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What to eat with breadsticks?

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Fluffy, soft, and buttery or crisp and crunchy, breadsticks come in different styles making them great for snacks or dipping. No party snack matches the amazing and inviting feel that breadsticks bring to a room as they are quite versatile and can be paired with multiple foods. 

The mild taste can be easily enhanced with spices or Italian seasons. The heavenly soft or delicate crispy texture complements well with butter and cheese for savory appetizer or cinnamon and sugar for a dessert item.

What to eat with breadsticks? From soups and pasta to salads and veggies, breadsticks are an ideal appetizer. Most fast-food restaurants serve these fresh-baked bundles of joy as appetizers and not only with soups, but also with different spreads, butter, and pasta.

Although renowned for being a salty snack, breadsticks can be paired with several ingredients, including melted chocolate and jams, with the right creativity the possibilities don’t just end there.

If you are looking for what other flavors and dips blend perfectly with breadsticks, this article has you covered. Answered below are frequently asked questions where we review what accompaniments best pair with breadsticks to round out the taste and texture.

What flavor goes well with breadsticks?

The hint of sweetness from the butter will make breadstick hum with taste. The breadstick will go well with the spicy flavors like garlic parmesan and Italian seasoning, or the sweet and mild flavor of the onion. 

These are flavors that blend well with breadsticks to have a mouthwatering dish on the table:

  • breadsticks + tomato + Italian seasoning + parmesan cheese
  • breadsticks + butter + cinnamon + milk
  • breadsticks + cheddar cheese + chili + hot sauce
  • breadsticks + orange blossom + Nutella + eggs
  • breadsticks + prosciutto + gouda cheese + basil

What dip goes with a breadstick?

Breadsticks are known for pairing with a variety of dips. There are unique flavor combinations, however it’s the classic dipping sauce that typically make a breadstick taste even better:

  • marinana sauce
  • alfredo sauce
  • garlic butter sauce
  • creamy parmesan dip
  • yogurt cucumber dip

What to serve with a breadstick?

Breadsticks will combine with a variety of dishes including soups, pasta, and salads. They work great when used as appetizers and finger food with all kinds of dips and spreads, but will also taste quite good on their own. 

However, the main ingredient of the dish, dips or sauce can make the breadstick taste uniquely different. 

Here are ingredients that pair well with breadsticks:

  • Cheese: mozzarella, parmesan, monterey jack, cheddar
  • Meat: ground beef, ham, ground turkey, prosciutto, chicken
  • Fruit: tropical fruit, berries, grapes, dried fruit
  • Nuts: almonds, pinenuts
  • Vegetables: asparagus, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, chard, garlic

With these in mind, dishes to serve breadsticks with include meatballs, soup or stew. They are often combined with prosciutto and will taste better when topped with garlic, butter, and grated or melted cheese. 

Also, fresh mozzarella with basil leaves, spinach, roasted tomatoes, gruyere cheese and eggs frittata, zucchini lasagna, beef, beans, and chicken are a classic combination with a breadstick.

Since they can also be served for dessert, they can be sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, then topped with icing.

Eat with breadsticks

Eat With Breadsticks: Conclusion

Other than dipping sauces, it seems there is limitation in regards to what to eat with fresh baked breadsticks. The soft and buttery appetizer can easily fill your belly before actual main dish, so moderation is the best policy.

The breadsticks are perfect to dip into soups, leftover sauce from pasta, or even made into dessert coated with cinnamon sugar icing to satisfy your sweet craving.

With the right ingredient including cheese, herbs, veggies, cheese, and deli meats, the plain breadstick can explode with flavor. Furthermore, it can upgrade a dipping sauce to the next level, or be served plain all by itself. 

A breadstick is traditionally served as an accompaniment to a meal, not as a main standalone item. Whether you enjoy it by itself, or with a flavored butter or adventurous dipping sauce, food pairs well with breadsticks to maximize the meal options.

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