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What to eat with brazil nuts?

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Smooth and buttery texture with delicious nutty taste, brazil nuts are incredibly nutritious and cannot be overlooked when it comes to recipe inclusion from breads to sweets, and garnishing main dishes.

These nuts have a creamy and rich flavor making them adaptable to multiple dishes and blend well with variety of ingredients. 

What to eat with brazil nuts? Brazil nuts can be served in baked goods, energy balls, granola, oatmeal, nut butter spreads, milk for breakfast or quick snack. As well as decorating and offering a crunchy texture to cooked vegetables and salads.

Brazil nuts taste good and are extremely nutritious when raw, but roasting and seasoning them adds flavor without lowering the nutritional value. 

Most people presume it is a quick-fix snack, but there’s more to brazil nuts than mixed nuts. Here are unique ways to pair brazil nuts to provide a sustainable, yet delicious addition to a meal.

What goes well with brazil nuts?

Adding some chopped brazil nuts to salads, noodles, vegetables, or rice gives that extra flavor and crunch to the dish. They are a great addition to trail mix, and are even better on morning oatmeal

Add brazil nuts to the pesto or alfredo sauce to make pasta or rice more exotic. Even better, brazil nuts are a classic addition to milk or cheeses. 

These nuts go exceptionally well in baked goods due to their mild, nutty flavor, and can also be used to decorate cakes and desserts. If you want to wow kids, incorporate them into candies or ice cream toppings. 

Brazil nuts add some crunch to stir-fries, so toss them into rice, chicken, or vegetable stir-fry. They can also be incorporated in smoothies to thicken the base and add that nutty aroma you are looking for.

From toppings to baked goods or cooked dishes, brazil nuts are a great addition to any recipe. To accomplish these pairing, here are preferred ingredients that chefs like to use:

What fruit goes well with brazil nuts?

Even though these nuts have more earthy and nutty flavors than almonds or cashews, they pair well with sweet, sour, and tangy tastes found in fresh or dried fruits. 

Some fruits that pair perfectly with brazil nuts include:

  • cherry
  • apricot
  • apples
  • date
  • currant
  • orange
  • mango 
  • pear
  • pomegranate
  • quince
  • plum
  • banana

What seasoning goes well with brazil nuts?

To enjoy brazil nuts even more, consider coating all around with your favorite seasoning ranging from salty to savory, spicy, and sour. 

Sea salt is the essential ingredient to enhance the bold flavor and blends with all below additional seasoning. 

When looking for classic seasoning blend ideas, here are spice combinations that you can easily season brazil nuts:

  • cajun spice + maple syrup + avocado oil
  • cayenne pepper + rosemary + olive oil + sea salt
  • chili powder + butter + garlic + sea salt
  • brown sugar + honey + red pepper + olive oil
  • lime + chili powder + cayenne pepper + olive oil
  • cinnamon + cayenne pepper + honey + brown sugar

What flavors go well with brazil nuts?

Due to their rich nutty flavor, brazil nuts blend perfectly with savory, sweet, earthy, or bitter flavors. 

For a spicy kick, throw in rosemary, cayenne pepper, chili, lime juice, garlic, chives, or pepper flakes. Add some chocolate, syrup, or sweet dried fruits such as apples, mangoes, bananas, or pear for that sweet flavor. 

Here are classic flavor combinations that go well with brazil nuts:

  • brazil nuts + broccoli + tarragon + parmesan cheese + pesto
  • brazil nuts + medjool dates + pearl onions + bacon
  • brazil nuts + macadamia nuts + vanilla bean + sea salt
  • brazil nuts + honey + coconut + cacao
  • brazil nuts + pumpkin seeds + chia seeds + coconut + maple syrup
Eat with brazil nuts

Eat with Brazil Nuts: Conclusion

When it comes to brazil nuts, the list of possible pairings is endless beaus their versatility makes them a go-to when baking or preparing any meal. 

Loaded of fiber and minerals, these nuts are great addition to breakfast including granola, oatmeal, nut butter to add on slices of bread. With quick simple recipe, brazil nuts also transform into milk or energy balls to keep you feeling full throughout the day.

Even though bold butty flavor and creamy texture, it pairs well to create sweet and savory taste with fruits, vegetables, seeds, cheese, spices, and other seasoning. 

Whether you’re looking for an on-the-go snack, feeling creative and motivated to take your baking skills to the next level, or just looking forward to a perfect treat for the day, brazil nuts are an impeccable companion that pairs with multiple ingredients.

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