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What to eat with cinnamon french toast?

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Crispy on the outside and creamy custardy flavor inside with a hint of spice, cinnamon french toast taste like a burst of fall season in your mouth. 

French toast is the best option for a grand weekend breakfast and brunch. It is effortless to make, quick to prepare and easy to pair with nutritious and filling sides.

What to eat with cinnamon french toast? Cinnamon french toast can be paired with many sides such as fruits, bacon, scrambled eggs and hash browns to make the perfect well rounded breakfast. 

It is also easy to garnish with fresh berries, powdered sugar, maple syrup, heavy cream or grated cheese. Like any other french toast, adding syrup or honey makes it even more delicious and flavorful. 

From french toast sticks to baked bread versions, cinnamon, brioche bread, egg, and milk makes a wonderful combination to fulfill your sweet tooth. This article looks at the flavors, meat, and side dishes to serve with cinnamon french toast to complete the meal.

What goes well with cinnamon french toast?

Syrup is the most popular topping for french toast, cinnamon french toast not being an exception. The syrup can be classic maple syrup, chocolate sauce, or even berry compote to add a fun twist to the dish.

Whether you are looking for topping ideas or sides, here are ingredients that ultimately go well with cinnamon french toast.

  • Fruits: apples, apricots, banana, blueberries, cherries
  • Nuts: pecans, walnuts, almonds
  • Spices: nutmeg, cardamom, cloves, coriander, cumin
  • Condiments: powdered sugar, brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, vanilla, Nutella, caramel, jam
  • Cheese: swiss, American, havarti, cream cheese, parmesan, mozzarella
  • Beverage: fruit juice, tea, milk, coffee

What meat goes well with cinnamon french toast?

Generally, cured breakfast meats are the best option to pair with cinnamon french toast. As a matter of fact, it is a perfect choice for breakfast to achieve sweet and salty flavors in every bite. 

What sides go well with cinnamon french toast?

Besides bacon and sausage on the side, there are other protein rich sides and toppings to serve. If you are looking to make a full meal, consider these sides that go well with cinnamon french toast.

  • Fresh fruits: Slices of fresh apple, banana, or peaches are the perfect side for cinnamon french toast. From blueberries to raspberries, a fresh berry mix is a great alternative to served with whipped cream or syrup on top of your cinnamon french toast. This combination is mouthwatering and beyond delicious!
  • Scrambled eggs: Eggs are perfect for breakfast, making them a great side to increase protein for your cinnamon french toast. Scrambled eggs can be made fluffy by whisking in milk. Adding cheese gives a rich and savory taste to the eggs, making them perfect for the cinnamon french toast.
  • Hash browns: Crispy and salty chopped and layered potatoes, serving hash browns with a dash of sour cream and chives make a great pairing for cinnamon french toast with a side of eggs. 
  • Parfait yogurt: This is easy to fix and very delicious. Adding some spoonfuls of the yogurt to your toast twists it, making it extra delicious.

What flavor goes well with cinnamon french toast?

Two flavors are perfect with cinnamon french toast, both sweet and savory. Similar to any flavored french toast, cinnamon is a versatile spice that allows various taste and ingredients to go along smoothly.

  • Sweet: The sweet taste can be sourced from fresh fruits such as berries, melons, and oranges. Fruits are the best side dishes for cinnamon french toast, and honey or maple syrup are great condiments with natural sweetness.
  • Savory: Adding cheese to french toast brings along the savory taste. This gives a perfect twist to the dish, making it more exciting and delicious to devour. A savory taste can also be sourced from adding garlic and thyme to really make the dish pop.

With these ultimate flavorings, here are classic flavor combination that go well with cinnamon french toast:

  • cinnamon french toast + brown sugar + nutmeg + butter
  • cinnamon french toast + apple + maple syrup + heavy cream
  • cinnamon french toast + cream cheese + powdered sugar
  • cinnamon french toast + banana + nuts + honey
  • cinnamon french toast + bacon + scrambled egg + hash browns
What to eat with cinnamon french toast

Eat with Cinnamon French Toast: Conclusion

Cinnamon french toast is a flavorful breakfast option made with white bread, french bread, brioche or sourdough for that perfect sweet french toast taste. 

As a result, it is a perfect filling meal that can be served with sweet and savory sides for breakfast and brunch.

Pair with fruit salad or topping, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, or hash browns to make satisfying saltiness. Top with berries, powdered sugar, or drizzle with maple syrup or honey, and a scoop of heavy cream or whipped cream. 

Adding a side of protein is always a great idea. It offers slight saltiness and necessary protein, so include bacon, ham, sausage links, smoked salmon, eggs, and beef hash.

Whether you are having cinnamon french toast with sweet or savory flavors, use these classic combinations and ingredient suggestions to enjoy next time you prepare this breakfast specialty.

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