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What to eat with basmati rice?

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Intensely spicy, nutty, and floral, basmati rice is all about the flavor and aroma compared to other rice. Generally, this grain is slightly softer than jasmine rice whereby jasmine rice has a floral flavor. 

The basmati is worth choosing over other rice varieties. It can easily be referred to as the champagne of rice, as it is luxurious and improves in taste and goodness by serving with other ingredients.

What to eat with basmati rice? Basmati rice is mostly found in Indian cuisine and pairs classically well with green or red onions, saffron, and kosher salt. 

It is typically cooked using the boil or simmer technique, and goes well with nuts, meat, spices, fruits, and herbs. From pilaf to seasoned rice with marinated chicken on the side, basmati rice is widely used in a variety of dishes.

It’s long, light, and fluffy, making it taste great with a soft and subtle mouthfeel. Basmati rice has a nutty taste that is mouth-watering and very unique. 

The rice smells like flowers combined with sun-baked wood, making the kitchen smell good every time the grain is cooked. Unlike other rice varieties, basmati only expands in length, retaining its slenderness when cooked. 

Due to its open nature and versatility, basmati rice quickly and easily absorbs flavor added to the dish. 

So, what should be eaten with basmati rice? Answered below are frequently asked questions to help you find out!

What does basmati rice go with?

Basmati rice goes well with curries including meat, vegetables, mushrooms, and braised or roasted meats. This rice can also be served plain, but flavored with saffron or turmeric, which adds to color and taste, especially when creating biryani.

When preparing basmati rice, use these recommended ingredients to flavor the rice to pair with a main dish of your liking.

  • Fruits: currants, lemon, lime, orange, yellow raisins, tomatoes and tomato paste
  • Nuts: almonds, pistachio
  • Herbs: basil, bay leaves, curry leaves, mint, thyme, cilantro
  • Seeds: fennel seeds
  • Dairy: cream, milk,
  • Condiments: butter, buttermilk, kosher salt, sugar
  • Oil: canola, macadamia

What vegetable go with basmati rice?

Plenty of vegetables can be paired with basmati from grilled to stir fry, although they are best stir fried to serve on the side or as pilaf. Other than that, adding vegetables into a curry stew or soup is also recommended.

  • bell peppers
  • garlic
  • green or red onions
  • peas
  • potatoes
  • spinach
  • lentils
  • mushrooms

What spice go with basmati rice?

Basmati is versatile rice to be prepared with various spices. Adding spices in basmati rice gives oomph to a relatively dull and plain grain.

Whether you are adding unique spices to the plain rice or creating flavorful pilaf to serve with marinated meats or stewed vegetable, here are classic spices that go with basmati rice in a fool-proof manner. 

What meat go with basmati rice?

Almost all kinds of meat pair perfectly with basmati rice. Some meats to consider pairing with basmati rice include:

  • Chicken: tenders, thighs, breast, whole chicken
  • Turkey: ground, cutlets, shredded, breast, whole turkey
  • Beef: ground, rib steak, top sirloin, chuck roast, New York strip, stew meat
  • Lamb: leg, loin chops, shanks, neck, steak, stew meat, ground
  • Pork: loin, tenderloin, shoulder, pork chops, ground

What flavor goes well with basmati rice?

Plenty of flavors go perfectly with basmati rice in the scope of sweet to bitter and everything in between. Some of these flavors include tangy, sweet, sour, and peppery.

If you are looking for classic combinations, here are chef approved flavors that go well with basmati rice:

  • basmati rice + curry + yogurt + ginger + butter
  • basmati rice + saffron + cilantro + olive oil
  • basmati rice + chicken + lemon + garam masala
  • basmati rice + dried fruit + cinnamon + garlic + almonds
  • basmati rice + coconut + turmeric + garlic

What do you serve with basmati rice?

Basmati rice can be served with different meats, curries, soup, and stew dishes. It can also be used in a vegetable stir fry or plainly with spices. 

Whether the basmati rice is seasoned or plain, consider these main entrées to serve with the side dish:

  • Meats: chicken thighs, za’atar chicken, Mughal chicken
  • Soup: chicken soup, tomato based soup
  • Stew: coconut curry, chicken tikka masala
  • Salad: grain salad with grilled chicken
Eat with basmati rice

Eat With Basmati Rice: Conclusion

Basmati rice is top tier grain on its own, but at the same time versatile enough to serve with multiple ingredients. It can be paired, served, or incorporated in different soups, vegetables, meats, and spices. 

It has nutty aroma that complement the fluffy texture, and the rice falls on its own, grain by grain. It can be paired in curries, soups, and vegetables while maintaining its pleasant scent and thin, attractive look.

Widely used in Indian cuisine including pilaf, curry, soup, stew, salad, or even served with marinated chicken, pork, beef, lamb, and turkey.

Because of its light and mild flavor, basmati rice blends excellent with variety of spices such as chili peppers, cinnamon, coriander, cumin, garam masala, ginger, and saffron. This will help to enhance the dish to an even deeper level. 

Depending on the recipe, use these classic combinations and ingredient suggestions to maximize the flavor and texture of basmati rice. With the right food pairing, create sweet and savory dishes to serve as pilaf or on the side of a main entree.

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