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What to eat with arborio rice?

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Creamy texture with a starchy taste, arborio rice absorbs flavor very well, which is why it is widely used in risotto dishes. It is oval shaped rice that is about quarter of an inch long compared to white rice

Arborio rice is an Italian variety of superfino rice, one of the largest among the short rice varieties in the species Oryza sativa japona. While cooking with arborio rice, the result is firmer, creamier, and chewier than other rice kinds because the cooking technique is wildly different. 

What to eat with Arborio rice? Arborio rice is generally cooked with a sauté and simmer technique. Typically used in risotto dish, the rice type pairs well with parmesan cheese, mushrooms, peas, meat or vegetable stocks, and red or white wine to enhance the overall flavor.

If you are looking for new risotto flavor combinations, this article focuses on food pairings with arborio rice to make into sauce or serve with meat, seafood, vegetables, and more.

What does arborio rice go with?

When arborio rice is paired well with fresh ingredients including vegetables, meat, fruit, seafood, and alcohol, it can taste wonderful with melt in your mouth goodness in each bite. 

Whether you are serving in risotto or in salad, use these ingredients to cook arborio rice with: 

  • Vegetables: arugula, asparagus, celery, fennel, garlic, onions, scallions, tomatoes, peas, shallots, zucchini blossoms
  • Meat: bacon, chicken, prosciutto, veal
  • Cheese: parmesan
  • Seafood: crab, mussels, shellfish, shrimp, squid
  • Fruits: lemon, lime
  • Mushrooms: chanterelles, morels, shiitake, truffles
  • Stocks: chicken, fish, vegetable
  • Wine: dry red or white

What sauce goes with arborio rice?

The best part of arborio rice is that it absorbs the sauce in risotto, soup, and stew, which beautifully finalizes the taste. Typically, creamy tomato risotto with crispy garlic crumbs is the tastiest sauce that goes with arborio rice. 

This is a sauce whose main ingredients are commonly found in the cupboard or pantry because it’s made with canned tomatoes. It is tender, creamy and has the right amount of sauciness to go with the arborio rice. 

In each bite of the arborio rice, there is an infusion of rich tomato flavor from the sauce.

Some other sauces that goes well with arborio rice include:

  • creamy mushroom
  • alfredo sauce
  • white wine
  • pesto
  • brown butter
  • parmesan
  • lemon

What herbs and spices go with arborio rice?

Herbs and spices are used to garnish the arborio rice and give a final touch to the meal. Depending on the sauce and ingredients, you may need more sweet, earthy, savory fragrances to bring all the flavors together in the dish.

The herbs and spices that go well with arborio rice are:

What meat go with arborio rice?

Meat is great addition to arborio rice. The cooking juices from any part of meat or bone stocks can be absorbed by the rice and create harmonic marriage between the flavors. 

In classic terms, beef, bacon, and prosciutto are the most well-known meat selections that go with arborio rice. However, modern cooking showcases other meat parts that can become of the main ingredient for the dish.

  • stew meat
  • sausage
  • chicken thigh
  • boneless rib
  • filet mignon steaks
  • strip steak
  • beef short ribs or tenderloin
  • pulled pork

What food goes with arborio rice?

Whether the main course with arborio rice is risotto or a side of rice, there are many foods that go well with arborio rice without destroying the mild and creamy taste.

If you are looking to add side dishes to complete an arborio rice recipe, consider these preparations:

  • Roasted shrimp: Sautéed shrimp are a fancy ingredient that has the advantage of being an easy addition since it just requires a few minutes in the pan to cook before serving.
  • Chicken thighs: It may be what the arborio rice needs as a side dish, crunchy and crispy cooked chicken adds the necessary protein to the meal.
  • Sausage: Savory sausage addition into the creamy bowl of warm and buttery rice sound perfect too.
  • Seared scallops: Seared scallops or seafood pairs the best with arborio rice due to the tenderness, buttery, and sweetness, making it extraordinary.
  • Eggs: Poached or boiled egg added into arborio rice will instantly turn it into a complete meal.
  • Ricotta: Ricotta cheese helps to make the rice dish even creamier and more filling.
  • Beans: White beans are the best beans to pair with arborio rice.
  • Arugula salad: Fresh salad makes a great sides to create acidic balance with the rich creaminess of the main dish using sour dressing and bitter salads.
  • Steamed broccoli: If the arborio rice dish does not contain vegetables, consider steaming broccoli and garnish on top. It will add greens to the dish, taste good and bring on loads of nutrition.
  • Pea and mint soup: The refreshing and lively flavor of soup complements well with rich and heavy risotto.
  • Roasted veggies: Decorate the meal with roasted red peppers, pearl onions, broccoli, and sweet potatoes to make the rice recipe fun to eat.

What flavor goes well with arborio rice?

The earthy flavor of cumin seeds accompanied by sweetness and bitterness will make the arborio rice have a heavenly taste. The ingredients need to be toasted to reach the optimum flavor to accompany the delicately sautéed arborio rice.

Here are chef-approved flavor combinations that goes well with arborio rice:

  • arborio rice + artichoke + lemon + prosciutto
  • arborio rice + bacon + butternut squash + maple syrup + sage
  • arborio rice + chanterelle mushroom + zucchini blossoms
  • arborio rice + corn + parmesan cheese + shrimp
  • arborio rice + veal + black truffles
  • arborio rice + chorizo + clams + saffron
  • arborio rice + mushrooms + parmesan cheese + truffle oil + chives
Eat with arborio rice

Eat with Arborio Rice: Conclusion

Arborio rice can be layered with a variety of foods. As a result, it will be easy for an individual to select the ingredients they wish to eat together including sauces and meats. 

It is a versatile dish that pairs perfectly with ingredients that enjoy a creamy texture and rich flavor absorbed rice in every bite.

Generally served as risotto, arborio rice pairs well with roasted shrimp, chicken thighs, seared scallops, poached or boiled eggs, ricotta cheese, white beans, arugula salad, steamed broccoli or with pea-mint soup on the side to make a wholesome meal.

In classic Italian cuisine, arborio rice tastes good with mushrooms, chicken, fish, or vegetable stocks, and blended with parmesan cheese. Add a touch of dry red or white wine to tie the diverse flavors all together. 

Select the ingredient accordingly to create mushroom, alfredo, pesto, tomato, lemon, and white wine sauces. 

For additional protein, consider stews, short ribs, tenderloin beef, bacon, prosciutto and chorizo as an excellent choice. 

Explore these ingredients to find the tastes that work best for you. With all these flavor combinations, you are bound to find inspiration for your next meal with arborio rice.

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