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What to eat with baguette?

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Bland taste with cottony texture that immediately melt in the mouth, baguette has slight apricot aroma, crunchy crust and chew inside. Made with four simple ingredients flour, water, yeast, and salt that creates this beautiful masterpiece that you can taste in every bite.

From simply dipping in olive oil to make into a grandiose sandwich, this bread pairs well with sweet and savory flavors without a doubt.

What to eat with baguette? From breakfast, lunch, dinner, baguette can be served as sandwich, appetizers, accompaniment to an entree and more. 

For breakfast, simple stuffed egg or french toast can be made to satisfy sweet and savory cravings. Sandwich is best choice for quick lunch and chicken dinner or garlic buttered bread to dip in french onion soup will warm up the evening. 

Also, it can be made into bread pudding as sweet dessert or side dish for dinnertime to soak up butter, milk, and sugar to transform into sweet or savory flavorings.

Not only spreading with butter, jam, Nutella, or slices of cheese, this traditional French bread taste good no matter how you serve it. 

If you are looking more diverse and complex flavor combination, this article covers the details you need to know. Answered below are frequently ask questions about what to eat with a baguette and what blends perfectly together.

What flavor goes well with baguette?

Earthy, fruity, nutty, and grassy flavors are best to blend with the baguette, which can be gotten from cheese, more so brie and camembert cheese. Fruits and herbs are also a classic addition to make the baguette delicious and a hearty meal.

Here are classic flavor combinations that match well with baguettes:

  • baguette + cranberries + cinnamon + brown sugar
  • baguette + prosciutto + brie + butter
  • baguette + balsamic vinegar + parmesan cheese + garlic
  • baguette + maple syrup + egg + milk
  • baguette + ham + gruyere cheese + tomatoes

What do you serve with a baguette?

A loaf of baguette can be served with several recipes at any time of day from breakfast to lunch, dinner, and appetizers. Here are recipe ideas to make a delicious and mouthwatering dishes:

  • Melba toast: This is considered when the baguette is some days old, making it too tough for a sandwich. It can be toasted and served with hummus to make it classy.
  • Open-faced brie: The toast can be substituted with cheddar cheese if the specialty cheese is not available.
  • Croutons: It is best for a tough or day-old baguette because it will require it to be dried out and toasted.
  • Mashed avocado: Absolute perfection.
  • Toasted bread in combination with chocolate or Nutella: To make it more delicious, it is paired with tea or coffee, making it a very delicious snack.
  • Garlic bread: The combination of baguette and garlic bread will complement a simple salad, pasta, and soup to make it a hearty meal.
  • Bread dipping oil: Can be served as a side with balsamic vinegar and olive oil to dip, adds culinary flare as regarded in Europe as a start to any meal.
  • Classic grilled cheese: To add a bite-sized twist to the baguette.
  • French toast: The classic mixed with cinnamon warmed apples or caramelized bananas.
  • Bruschetta: Classic appetizer containing garlic, tomato, olive oil, and basil. It is served with a classic Caesar salad making it impressive.

What cheese goes well with a baguette?

Not all types of cheese go well with a baguette. When it comes to selecting the right cheese, consider soft rind-washed cheese including:

  • Camembert: Similar to Brie, but Camembert has a deeper, more earthy and intense flavor and aroma.
  • Chaource: Creamy like Brie, but slightly salty and mushroomy with a hazelnut finish.
  • Brie: Brie cheese has a milder flavor with a creamy, buttery taste that is a lot more subtle than Camembert. 

These soft cheeses provide a tasty contrast of cream and the crispiness of the baguette. However, each cheese has slight taste difference that can blend well with other ingredient, so choose wisely.

What goes well with baguette bread?

Baguette bread can go well with a variety of recipes. The best to go with is the natural spreads that have a proper blending with the baguette bread.

Using these ingredients, several recipes will significantly complement and blend with the baguette’s taste to make it complete. This includes: 

  • sicilian nachos
  • almond bacon cheese crostini
  • ham and potato salad sandwiches
  • french onion soup with meatballs
  • mozzarella mushrooms with garlic toast
  • italian baked egg and sausage
Eat with baguette

Eat With Baguette: Conclusion

Preparing the same recipe with baguette over and over again can get boring. Each individual deserves the chance to try out different recipes, and thus it is highly recommended to combine a baguette in other ways. 

When paired with brie, chaource, or camembert cheese, the baguette is the most delicious bread because it gives it a deep earthiness and intense aroma and flavor. The crusty bread and soft cheese make the perfect match.

Whether it is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simple appetizer, baguette bread can handle both sweet and savory tastes depending on the ingredients used to top with. 

Including fruit, meat, nuts, and fresh or roasted vegetables, use the baguette flavor recommendations to achieve mouthwatering experience in sandwiches, soups, and bread pudding of your choice.

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