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What to eat with brioche?

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Soft, fluffy, and slightly sweet, brioche is quite rich in flavor due to the butter and eggs that give the bread a unique texture and taste. Compared to standard white bread, this sweet bread has a tender crumb and buttery flavor.

This does not mean that it can be only served as a dessert bread. Brioche bread is not only delicious to eat and easy to make, but also ultra-soft. 

Brioche is the best for toast, dinner rolls, burger buns and sandwiches, but one can also eat it on its own. 

What to eat with brioche? From burgers and peanut butter and jelly to french toast and bread puddings, brioche can be beyond satisfactory in sweet and savory meals.

Additionally, it can be served as part of a spread with dips and toppings including creamy, caramel, maple butter, and berry sauce. This type of bread soaks sweet, creamy, or salty flavors very well so that they explode in every bite.

For instance, toasted brioche is excellent when eaten with softer pates or chicken liver mousse since it makes terrific sandwiches and blends perfectly with champagne. One can also serve it while warm with homemade strawberry jam for a sweet snack.

Brioche bread is rich in flavor compared to traditional bread made from water, flour, salt and yeast, and nothing more. Due to containing loads of fat, it is considered to be a perfect sweet bread. 

This article answers all your frequently asked questions about what to eat with brioche. Let’s find out more about this tasty bread.

What flavor goes well with brioche?

Brioche forms the perfect duo with sweet flavors. To make it tasty, spread some butter, jam or honey over the top and enjoy. 

Butter can be made to different flavorings depending on one’s choice. This includes honey, pumpkin spice, garlic, herb, maple, lemon and chive, and mustard butter. 

The unique property that makes butter the best blending for brioche is the savory and creamy nature exhibited with a multitude of combinations.

Other than blended butter spreads, here are flavor combination ideas that go well with brioche:

  • brioche + cream cheese + cinnamon + brown sugar
  • brioche + maple syrup + honey + orange zest
  • brioche + brie + ground sirloin + lemon juice + onion
  • brioche + prosciutto + eggs + olive 
  • brioche + chocolate + caramel sauce + milk

What spread goes well with brioche?

Typically, brioche is enjoyed for breakfast or afternoon snack. And it is served with jam or Nutella spread with a warm milky coffee or latte on the side.

Some of the spread options that pair well with brioche include: 

  • strawberry jam
  • pear and raspberry jam
  • mayonnaise
  • mustard
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • blueberry spinach cream cheese
  • smoked mackerel spread
  • whipped goat cheese

What cheese goes well with brioche?

From sandwich to grilled cheese, brioche can be prepared like any other toasted sandwich. This bread contains a lot of butter and eggs in the dough, which makes a delicious sandwich bread. 

Here are the best cheese options that go well with brioche: 

What goes well with brioche?

In general, brioche goes well with jam. Smearing it with jam or slicing it into extra thick french toast make a great breakfast. 

Splitting it open and stuffing it with cheese and deli meat can make it perfect to be served as lunch. During dinner, it can be served in small rolls with soup or alongside a braise or roast.

Prepare with these specific ingredients that can be added to each recipe to pair with brioche:

  • Fruits: orange, strawberries, blueberries, cranberries, figs, raisin, apricots, peaches, pear
  • Nuts: walnuts, almonds, macadamia nuts, pecans
  • Meat: smoked turkey, ham, ground meat, bacon, sausage, roast beef
  • Vegetables: broccoli, cauliflower, bell pepper, spinach, fennel, tomatoes
  • Condiment: horseradish cream, bourbon, dijon mustard, ketchup
Eat with brioche

Eat With Brioche: Conclusion

Brioche can be combined with a variety of recipes, but will taste good on its own as well. It can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert, thus being consumed at any time of day. 

The sweet bread is a lifesaver, especially on those lazy days since it’s easy to prep into sweet or savory dishes including whipped butters, french toast, bread pudding, and sandwiches.

Fresh baked brioche buns can be served with unique spreads from jam to cheesy sauce to pair with other ingredients and topping. 

When preparing meal with brioche buns, use these flavor combination to fulfill your sweet or savory desire. Eat brioche as is to curb your empty stomach, or pair with these flavors to excel the taste to the next level.

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