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What to eat with chocolate chip pancakes?

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Fluffy and crunchy on the outside, yet melted chunks of chocolate chips all throughout the stacks of buttery layers, chocolate chip pancakes are the most fun way to enjoy breakfast. Be sure to add some maple syrup and warm butter to these bundles of joy for the perfect finishing touch. 

Once you taste chocolate chip pancakes, there’s no going back. The chocolate chips add a new depth of flavor and look to the pancakes, but it’s important to add the right toppings and sides to make a complete meal.

What to eat with chocolate chip pancakes? Chocolate chip pancakes are generally served with whipped cream, maple syrup, butter, slices of banana, and cup of warm milk or coffee. To add crunchy and nutty taste to the pancake, consider topping with toasted nuts, crunchy peanut butter, or dried fruits.

Furthermore, pair with scrambled eggs or fried eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, ham, and hash browns to make a nutritious balanced meal to enjoy for breakfast or brunch. 

Pancakes are a tasty quick bread that is a popular breakfast item to pair with a variety of ingredients. They can transform into sweet or savory flavor profiles based your preference. 

Whether you serve chocolate chips as a topping or mix-in with pancake batter to have gooey melted chocolate, in the article we are going to answer what chocolate chip pancakes should be served with. Read through to find out!

What goes well with chocolate chip pancakes?

From breakfast to dinner and also dessert, chocolate chip pancakes can be served all day long. The combination of buttery pancakes and chocolate chips makes a fantastic dish that does not require much effort. 

However, adding toppings and side dishes enhances the sweet flavor, texture and wholesomeness of the entire meal. 

Toppings paired with chocolate chip pancakes include fresh berries that add a refreshing flavor, banana slices, strawberry and blueberry syrup, nuts, and whipped cream. All these toppings make your breakfast complete and memorable.

Do you put syrup on chocolate chip pancakes?

Yes, syrup goes well with chocolate chip pancakes and gives a slight natural sweetness to the dish. 

Pancakes just don’t seem complete without some maple or pancake syrup poured over the top. Syrups range from semi to incredibly sweet with a hint of brown sugar or caramel flavor. 

Maple syrup is thick with a sticky texture, and is the most natural option for pancakes.

However, when drizzling pancake syrup over chocolate chip pancakes, ensure not to overly using them based on the amount or type of chocolate you are using in the recipe. As a result, the pancakes won’t be overly soggy nor too sweet.

What flavor goes well with chocolate chip pancakes?

Chocolate chip pancakes are already sweet, therefore adding hint of sweetness such as maple syrup, banana, and powdered sugar can be a great addition to the stack. 

Here are classic flavor combination to try with chocolate chip pancakes other than syrup and butter: 

  • chocolate chip pancakes + almonds + cinnamon + brown sugar
  • chocolate chip pancakes + banana + caramel sauce + cream + vanilla
  • chocolate chip pancakes + butterscotch + caramel sauce + coffee
  • chocolate chip pancakes + cherries + mint
  • chocolate chip pancakes + hazelnuts + orange
What to eat with chocolate chip pancakes

Eat with Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Conclusion 

Looking for a new way to enjoy chocolate chip pancakes using flavorful condiments? It is never late to make your family and friends a delightful stack of chocolate chip pancakes with all the right fixings. 

Classic ways to serve chocolate chip pancakes are topping with whipped cream, maple syrup, butter, banana slices, and cup of milk of coffee. Toppings such as nuts, nut butter, berries, and dried fruits make a fundamental difference in the outer appearance and overall taste. 

Add side of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns to make a sweet and salty combo that is irresistible as well as nutritional balance.

Even though chocolate chip pancakes are already sweet, it is fairly common to top with syrup when serving. The toasted, nutty and caramel flavor blends well with cacao taste.

From spices to cheese, nuts, and various condiments, there are endless options that taste good with chocolate chip pancakes. Try chef’s favorite flavor combinations to take your favorite pancake recipe to the next level.

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