese + onion + spinach + olive oil + egg
  • cornbread + tomatoes + avocado + egg + chilli
  • cornbread + blueberry + lemon juice + butter + honey
Eat with cornbread for breakfast

Cornbread and Breakfast: Conclusion

There’re multiple breakfast dishes to pair with cornbread. These dishes are not only delicious, but ideal ways to change up your daily routine and start the day fueled and refreshed. 

No matter what time of the day, butter and honey is an excellent spread to blend the sweet and salty combination of breakfast. Other than honey butter, spread the cornbread with jams or dip in milk to enjoy a quick breakfast.

To make cornbread part of breakfast, consider serving with egg dishes such as scrambled, fried or even omelets. Eggs are loaded with nutrients and provide wholesome goodness.

From cheese to fruits, cornbread pairs well with variety of ingredients to make a complete breakfast. Serve with soups, stews, fried chicken, baked beans, and pork dish for any time of day.

Add dried fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese, ham or bacon to cornbread or as side to start the day will delicious breakfast casserole. Use these flavor combination and ideas for breakfast elements to spark your culinary interests.

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Monday 2nd of January 2023

I like to mix jam in plain yogurt and sort of use it as a spread on cornbread (if it's stiff enough). If it's too crumbly just sprinkle some on top of the fruity yogurt as you eat it.

Joshua Bruck

Monday 2nd of January 2023

Great idea! Sounds tasty!