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What to eat with chicken wings?

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Whether it is game night or appetizer for party, sweet and spicy coated chicken wings are without a doubt, the first on the list of finger foods. Don’t be surprised to find them served as an entire meal. 

Why are chicken wings so irresistible? Well, it could be their crispy skin, succulent sauce, juiciness of the meat or even the rich and creamy dip served on the side.

What to eat with chicken wings? More fatty, tender, and saucy, chicken wings taste great with ranch, sweet potatoes, onion rings, cornbread, mac and cheese, macaroni salad, potato salad, coleslaw, garden salad, and corn on the cob.

If you are preparing a game night snack, consider adding celery or carrot sticks to dip with ranch dressing, and soft pretzels with honey mustard sauce on the side. 

To make it bit fancy, adding classic bruschetta will give chicken wings a fresh and acidic bite to cut through the fattiness. 

Chicken wings pair perfectly with almost everything. Whatever favorite sauce or vegetables you have in mind, there must be a few that pair perfectly with chicken wings. 

If you are looking for great sides or meals to serve with chicken wings, then this article has your covered. Answered below are frequently asked questions about the best dishes that pair perfectly with chicken wings.

What goes best with chicken wings?

Chicken wings blend perfectly with almost everything. Some of the ingredients that anchor well with chicken wings include:

  • Vegetables: celery, carrots, potatoes, green beans, zucchini, broccoli, sweet potatoes
  • Cheese: parmesan, cheddar, cottage, blue cheese
  • Nuts: almond, macadamia nuts, walnut, cashew
  • Condiments: sriracha, hot sauce, mustard, mayonnaise, teriyaki, ranch
  • Beer: hoppy lager, American amber ale, American pale ale, India pale ale, double IPA
  • Wine: Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel

What is a good side dish for chicken wings?

Chicken wings pair magnificently with potato chips, spaghetti, corn, sweet, spicy or creamy dipping sauce, fresh salad, fried pickles, french fries and avocado. Nothing beats the taste of chicken wings smothered with a favorite sauce and some french fries on the side, it screams finger food paradise.

Here are the most classic side dishes to pair with chicken wings:

  • Sweet potatoes: Surprisingly, sweet potatoes fit perfectly with chicken wings, which is great because they are a pretty simple dish to prepare. While fried or baked sweet potatoes blend perfectly with chicken wings, the meal can be taken a notch higher by stuffing them. Sweet potatoes can be loaded with cheese and even some broccoli. The combination of salty, creamy and sweet is something to die for.
  • Fries: We all know french fries go well with chicken wings. However, this classic dish can take it to a whole new level with some cheese, sour cream, jalapeños, ground beef or any other nacho or poutine style toppings. All these products can be added to the meal for improved taste and spice that makes the dish incredibly delicious.
  • Coleslaw: There’s no better way to balance out chicken wings than pairing with sweet and sour creamy chopped vegetables. Coleslaw is another fantastic side dish that forms a perfect duo with chicken wings. Try some mayo base or sesame ginger dressing to add a twist to the dish. Mayo can be too creamy for the tastebuds, so try a vinaigrette instead to add a tangy flavor to the dish.

Best sauce to pair with chicken wings

Dipping sauces are a must-have when it comes to serving chicken wings. Whether or not the wings are coated with sweet or spicy sauce, simply dipping with creamy or spicy sauce can take the taste to the next level. 

Some dipping sauces that form a perfect duo with chicken wings include:

  • garlic parmesan sauce
  • buffalo sauce
  • BBQ sauce
  • ranch
  • honey mustard
  • teriyaki
  • jalapeño cheddar
  • curry
  • miso 
  • gochujang

Vegetables to serve with chicken wings

Whether vegetables are grilled, fried, baked or sautéed, they can add fiber and nutrients to chicken wings. Also, the flavor can balance well with the fatty wings to help you digest the meal even easier.

The winning chicken wings-veggie combos are:

  • broccoli
  • asparagus
  • spinach
  • jicama
  • sweet potatoes
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • avocado
  • cauliflower
  • zucchini
  • onion

Not only are vegetables a healthy combo, but they also add some flavor and color to the fried wings. Don’t go for vegetables that will overpower the chicken flavor. 

The best part is that these veggies can be served either hot or cold.

Chicken wings sides

Eat With Chicken Wings: Conclusion

We are all bound to make some baked or fried chicken wings once in a while, whether in summer or on the weekend. To step up the dish, it’s vital to add veggies and sauces to make the dish tastier, colorful and above all, inviting. 

Everyone loves to bring out their A-game when having visitors around, and adding sauces and vegetables to your chicken wings does precisely that.

The condiments that pairs well with chicken wings are dipping sauce such as ranch, sriracha, hot sauce, and buffalo sauce. Additionally, including onion rings, sweet potatoes or french fries incorporates more finger food fun into the mix. 

For healthy alternative options, coleslaw or garden salad with roasted vegetables like corn, zucchini, cauliflower mash can be huge nutritional factor to consider. 

Chicken wings pair beautifully with ingredients like vegetables, cheese, nuts, condiments as well as beer and wine. The classic food pairing for chicken wings are sweet potatoes, fries, and coleslaw. 

So, next time you are making chicken wings, consider these flavor combination to prepare delicious sides to enjoy at the same time.

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