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What to eat with bagel?

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Chewy outside and tender inside with a hint of both sweet and salty, bagels are fun to eat for so many reasons. It is known for being a number one grab-and-go breakfast food, and the different toppings and side dishes really help to emphasize the point. 

The combination of chewy, soft, and toasted is what makes bagels irresistible. But no matter how tasty a bagel is, good flavor pairings are essential. 

What to eat with bagel? Bagels are typically served with cream cheese as spread and topped with smoked salmon with sliced red onions and capers for a savory and fulfilling breakfast brunch item.

To achieve a sweeter side, serve bagels with sliced fruits such as banana, berries, apples, or fruit jams and sprinkle of nut butter, honey, cinnamon, and flavored cream cheese.

Bagels are an easy bread to pair with various ingredient to achieve both sweet and savory dishes to satisfy your preferences. Here are the yummiest bagel combos for breakfast, lunch or dinner based on traditional pairings, flavors, and experimental combinations.

What goes well with bagels?

Plain bagels go well with fruits, vegetables, cheese, seeds, cured meats, and variety of condiments in sweet and savory meal preparations. 

If you are looking for ways to improve bagel sandwiches, consider these classic pairing ideas to make a healthy, nutritious, and filling bagels you are guaranteed to enjoy.

What traditionally goes on a bagel?

Traditionally, bagels are topped with seasonings and often layered with slices of smoked salmon and cream cheese. For seasonings and garnishes, keep it simple, only red onions, tomatoes, and capers are recommended with this combination. 

For smoked fish, Nova Scotia Lox is most common. This cold-smoked, cured salmon is a highly valued delicacy among many cultures. 

Local cream cheese is preferred, but tofu cream cheese is the go-to for lactose-intolerant people. And if you like flavored cream cheese, go for scallion.

Here are traditional ingredients that pair well on a bagel:

  • cream cheese
  • lox
  • Nutella
  • marmalade
  • nut butter
  • honey
  • hummus

What flavor goes with bagel?

To add flavor to bagels, use seeds to garnish on top. Poppy and sesame seeds seem like the most popular options to add nutty richness, aroma and crunch to the bagels without overpowering them. 

In addition, aromatics such as garlic flakes, sliced jalapeños and dried onion to give bagels a burst of pungency. A final touch by using coarsely ground salt for that extra burst of flavor and crunch. 

For earthy flavor in bagels, add dried herbs such as oregano, thyme, ground pepper, or rosemary. Some bacon bits are good for that meaty flavor and added texture.

The additional toppings for bagels help to improve the bland taste to the next level. With this in mind, try these classic flavor combination to enjoy every bite. 

  • bagel + smoked salmon + cream cheese + onion + capers
  • bagel + avocado + poached egg
  • bagel + egg + cheese + bacon
  • bagel + smoked fish + Greek yogurt + dill + cucumber
  • bagel + peanut butter + jelly
What to eat with bagel

Eat with Bagel: Conclusion 

Bagels are fairly versatile, and the list of classic pairings seems endless. Depending on the side dishes or toppings served. pair with fruits, vegetables, nuts, cheese, seeds, meat, egg, and many more.

In general, whether it is plain or flavored bagel, they are often served with cream cheese spread, smoked salmon, red onion, and finish touch with capers and tomatoes. The combination is savory, and makes a delicious breakfast or brunch idea that many aree fond of. 

On the other hand, bagels are a great bread to serve sweet with slices of banana, apple, berries. Additionally, it pairs wonderfully with fruit jam, honey, cinnamon, chocolate or Nutella, or even sweet flavored cream cheese. 

To make bagels more flavorful, use dried herbs, seeds, and aromatics in the dough and cream cheese spread. Play around with these classic pairings to see what works best for you and your family.

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