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What to eat with cheddar cheese?

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Sharp, pungent flavor with slight touch of earthiness, cheddar cheese has sharpness and bitterness found in aged cheeses. Comparatively, young cheddar has mild, creamy and smooth taste.

Cheddar is a staple in macaroni and cheese or sandwiches, but it can be used in various foods from soups to waffles for a very savory kick. 

What to eat with cheddar cheese? The cheddar cheese pairs well with apples, bread especially french, pumpernickel or whole wheat, and cider. 

This sharp cheese can be eaten with soup, with rillettes, a traditional spread made from poultry, meat, or fish. In addition, cheddar can be added to green chili shortbread, stuffed into burgers, broccoli and beer cheese soup, cardamom cheddar straws, or a charcuterie board

If you are looking what flavor, fruit, meat, wine to pair with cheddar cheese for best taste, the article will have you covered. Answered below are frequently asked questions regarding how to serve cheddar cheese and what foods to eat with the added cheese.

What flavor goes well with cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese is a typical cheese in many cuisines and is beautifully combined with sage and other aromatic herbs. Earthy herbs are brilliant against the nuttiness of cheddar cheese, especially the sharp cheddar, without ever losing its uniqueness against the strongly flavored cheese. 

Here is flavor combination that goes well with cheddar cheese for you to try:

  • cheddar cheese + apple + french bread
  • cheddar cheese + dark chocolate + cranberry + apricot
  • cheddar cheese + red peppers + salami
  • cheddar cheese + cranberry + olive + prosciutto
  • cheddar cheese + dates + maple syrup + honey + nuts

What fruit goes well with cheddar cheese?

In general, cheddar cheese pairs perfectly with apples, dates, nuts, grapes, honey, pears, and walnuts. It is a universally appealing cheese that nicely pairs with green apples and pecans. 

However, it is important to note that dried fruits perfectly complement the cheese as well. They have a higher acidic level to turn the cheese sharp or pungent. 

The sweetness of fruit and the saltiness of cheddar cheese are the primary reasons why fruits and cheese pair well together. This is the primary backbone for a cheeseboard with an assortment of jams, preserves, nuts, dried fruits and strong flavored cheeses.

Best fruits that go well with cheddar cheese:

  • apples
  • dates
  • grapes
  • pears
  • mustard fruits

What meat goes well with cheddar cheese?

A meat and cheese platter or charcuterie board is the easiest way to entertain family and friends as appetizer, and it gives an appearance that more effort has been put into the tone of the meal. 

As we have seen many times with this example, cheddar cheese and meat can complement each other very well. 

Here are the list of all time favorite meats to pair well with cheddar cheese: 

  • salami
  • prosciutto
  • soppresa 
  • dry salami made with pork or beef, and ‘nduja or a spicy cured pork

How do you serve cheddar cheese?

Cheddar cheese can be served alongside dried fruits, jams, crackers, nuts or toasted bread. It can be filled with apple slices for a quick sweet and savory snack.

On the other side and to be creative, there are various ways to serve cheddar cheese not only in an appetizer.

  • indian chutney
  • hamburgers
  • mirepoix, especially for soup
  • quince paste
  • chicken stock

What can I eat cheddar cheese with?

Cheddar is certainly a friendly cheese to pair with food of all kinds. It can be eaten with both fresh and dried fruits, which gives balance to a meal.

  • For protein-filled combos, meat and cheddar cheese are a popular pairing.
  • Briny olives are the most delicious match to combine with cheddar cheese as well. 
  • Granola and cheddar cheese can be eaten together because of the nutty flavor, crunchy texture and sweetness. 
  • Sliced vegetables and cheddar cheese are a classic combination. 
  • Egg dishes complement the nutty and earthy flavor for any time of day.
  • Herbs: cayenne, thyme, black pepper
  • Beer: brown ale, India pale ale

The aging and flavor of cheddar cheese determines the wine pairing:

  • Aged cheddar cheese: red Bordeaux, Beaujolais
  • Strong cheddar cheese: cabernet sauvignon, rioja
  • Mild cheddar cheese: oaky chardonnay, champagne
Eat with cheddar cheese

Eat With Cheddar Cheese: Conclusion

Young or aged cheddar cheese can be a perfect pairing with mustard, crackers, fruits, and crusty french bread. However, aged cheddar cheese can be eaten on its own if the complex flavor is enjoyed. 

Cheddar cheese pairs well with wine, whiskey or beer, but the pairing will always depend on the age and preferred taste of cheddar cheese.

For best taste, cheddar cheese is remarkable with slices of green apple, french bread, pumpernickel, whole wheat bread, and cider. 

This added cheese can be served in egg dishes, hamburgers, macaroni pasta, or in chicken stock for making a hearty soup.

Fruit, honey, blueberries or raspberries are a good option as well. Adding meat like salami or prosciutto brings up the taste to the next notch. 

It can be a mild and not overwhelming cheese, but it can also be complex, strong and pungent. Aging adds character to cheddar cheese that gives it the simple or complicated  flavors and aromas.

Cheddar can be easily included in a recipe to complement the finished meal, or it can be the star attraction of the dish. Try these flavor combination to find your favorite ways to eat and enjoy cheddar cheese.

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