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What to eat with chives?

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Similar to an extremely mild onion taste with scallion or leek texture, chives are beautiful ways to add flavor, color and garnish at the end of cooking.

Chives are very tender and delicate, therefore best eaten raw or cooked briefly on low heat. Chives can be eaten raw as they do not require any special preparation, therefore it pairs wonderfully with many recipes and ingredients.

What to eat with chives? Generally, chives are served in soups, dips, mashed or baked potatoes, omelets, dish or seafood dishes. Always thinly sliced, bias cut or chopped to maximize the taste.

Not only cooked food, but also raw fresh dishes such as salad pairs well with chives. Also, drizzle over butter spread or cottage cheese to offer color as well as fragrance that is hard to resist.

Chives are similar to leeks, but has its own unique subtle taste and delicate texture. Instead of eating them solo, they are typically added to dishes to bring additional flavor. 

If you need help to add fresh chives to your favorite dish, this article paints a clear picture. Answered below are frequently asked question about what to eat with chives for a delicious and suitable complement to a dish. 

What goes well with chives?

Chives have distinctive flavor and texture that can be matched with a variety of  ingredients including fruits, vegetables, cheese, nuts, meat, and many more.

Not only does the herb add flavor, but also provides vibrant color to the plate. Even though the flavor of onion is present, it does not interfere with the actual taste of a dish when incorporated properly. 

What herb goes well with chives?

Herbs pair excellently with chives with their flavor, scent, and therapeutic properties. An additional flavor to the food can make a difference in the final presentation of the dish. 

What spices go well with chives?

Chives are essential flavoring for fine herbs, and spice blends are often used in classic cooking. Depending on the person’s region, chives can be related to leek, onion, shallow or garlic, and used as a vegetable or spice to have a unique flavor and taste.

What flavor goes with chives?

Chives are a good combination with cottage cheese, chipotle powder, mayonnaise, spicy mustard, herb butter, sour cream toppings, or sauces. 

Bright green chives are a favorite herb of most people because they add light and mild onion-garlic flavor to items like meat, seafood, vegetables, soups, and eggs

Here are classic flavor combination to pair with chives:

  • chives + garlic + eggs
  • chives + sour cream + potatoes + mayonnaise + black pepper
  • chives + shrimp + red pepper + butter + olive oil 
  • chives + pumpkin seeds + lemon juice + olive oil 
  • chives + poppy seeds + dijon mustard + apple cider vinegar

What food goes well with chives?

Since chives have a very mild aroma and taste, it is crucial to note that heat can interfere with the delicate flavor of chives. As a result, ensure that chives are added to the prepared dish at the last minute and not cooked with intense heat. 

Before using thinly slice, snip or chop the chives with sharp kitchen shears to avoid bruising the cell walls that can cause the delicate herb to bruise and become oxidized. 

  • dips
  • mashed or baked potatoes
  • soups
  • fish or seafood dishes
  • omelets
Eat with chives

Eat With Chives: Conclusion

Chives are a favorite herb for most people because of the flavor of the food, making it memorable from breakfast to dipping sauce and dinner. Chefs love chives because they add a beautiful garnish to a dish without profoundly disturbing the taste.

The subtle onion-garlicky taste complements well with certain foods such as eggs, vegetables, soups, fish, chicken, seafood, dips, and can also be used for garnishing salads. 

Always maximize the unique taste of chives by thinly chopping them before use. The fine herb bruises quite easily, therefore it is important to handle delicately and use sharp tools for cutting and slicing.

Additionally, never cook chives and use raw as much as possible, use  at low heat or to garish a hot item only if necessary. Simply serve at the end to garnish and decorate with. 

In general, creamy dips, mashed or baked potatoes with sour cream, and omelets are widely served with fresh chopped chives. 

Even though it has unique flavor, it blends well with other herbs and spices to elevate a dish to the next level. 

It is a delicate fine herb and does not need like to be subjected to intense heat, but instead included in food at the last minute. Consider making chives the finishing herb for the perfect taste in dishes you prepare.

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