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What to eat with avocado toast?

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Crunchy texture blended with a slight nutty flavor, avocado toast is creamy and satisfying for a simple breakfast, snack or even light meal that is easy to prepare.

It’s healthy and makes an effortless meal at any time of day. Toast can also be eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner as a side dish to a hearty bowl of soup or a protein-packed salad.

What do you eat with avocado toast? Generally, served with pepper, salt, and fried egg, a plain and bland avocado toast is the perfect meal to add various toppings.

However, consider adding smoked salmon, tomato and mozzarella cheese, eggs and bacon, cucumber and dill, or other savory and salty flavor combinations. 

This does not limit avocado toast served as savory dish, it can transform into sweet flavor with honey and Greek yogurt, sweet potato with feta cheese, honey and apple slices, sliced bananas, berries, dried fruits such as raisins and figs with maple syrup.

Serving toast for breakfast or snack is such a versatile ingredient to pair with various ingredients, and avocado on bread is no exception.

Avocado toast is toasted bread with mashed avocado, black pepper, and salt on top. It’s pretty sweet on its own, but it can be made tastier by adding flavors and different toppings. Wondering what else to pair with avocado toast? Well, here are some classic pairings.

What flavor goes with avocado toast?

Add an Italian twist to avocado toast with some tomatoes, olive oil, and mozzarella cheese. Don’t forget to chiffonade basil for that extra earthy flavor, and drizzle balsamic vinegar reduction on the toast for a tangy and sweet contrast. 

If you love things garlicky, lightly rub sliced garlic cloves on the toasted bread while it’s still warm. Sprinkle some parsley to make things aesthetically appealing, then finish off with some red pepper flakes and grated parmesan cheese for that extra kick.

Not everything compliments the buttery and creamy texture of avocado toast, therefore be careful when selecting the flavors to pair with this toast topping.

Here are classic flavor combinations to pair with avocado toast:

  • avocado toast + cilantro + lime juice
  • avocado toast + lemon + smoked trout
  • avocado toast + basil + red onions + tomatoes + balsamic vinegar
  • avocado toast + bacon + scallions + tomatoes
  • avocado toast + jalapeño chiles + cilantro + cumin + garlic + lime + onion

What side dishes go with avocado toast?

The side dishes to accompany avocado toast and complement the taste of the toast include green leafy vegetables cooked or fresh, grilled or cured meat, egg dishes, fresh fruits, or maple syrup. 

The side dishes that accompany avocado toast give it a spectacular taste and visual appeal to be enjoyed at any point in time. Always remember to accompany avocado toast with a delicious side dish for all around success. 

What bread goes with avocado toast?

Traditionally, whole grain bread is the best quality of bread used in preparing avocado toast. This bread not only gives the toast an appetizing look, but has a unique and salivating taste to the consumer of the toast. 

Incorporate mashed avocado with the alternative breads listed below to have a great toast for loved ones:

What to eat with avocado toast

Eat With Avocado Toast: Conclusion 

Avocado toast can be a favorite meal if prepared well and accompanied by a classic side dish combination such as chicken, smoked salmon, fruits, scrambled eggs, and vegetables

Whole grain bread gives the avocado toast a delicious wholesome taste. However, mashed avocados also goes well with baguette, sourdough, multi grain, pumpernickel, rye, English muffins, bagel and rice cakes.

Pair with grilled chicken, fresh chopped salad, egg dishes, smoothie beverages, smoked salmon as a topping, or a side of fresh assorted fruit salad

The choice of the side dish to accompany avocado toast is dependent on personal preferences and what sounds most delicious at the time. Try some of the classic food pairings listed above for the ultimate culinary experience next time you serve avocado toast.

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