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What to eat with challah bread?

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Similar to brioche bread, challah bread has rich and spongy texture from the egg yolks and hint of tanginess from the honey. The braided design makes this bread elegant and presentable for dinner or special events. 

Different than brioche, challah contains oil instead of butter, which makes a bit more easier to pair with variety of dishes and maintain being kosher to be eaten with other foods. 

What to eat with challah? Challah bread is traditionally served on Shabbat and most other holidays except passover. Leftover sweet challah bread makes great french toast, sandwiches, or bread pudding.

Just like other sweet buns, challah can be sliced, toasted and drizzled with honey or fresh jam to give a sweet taste. 

Customizing challah depends on taste and occasion, you can add dried fruits, seeds, egg wash to create shine, citrus zest, toasted nuts, and cinnamon or cardamom spices to elevate the bread to the next level.

Even though the bread itself has slight sweetness to it, challah bread goes well with savory dishes as well. It can be transformed into stuffing, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and savory pudding.

Simply, slice up the challah and toast it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. If you need an inspiration for what to eat with challah bread, this article answers frequently asked questions about dishes, toppings, and flavors to pair with challah.

What to serve with challah bread?

Whether challah bread is served for special occasion or need to use the next day for sweet or savory breakfast, understanding what to serve with challah bread is important.

If you are looking for other ways to serve challah bread, use these classic ingredient ideas to enjoy the fluffy and rich bread.

Is challah bread good for sandwiches?

Yes, challah bread is good for sandwiches. In fact, it makes a perfect savory sandwiches for lunchtime or midday snack.

It is savory and delicious, especially if you eat it with avocado, bacon and egg salad. Additionally, deli meat go well with sliced tomato and lettuce in challah. 

Sandwiches are only delicious depending on the ingredients stacked in-between the slices of bread. Good bread can indeed make a fantastic sandwich, and semisweet challah is no exception. 

What topping goes well with challah bread?

Just like cake icing, challah bread goes well with a few toppings, and typically a sweet challah with streusel topping is extra delicious. Toppings give character and unique toppings complement a dishes in multiple ways. 

Here are fun topping ideas that pair wonderfully with challah bread:

What flavor goes with challah bread?

The secret to making challah bread sumptuous and inviting is flavoring. So, what classic flavors go well with challah bread? Let’s find out!

  • challah + chocolate + espresso + egg + cream
  • challah + cinnamon + maple syrup + vanilla
  • challah + breakfast sausage + milk + cheese + eggs
  • challah + brown sugar + bourbon + ice cream 
  • challah + mushroom + peppers + mozzarella + butter + goat cheese
Eat with challah

Eat With Challah: Conclusion

Challah bread nearly pairs perfectly with any type of meal. It is a good bread for breakfast, lunch, supper or even dessert on holidays including Shabbat, except for Passover.

With this bread, you can make sweet and savory french toast, sandwiches, grilled cheese, and bread pudding. When serving the bread by itself, simply slice and toast lightly to garnish with honey or fresh jam for better taste. 

Based on personal preference and occasion, challah bread can be customized with ingredients including fruits, seeds, egg white, citrus zest, toasted nuts, and spices. Furthermore, consider being creative with topping like cinnamon streusel, poppy or sesame seeds, and herbs such as sage or rosemary.

Other than that, plain challah bread is great for sandwiches because it complements well with deli meat, bacon, eggs, and mashed avocados. 

From nuts to cheese and condiments such as pesto, there are many ways to enjoy challah bread. It doesn’t matter the occasion or mood, you can be sure to find a side dish that will match perfectly with challah bread.

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