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What to eat with biscuits?

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Flaky and golden brown top crust with buttery, slightly salty and tangy touch from the buttermilk, biscuits have a mild and bland flavor. Biscuits are a small quick bread typically served during breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Biscuits and gravy are standard combination, however they can be paired with savory and sweet dishes alongside the correct drinks or main dishes.

What to eat with biscuits? Besides simple sausage gravy, biscuits can be served with a side of fried chicken, soup, stew, grilled vegetables, meatballs, corn pudding and casseroles.

When it comes to breakfast or a quick bite, biscuits make a great sandwich when scrambled eggs, cheese, and ham or bacon are stacked inside. 

Additionally, serve plain fresh baked biscuits with spreads including honey butter, cinnamon sugar, apple butter, peanut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, and fruit jam. 

Who doesn’t love a soft, flaky, buttery snack? Well, this is what biscuits have to offer, and are easily paired with savory and sweet dishes. They are a good breakfast, lunch, or dinner when the proper dishes and drinks are served. 

If you are looking for ways to transform biscuits into a complete meal, this article is for you to learn about flavor pairing, main dishes, and what to put on biscuits to elevate the level of your meal. 

What can you put on biscuits?

Plain biscuits are easy to serve with a variety of dishes, but overtime it can become boring and tedious. However, biscuits are versatile to allow different ingredients prior to baking that give a savory or sweet nature to the quick bread. 

Here are additional ingredients to add on biscuits to enhance the flavor to the next level:

  • Cheese: cheddar, blue cheese
  • Dairy: sour cream, buttermilk, butter
  • Condiments: sriracha, honey, mayonnaise, maple syrup, vanilla glaze, jam
  • Fruits: raisins, lime, blueberry, cranberry
  • Seeds: hemp, poppy
  • Grains: oats
  • Vegetable: tomato, sweet potatoes, onions, potatoes, pumpkin
  • Spices: Italian seasonings, powdered garlic, cinnamon, taco seasoning, nutmeg, ginger, black pepper
  • Herbs: parsley, thyme, basil
  • Cured meat: bacon, ham

What main dish goes with biscuits?

As much as we all love churning out sweet treats, we all crave real food for wholesome and hearty meals. Here are some main dishes that will transform biscuits from a sweet snack into a complete meal:

  • Meatballs: Just about any meatballs will do. Saucy meatballs paired with biscuits will keep you fuller for longer. This is a great meal for lunch, dinner, or even breakfast, especially if you have a busy day ahead.
  • Pot pie casserole: Biscuits make a great filler for any vegetable or chicken pot pie casserole. Top one pan with creamy sauce and toss in the oven to make meal prepping so much easier. 
  • Eggs Benedict: Instead of English muffins, serve on a biscuits with pulled pork or bacon pieces. It is a classic brunch recipe where the creamy and rich hollandaise sauce will imitate the gravy sauce. 
  • Hash browns: Adding hash brown into biscuits in a one pan makes a quick breakfast or dinner casserole. It is filling and nutritious in one serving that can keep you full from dinner to the next day morning. 
  • Omelet: Fried, scrambled, and poached eggs will do, but biscuits taste much better when served with omelets. Add some pepper and mushrooms for that extra flavor. 
  • Meat: Pair biscuits with roasted beef, shrimp, pork, ham, or catfish. These dishes add more texture and flavor to the meal, making it more filling and sumptuous.
  • Fried chicken: Whether fried chicken is added in-between the biscuit buns to make a sandwich or served on the side, crunchy and buttery taste of both dishes complement wonderfully together. Add hot sauce or honey butter to kick a hint of sweetness and spiciness. 

What flavor goes well with biscuits?

Savory, spicy, and sweet flavor pairings are good with biscuits. Herbs significantly impact a plain biscuit dough from warming exotic cinnamon spices like cardamom to fiery ginger, these spices give the biscuits a herby, spicy taste with tangy notes. 

Try fennel seeds or chia seeds for that extra crunch and nutty flavor. Add in some coffee for acidity and bitterness, and some citrus fruits, such as lime and lemons to give tang to biscuits.

Other than adding spices and herbs, here are classic flavor combination that goes well with biscuits.

  • biscuits + honey + butter + fried chicken + pickles
  • biscuits + sausage + gravy + hash brown
  • biscuits + peanut butter + jelly
  • biscuits + bacon + cheese + scrambled egg
  • biscuits + cinnamon + sugar
What to eat with biscuits

Eat with Biscuits: Conclusion

There’s more to biscuits than pairing with classic sausage gravy for breakfast. If paired with other main dishes, they can be enjoyed at anytime of day. 

Biscuits are pretty versatile, and therefore easy to pair with just about anything. For plain biscuits, pair with fried chicken, stew, chicken soup, grilled or roasted vegetables, meatball, corn pudding, and pot pie casserole.

This flaky layered quick bread is an excellent alternative to make a sandwich with egg, cheese, and bacon or even with spicy fried chicken and pickles.

In addition, to fulfilling a sweet craving, fresh made biscuits go well with soft butter, honey, cinnamon sugar, apple butter, nut butter, Nutella, cream cheese, and fruit marmalade. 

Biscuits have mild and bland taste that easily transforms into sweet, spicy, salty, and savory flavors. Serve this buttery and delicious bun with meatballs, eggs Benedict, hash browns, omelet, roasted meat and seafood to accomplish wholesome meal to enjoy at anytime. 

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