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What to eat with chicken thighs?

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Its true that chicken breast are more tender and moist without too much fat or oily taste. However, chicken thighs have a stronger flavor that enriches a meal and side dishes.

Flavorful, cheap and versatile chicken thighs are the unsung hero of many busy kitchens. From creamy potatoes to roasted vegetables and salads, almost anything can be eaten with chicken thighs. 

What to eat with chicken thighs? Chicken thighs are best when served with roasted vegetables, potato salad, mashed potatoes, grilled corn, and salad.

This type of meat lends itself well to being marinated with sweet, spicy, salty, savory sauces including fresh herbs, yogurt, lemon, honey, and soy sauce. Add a coating to the outside or debone and stuff to create an even juicier and tastier experience. 

Chicken thighs are a dark cut meat that has a richer and more succulent flavor. In fact, many people prefer chicken thighs to nuggets and wings, depending on their health goals and dining situation. 

In addition, the texture is very smooth from the additional fat compared to the less used breast muscle. 

Whether you are marinating the chicken thigh or simply adding a main component to the entrée, understanding various ways to add sides and vegetables will help when serving chicken thighs. This article answers frequently asked questions about excellent dishes to eat with chicken thighs.

What sides to eat with chicken thighs?

Chicken thighs have plenty of flavor and fat that makes most sides taste even more delicious. From nuts to spices and cheese, there are many ingredients that pair well and taste good to eat with chicken thighs. 

Side dish for chicken thigh

The choice of a side dish depends on the preference and the preferred taste. And chicken thigh is rich in flavor and taste good with perfect pair of these classic side dishes. 

  • roasted vegetables: carrots, green beans, brussels sprouts, snap peas, broccolini, fingerling potatoes
  • casserole
  • potato salad 
  • mashed potatoes
  • sweet potato fries
  • corn on the cob
  • fettuccine Alfredo or macaroni  
  • salad

What vegetables go well with chicken thighs?

There are many ways to prepare vegetables as sides for chicken thighs including oven roasted, sautéed, grilled, and steamed. With the various cooking techniques, the results are completely different and based on personal preference.

Vegetables that go well with chicken thighs are:

  • broccoli
  • spinach
  • asparagus
  • mushrooms
  • carrots
  • bell peppers
  • cauliflower
  • celery
  • chard
  • garlic
  • kale
  • leeks
  • onions

Best way to eat chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are often eaten with their bones and skin intact to give a unique flavor compared to eating chicken breast. However, boneless and skinless is another option to consider.

Eating chicken thighs with fresh prepared salad gives a fabulous and refreshing taste to crave for. Braising with a rich and creamy mushroom or curry sauce also works well.

If you are a fan of breading and frying, then dredge with flour, dip in whisked eggs and coat with panko. Serve with fresh veggies and your favorite dipping sauce on the side for a fan favorite.

What to eat with chicken thighs

Eat With Chicken Thighs: Conclusion

There are different ways to prepare chicken thighs including grilling, frying, roasting or baking. No matter the method of preparation, this chicken part will always be delicious because it has more fattiness and flavor than other sections. 

Sometimes chicken can be a repetitive meal on the table, making it boring to serve day in day out. This is what makes a side dish with vegetables or coating with marinated sauce of great significance. 

From nuts to cheese, wine, and grains, there are many side dish ingredients that taste amazing with cooked chicken thighs. 

For classic side dishes to pair with, consider roasting your favorite vegetables, potato salad or creamy mashed potatoes, macaroni or pasta, even tossing on salad will fabulously work with shredded chicken thighs. Luckily, chicken pairs perfectly with almost everything. 

If you are looking for healthy ways to consume chicken thighs, eliminate additional sweeteners in sauces or frying as a cooking method to enjoy the flavorful dark meat. Furthermore, remove the skin for less fat and take out the bone so that it is easier to cook.

The next time you are looking forward to wowing guests, serve beautifully seasoned chicken thighs with delightful sides may be the best option. With the right veggies and sauce on the side to garnish the dish, the meal is guaranteed to be enjoyed by all! 

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