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What to eat with brie cheese?

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With a mild, buttery and creamy taste, brie is versatile cheese that pairs perfectly with other foods such as fruits, bread, meat and wine. It can also be used as a tasty dipping when baked. 

As much as it is versatile, brie is delicate, making it necessary to correctly choose its accompaniment to not overwhelm the whole serving. The best pair for brie is something that compliments the creaminess and complex taste, instead of competing against. 

What to eat with brie cheese? Brie goes well with wine, beer, bread, crackers, jams, fruits, meats and other cheese types.

The best ingredients to serve with brie cheese are:

  • almonds
  • apples
  • french bread
  • cherries
  • chicken
  • raw carrots and celery
  • dates
  • fennel
  • figs
  • pistachios
  • melon
  • onions
  • pears
  • strawberries
  • white wine

Brie is pale in color and either comes as a segment or small wheel. This double crème cheese is made out of cow’s milk, and originally comes from Brie, France, hence the name. 

The inside is creamy yellow while the pale outside is washed with salt brine, then rubbed with white mold spores and exposed to a controlled molding process. 

The flavorful cheese is generally served at room temperature by cutting it with a sharp knife and applying a sprinkle of lemon juice. In this article, we answer the commonly asked questions in regards to brie cheese and what pairs well with this kind of cheese.

What flavor goes well with brie cheese?

Brie is an ingredient that can be made as savory or as sweet. Most cheese types have some natural sweetness in them, therefore pairing with sweet things such as fruits or jams is an excellent way to amplify those undertones. 

Here are best flavor combinations that go well with brie cheese:

  • brie cheese + figs + apricots
  • brie cheese + cranberries + pecans
  • brie cheese + pear + lemon
  • brie cheese + green olive + dijon mustard
  • brie cheese + almonds + caramel

What meat goes with brie?

Meat and cheese are often paired together in harmony, bringing a welcomed change to the experience. Sandwiches are a standard go-to for the combo, and the texture with the brie and bread adds a crunchy twist to the meal, which brings about that different feel of variety and adventure. 

By adding meat, the contrast in texture makes the meal more enjoyable. Some of the meat types that taste great with brie include:

What jam goes with brie?

There is a tradition belief that brie cheese should hit a taste spot between salty and sweet. Although pairing brie cheese with jam seems unlikely, after trying it you are guaranteed to change your mind. 

The brie and jam fit perfectly when combined with a cracker, toast or a well-grilled cheese sandwich. The jam selection to pair with brie cheese is based on whether the recipe is for sweet or savory finish.

The sweet or savory jam is the best accompaniment for the mild and luxurious cheese taste. The best fruits to use for the sweet or savory jam are:

  • strawberry
  • raspberry
  • cherries
  • red currant
  • apricot
  • peach
  • fig
  • apple
  • orange

Cheeses that are aged with sharp flavor pair well with mild-flavored jelly, while mild-flavored cheese pair perfectly with intensely flavored jams.

What kind of crackers to eat with brie cheese?

Crackers add dimension and texture to brie cheese, making it a perfect snack choice to pair it with. Combining the brie with jam or deli meats on a cracker gives the best results. 

Here are crackers recommended to eat with brie cheese:

  • Whole wheat crackers are rich in fiber and vitamins.
  • Sea salt crackers are sprinkled with sea salt and form an excellent sweet and sour combo.
  • Plain crackers are tasteless but still exciting when combining brie and jam.
  • Seeded crackers add dimension of nuttiness to the brie. Sesame seeds are an excellent cracker choice.
  • Multigrain crackers is a healthier option that has a mild and nutty flavor that work well with the buttery flavor of brie without overwhelming it.
  • Breadsticks such as grissini also pairs well with baked brie cheese as a dip.

What pairs well with brie cheese?

Brie cheese is so versatile and can be paired with both foods and drinks such as wine. 

If you are looking best food to pair with brie cheese, here are some ideas to consider:

In addition, brie is best when combined with something that adds texture to it, such as cured meats or crisp crackers. However, it can also be served with another type of cheese to give it a twist and flush it down with wine.

If you are wine connoisseur, the age of the brie cheese can determine what kind of wine pairs well together.

  • Young brie cheese: Beaujolais
  • Aged cheese: Bordeaux
  • American brie: Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Blanc de Blancs or Rose Champagne
  • Chardonnay
  • Pinot Noir
  • Dry Riesling
  • Black Sauvignon
  • Sweet Sherry
  • Sparkling wine
Eat with brie cheese

Eat With Brie Cheese: Conclusion

Compared to any other type of cheese, brie is among the most versatile. It’s not only delicious, but it is easy to pair with nuts, crackers, bread, fruit, wine, and meats. 

From sweet to savory, soft brie cheese makes a delicious appetizer or after dinner cheese plate that taste great with meat such as spicy salami, prosciutto, and sopressata.

This mild and buttery flavored cheese go well with dried fruits, jam or marmalade such as fig, strawberry, orange, strawberry, which can transform any dish to sweet or savory.

For a cracker base, the cheese can be served with whole wheat, sea salt, plain, sesame seeded, multigrain, or breadstick to balance the flavor and provide crunchy texture in every bite. 

Consider pairing with wine or dry stout beer to take it to the next level. 

As a result, brie is excellent with both food and wine. The soft texture and subtle taste makes an exquisite appetizer to serve guests and leave a lasting impression!

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